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Who wants a +Google+ ID Card

A German artist named +Moritz Tolxdorff has come up with this concept for a +Google+ ID card.

His point is to bring attention to a possible future in which the +Google+ identity is so broadly accepted that it's more important than government issued identity documents like drivers licenses or passports or even Facebook ID cards.
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can my chin stick out of the bottom of the frame too? ;)
I'd geek out with one myself :)
clapping hands in excitement me, me, me, me, me, me, and i do
Don't forget to fix the date-format :)
I'm not going to lie, I scanned the QR Code. I was half expecting a QR code bomb :P
can i have them in different google colors?
You know that I am not such a bad troll.... but actually I was thinking about it :-P
It would be fun to have. I mean, there are already 'passports' floating around.
much better than the f****** one! i want one ;)
Awesome. Can we set up counterfeit Google+ ID card mills, too?
I do I do! I can send a copy of that to Google to get verified!!!!
Can I get it with the 4 color bar at the top?
I oppose ID cards, so on principle I decline...
At first I was irritated. Checked. Double checked. Then I read your text again ... kudos ;)
Google already knows who I am, where I go, what I do, what I like or don't like. All that remains is to have the G+ chip implanted!
Dogs must wait outside. Sorry, no 8-[
Me too I want one, please :-) Hope it's not too late :-D
Cl Hi
I'll take one 
the date format is wrong pls change to ISO format YYYY-MM-DD that way we have no misunderstandings .. besindes that can i get one too :D
What's the point of this? Am I the only one thinking WTF?
+Moritz Tolxdorff Interesting idea. Are you working together with +Tobias Leingruber? Because he just released the FB identity card, using the same image as a reference. :-) Link to FB-Identity card:

So I guess it's time for you to start the G+ Bureau now. I'd definitely order one of your cards as I really like the concept and think it's one of the few really useful applications for QR codes, that I've seen so far.
Ugo Cei
me me m em emem mememe m me me ME!
This is Genius. I can see this booming in demand. Make more friends and making it easier to get people to add you to circles that you meet recently in public by just giving them the card. The Google + community will prosper with this product.
And the Qr code, so the person can scan it with an android phone and get sent directly to the profile with out any hassle.
+Patrick T or someone could just search your name ...

REALLY PEOPLE? You're still excited about this? What has the world come to...

I'm going to create an ID card for my toilet. It will have the brand, model number and a qr code for my recent shitter pics.
funny that some people still don't ... well ... keep it coming ;)
Do not support chinese(汉字).
I WANT ONE :O Thats awesome!
That thing in the lower right corner looks like MissingNo.
chinese is not supported..:(
how i can get one by myself
草,can i ,一时疏忽
Ko Ngal
give me google+ id card
come my inbox hu hu hu
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