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Morkel Erasmus

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"Smiling Leopard"

This photo was the result of 7 years of searching for leopards in the Kalahari desert. It was also included in my personal favourite selection of 2016 on my blog:

#leopard #bigcats #wildlifephotography #WildlifeWednesday #Kalahari #SouthAfrica
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Perfect! Thanks for your patience!
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Morkel Erasmus

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In case you missed it - my personal photographic review of 2016.
Which photo is your favourite, and why?

#mybestofo2016 #bestof2016 #wildlifephotography
Hello my friends! Firstly - I want to wish you a very happy and blessed 2017! It's that time of year, eh? If you follow a plethora of photographers you will no doubt see many of them put out some sort of "best of 2016" imag...
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Morkel Erasmus

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check out this quirky bird from Madagascar
photo by +Alex Lapidus - #AFRICANature 
Far from Home

+Jasbir S. Randhawa put the call out today for birds photographed farthest from home for #NewBirdPoker (I'm assuming my home, not the bird's home :-) ), and I think this guy fills the bill! This is the Subdesert Mesite (Monias benschi), who lives only in a patch of spiny desert near Ifaty, Madagascar. Getting a photo involved plenty of patience and crawling through thorns... The IUCN considers the species vulnerable due to its extremely limited habitat, where it faces a range of threats.

My whole Madagascar album is at ; prints and other photo products available at .

For #africantuesday ( +African Tuesday ) with +Morkel Erasmus , +Dick Whitlock and +Grobler du Preez ; #africanature ( +AFRICANature ) with the addition of +Berndt Weissenbacher , +Wayne Marinovich and +Anette Mossbacher ; #wildlifewednesday with +Mike Spinak and +Morkel Erasmus ; #wholewildlifeweek with +Sandy Schepis +Dick Whitlock +Anette Mossbacher and +Diego Cattaneo ( +Whole Wildlife Week ) ; #threatenedthursday with +Sandy Schepis +Sumit Sen +Anette Mossbacher and +Diego Cattaneo ( +Threatened Thursday ) ; #Animalia (+Animalia) created by +Adelphe BACHELET ; #Birds4All by +Ricky L Jones & +Walter Soestbergen (+Birds4All) ; +HQSP Birds curated by +Andy Brown +Dilip Mundkur +Ian Calland and +Anja Wessels #hqspbirds ; #birdsgallery with +Heinrich Wagner and +Susan Wilkinson ( +Birds GALLERY ); #birdloversworldwide with +Robert SKREINER +Roswitha Böhmer and +Gemma Costa ( +BIRD Lovers & WILDLIFE ); #BirdsInFocus #BirdSpeciesLink by +Risto Talman (+Birds in Focus )
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Thanks very much +Morkel Erasmus, and thank you +Christa Winkler!
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Morkel Erasmus

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Sixteen Scenes from 2016
Many photographers do it. I've been doing it since 2010. This is my "best of 2016" review of my photographic journey through the year. I hope you enjoy it! Most of these photos are unpublished up to now.

#bestof2016   #mybestof2016   #nature   #wildlife   #landscapes   #photography   #travel   #Africa   #yearinreview  
Hello my friends! Firstly - I want to wish you a very happy and blessed 2017! It's that time of year, eh? If you follow a plethora of photographers you will no doubt see many of them put out some sort of "best of 2016" imag...
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WOW! Your work is really wonderful

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Morkel Erasmus

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"Super Impala!"

One of my classic impala photos. They are often overlooked as photographic subjects, but they really can offer so much on safari. I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas weekend...

#wildlifephotography #AfricanTuesday #impala #antelope #animals
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This is a good picture, color and back round perfect. ....
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Morkel Erasmus

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Those popular dead trees...
Some thoughts on my first visit to Dead Vlei in the Namib desert.
Check it out on my blog...

#landscapephotography   #Namibia   #Namib   #desert   #travel   #Africa  
If you've been following trends in landscape photography, then you would know what "Dead Vlei" means. If you're unfamiliar with the place, it's basically a very photogenic dried up lake near Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft N...
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Morkel Erasmus

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I am glad to have two photos honourably mentioned in the Wildlife category of the Monochrome Awards...
I will forever cherish this special moment when a massive Black Rhino stared down my lens in the sweetest of post-dusk light, with dust kicked up and his head cocked just right for his horns to be proudly displayed. With the knocks that rhino populations all over Southern Africa have been taking since 2010, it's a rare treat and special occasion to spend time with any individual of this iconic African mammal. While we were photographing another b...
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+JM Simões thank you kindly

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Morkel Erasmus

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"Cast in White"

One of the iconic white elephant bulls from Etosha.
The white colour comes from the clay and dust they put on their skins.

More in this blog post:

#elephants #wildlifephotography #Etosha #portrait
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Just bloody gorgeous Morkel! Fantastiese foto! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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Morkel Erasmus

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"The Animalscape"

I've posted some of my thoughts on creating compelling "animalscapes" or animals-in-environment photos on my blog. I hope you find it useful!

#wildlifephotography   #animalscape   #context   #tips  
There is a kind of wildlife image that has always spoken to me deeply. If you have been following my photography for more than a month you would have noticed that I often share these kinds of images. I like to call it "The ...
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I'm in Mpumalanga, yearns for landscape shots. I just don't have the animals right now. Thanks for the tips 
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Morkel Erasmus

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"Chaos at the River"

A herd of wildebeest cross the intrepid waters of the Mara river in Kenya. I included this image in my personal review of my photographic journey in 2016...

Read it all here:

#GreatMigration #wildebeest #wildlifephotography #fineart #WildEyeSA
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Morkel Erasmus

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"Bathed in Gold"

A wonderful moment from the Zambezi river in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. A very blessed Christmas to all of you!!! Thanks for following my photography.

#elephant #wildlife #wildlifephotography #ManaPools #Africa
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Congratulations! +Morkel Erasmus
This wonderful photo was included in the collections created by the BTP Editors' Choice (Top Photo Page)!
Wishing you a sunny day with lots of smiles and positive energy ♥
Marina Versaci
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Morkel Erasmus

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"Friend and Foe at the Waterhole"

A pride of lions hogs a spring on the Etosha pan in +Etosha National Park, and in the summer heat the zebras can't resist the urge to come and slake their thirst.

#lions #zebra #wildlifephotography #Etosha #Namibia
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A great scenery dear +Morkel Erasmus. Thanks a lot for sharing. Many greetings. :))
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South African Wildlife and Landscape Photographer who is passionate about the natural heritage of the African continent...
I have been fascinated with eye-catching and breath-taking photos of the natural world for as long as I can remember. I don't know why it took me so long to pick up my first DSLR camera, but when I did, it all just clicked for me (pun intended). I use professional Nikon equipment to capture my images, having recently made the switch after starting out using Canon kit. Join me as I share my various experiences in and around the Southern African landscape and wilderness with you...

Check out my official photography website:

I am a South African ambassador for the following photographic brands:
- Nikon
- ClikElite Bags
- RedGed Tripods

To find out about the safaris I host/lead (and to join me on one):

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African Tuesday - #AfricanTuesday
Wildlife Wednesday - #WildlifeWednesday

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I am an honest, fun-loving, down-to-earth dude who is interested in too many things for my own good. I Love my wife and children. I am eternally grateful for the love of Jesus Christ for me.
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Some awards and stuff...but in the end it's about enjoying what you do and loving what you create!
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    I lead photographic safaris and host photography workshops for Wild Eye, the most innovative and community-focused photographic travel operator in Africa.
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    Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, 2009 - present
    Creating what I hope is evocative and striking imagery of Africa's fading natural heritage.
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