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Meanwhile in a Linux community
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Funny, I started with Red Hat... and the Penguin was on the top corner of the box... 
Tell them it's a highly intelligent, advanced breed of penguin that lives on Cheetos
You can't blame the penguin, he is darn sweet :-) 
penguins have drawn children to linux, i know for sure!
And we let these people vote! No wonder our government is like it is. Too bad we don't do Linux fundraising using the Penguin!.....or do we?
+Lucas Keserich 
TUX 2016!
Best. Vote. Ever.
However, I can see someone joining up simply because of the awesome mascot.  Penguins are all kinds of awesome.
They should have used a prinny from Disgaea the ULTIMATE prinny Baal, Laharl prinny version, or the Pringer X.
How ever we can get people interested I'm for it.
I thought G+ users are smart.
Not always true there are PEOPLE who tend to get lost and find themselves in a interesting place they don't understand.
Thats pretty funny, but dont we all think its about time windows and apple had some fun characters?
someone take this person under their wing and teach them the greatness of Linux
Think of what they could do with a koala.
With a panda at their side, they could rule the galaxy
A multi-colored flag, a penguin, a red sun thingy, a daemon, a weird piece of fruit walk into a bar...
S Mann
Maybe he switched to linux cos he got bored of looking out the "window"
I think I am the other way around. My house is full of penguins now.
+Mattias Eriksson I suspect, many people got interested as me - the price.  We then stayed after finding out about what Free also means.
I started because a ham radio app I used migrated from DOS to Linux.   A bunch of the users (me included) followed it  :-)
Wait ..... Isn't that why we all got into linux?
What? I only use Fedora because I like hats, too. Also the awesome window manager, because it's an awesome window manager. Nomen est omen. 
Tell him it's the elder brother to the Flying Spaghetti Monster... I started with Red Hat just before the split into RHEL and Fedora...
It's a very good single-word Google search.
Someone point him or her to the equally friendly picture of the person whose first name is very close to Linux. The picture of him gesturing to Nvidia. Might make an impression when he or she realize that it is him that we worship not the Penguin. 
Lol hillarious! What is Windows, I was just peaking through the glass!
Jason C
You have to admit, the penguin is darn cute.
Linux is the penguin; the most efficient way of traversing difficult terrain with the objective in mind and hundreds of thousands of others intent on reaching the same goal. Watch out for killer whales and seals though, like Mac and Windows, they will eat you right up if you step on too thin of ice.
+Adam Duda I'm not sure if compiling the kernel is a great way to introduce someone to linux, maybe we should start them out on Ubuntu... :P
If that person don't like tech, then he / she made a big mistake asking that question :-/ 
Let's be fair...isn't that why we all joined?'s just a trolling attempt, kids. Relax. 

I mean, hell, it's not even a very good attempt.
linux is a cute little penguin from fablequest ps adventure quest copied     
fablequest came out first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just set up RAID-0 on my Debian Wheezy machine, and I am so impressed. Impressed by both the ease of installation and the performance!
This is the kind of thing that makes me want to cry. 
<Running Debian 6.06 on my old (can you say single core P4 1.5GHz with only 1.5GB DDR Ram... runs like a champ it does.
It's attractive lol. That's pretty much why I looked it up when I was a little kid too :-P 
Lol. Sounds like an iphone user! "I only bought the iPhone because my friend on facebook said it was cool" lol! 
+Martin Probst wat is a Gnu\Linux and y would u even put those 2 things together gnus and penguins dont even live in the same continent??!?!?!
The kid probably thought it was club penguin.
a bird that can't fly is cool! so apropos for linux too.(Duck)
If you like this, you should check out the video I just posted :)
Probably posted from an Android device... In a recent conversation with Apple fans I was asked the question "and where is Linux these days?"... my response "Everywhere!"
+Andrew Sanford but it does fly - ever seen them in the water... it's epic they out manuver orcas (killer whales for those that don't know).
I like how 99% of these posts are positive. Instead of flaming the poor kid, we all agree the penguin s cool. Three cheers for not being a bunch of dicks and dickettes! Hurray for the penguin!
lol, atleast the penguin got recognized, first steps, first steps
Well I say good for asking next is using lol
Interesting thing - if I was in the community (which I'm not - too many people... and I can't keep up with my circles and current communities) I'd have posted links to the All Things Linux page so he / she could read all about Linux.
Add me to you're circle?:)
Apple folks and Microsoft folks are people to. You going to be a bigot then?
What is a Macintosh? I only bought one because I was told it would make me cool.
+Randal Lovelace Thanks for mentioning All Things Linux. I'm ignorant about Linux but interested in learning more. 
And that is why zuckerberg created the like button!
I'm a Mac user and I can tell you what a Macintosh is:

It's an apple.
Years ago i was working at primary school and saw tux on a sign reminding the youngsters to wash their hands. it made me laugh because you know tux was only found by accident by the teacher googling pictures of animals.
Freaking amazing. Some times its hard to have hope in humanity.
I switched because Linux users were always bragging about being the best. And I can say that we are and if you want to be seriously awesome you will find yourself installing Linux.
My raspberry pi runs linux very well.
macs opearting system..
Meanwhile at Apple: I saw a lowercase "i" followed by uppercase "P" and felt $500 in my wallet and I ended up here. So what is an "iPad"?
You should check a Hadoop community next. A yellow elephant might interest you... 
i have no idea what this post is about, help!
Did anyone give this guy his cookies for joining the dark side? We have them you know? ;)
Linux is not Apple. You don't join because 'everyone' else is doing it.
If that guy really joind for the penguin then a desktop wallpaper of penguin is the best solutio/reason to love any OS.
Ha ha his next questions is mode likely: does ubuntu mean Panda in some African language :-) 
I'm pretty sure most of us can admit the penguin is pretty badass. 
Wow, I joined because it was a free operating system
I'm so glad I got g+. It was so worth it so I can get a bunch of worthless posts like this one from someone I don't know and a  topic, er product I could care less about.  
hey +Ty Wagner, why don't you.. oh i don't know.. click on the "mute" button or better yet, GO BACK TO FASCIST  FACEBOOK!
+Ty Wagner I loved Google plus when I felt like there weren't malicious, foul, ill intended low lifes that splattered their stupid opinions all over the place.  (But Hey, Misery loves company, right?)
I just retired and am looking for things to do with grandkids. Where can I get one of them there raspberry pi's with ubuntu and android installed? I'd also like one of them there flying pigs I've heard about but i guess a flying penguin would do. :)
linux have penguin ??? i never know 
penguin strikes again! though i do feel that anyone who doesn't google it before they ask on a linux forum won't get very far with forum members
Funny there was a time when had the Linux penguin as an avatar back in the day. He was bu** f****ING bill Gates. I just thought it was really funny. I little did I know. About five years later it was my favorite Os variation for just about everything 
Naz Der
yeahh.. save the penguin !!!
spartans! Burn it!!!!  ahun!!!! ahun!!  :D
+Ben Helton malicious, foul, ill intended low lifes aren't "up on" Google+ yet. be happy dude. lol holla back.
I love Linux!! I'm running Fedora 17!  Open source is sweeeet!! If I was well to do I would donate to Linux!
I would +1 this post, but it has +2013 on it already, so I don't want to mess it up.
D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a fool is inside the community....geeeeee. laughing out loudly....
GLAD TO HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no $ spent. my services are available though... wanna chat?
You guys handled that well. There's nary a flame or a put-down in over 2000 +1s. Well done to this community! Linux people seem to be good people!
My only complaint with my Fedora 17 is I have it on Oracle Virtual P.C. and it loads sooooooooo slooooooooww!
Ummm... Everyone has to start somewhere?
Wait... Linux has an OS on top of an awesome mascot? This company is going places. Where do I buy shares????
Well it resembles that pinguin from madagascar This should be the linux spokesperson!
Hey - we will take it - Welcome aboard!!!!
 Must try to do this .Pl. help me to get the Linux Fedora software or how it can be downloaded pl. help who knows about it. As when I goes on downloading it ,it stops half way.
why not try linux mint ,free download and easy install
People must not waste their time to find out what is linux! That person might be a kid or that don't have time or ... . But every one mostly have one computer and ... but I think that Loving a penguin is something better than searching webs and try to be updated to say that I know what is something in computers (waste of time)... .
Ok.... I have tried boot CD type Linux before... if I wanted to try it again, what one should I try out for my old Asus EEpC? 
I hope no geek have this guy as friend, otherwise I imagine infinite days and nights of ''helpdesking''
+Cambo Ford, BackTrack is an excellent LiveUSB, otherwise try an Ubuntu flavor. I always have a Lubuntu LiveUSB with me. if you are looking for CD sized specifically, then try Lubuntu, Puppy Linux, etc.
Hmm... I recently learned that Linux had a penguin for a mascot. I always thought that penguin was just there. I'm sorry.
Don't tell them. If they are not intelligent enough to know or at least Google it, they don't need to know.
Charm of penguin is irresistible
Probably have to make a t-shirt with "I only joined because of the penguin"...:D
hahahaha...winrar should have thought to use a penguine to encourage purchase lol
without such people, we would have a boring life :p 
nice one. i like that kind of question.
Lmao the penguin is like a god
Seems we need a dedicated Tux-Community as well :-D
Poor Linux! And the poor little forever-alone penguin!
Who didn't join for the penguin? It's quite delicious. 
Ryan Ng
Oh yeah, he really needs help
a steep learning curve lies ahead...
in other words he is clueless about linux, just like the cute penguin
Everyone look outside Windows, can u see the cute penguin? -- take it home +S Malik 
lol..  go green!!  save the penguins!!! is this linux thing doing that right?? 
well he might like Linux.... it depends what kind of operating system he likes...
+S Malik Windows' slogan: "A world without walls"
Which just goes to show, even Microsoft knows they don't belong.
I know him. To this person (who's name shall not be said), I would just stop before you make a fool of yourself. Oh wait, you already did.

Thomas: he likes Win8. That's all I have to say.
What is Linux? It's a kernel, you find kernels at the heart of some cute and fuzzy delicious fruits like Peach. The most tasty and juicy part is the flesh that surrounds the kernel, there is some GNU-mmy stuff there and a lot more delectables... Apples have multiple seeds in place of a kernel, so do tomatoes, while Berries have tiny seeds usually on the skin that get stuck in your teeth... Windows are no fruits, usually made from the wood of dead trees, they don't nourish much, are mostly empty inside or filled with a rare gas to insulate, wide open to draft, cold and virus if you don't shut them tight, Windows provide a nice lookout to watch penguins play and have fun in the free (world) outside...
Ryan Ng
This poster (whose name shall not be posted publicly) didn't even bother to do his research before speaking out like a dumb ass. Oh wait, he is.

He needs serious help learning about the different operating systems.
Linux from the online game is it that populer if so wheres my money i sponsered that site.