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Google Cast Chrome Extension
Remember that this will only work with a Chromecast device!

Get ready in time and have the Chrome Extension installed. Start casting your tabs as soon as you get your Chromecast!
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I should've kept my 15 year old TV and bought an HDMI/Scart converter. Would have been sure fun to watch HD videos on a 27" CRT of that age.
Placed the order already for mine. :-)
Mine arrives tomorrow, but I'm not sure how best to use it. My living room tv is driven by a desktop computer behind it. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse from the couch. 
How does yours arrive so soon +Claudio Ibarra I thought it didn't start shipping until Aug. 7.

Additionally I would just separate the desktop from the tv and only stream via the Chromecast to the TV, then again I have a 27 inch screen for my PC so I feel like I have a TV anyway.
I'm so anxious!  Thank you Google!!!
Any chance that the Chromecast dongle will be available in smaller european countries before christmas?
Would Chromecast be made available in Asia, say Singapore or Hong Kong, this year?
Sorry, I just read the note in your post, which says the extension only works with a Chromecast device :)
How can you cast a tab from the mobile chrome browser?
+Shane Reilly not sure you can. I think that might be a desktop exclusive. I am wondering if it can stream my Android screen but I doubt it.
+Heath Naylor If you have a Samsung phone they have Samsung Link app. I wonder if and how that will work with Chromecast?
Any chance google will bring the ability to cast from the android chrome app?
I got mine at Best Buy and I love it. Now make Google Drive support available and this little device will rock even more. 
+Gabriel Rodriguez Drive support would be fantastic but can't you already do that with the Chromecast extension for Chrome browser? Not from your phone yet of course.
Yeah you should be able to since you're supposed to be able to cast any browser tab
Anyone know when Android users will be able to use the Chromecast aka Google Cast browser extension since it is not available yet from Chrome store?
Easy boys, if your modem is not compatable with Cromcast, you will have a alot of fun. It is not as simple as it sounds. When you start diging through your modum ie:Cisco DPC 3825 and finde out that "Ap"(acces point) is not in the modem set-up and it needs to be "DESABLED" and that is just because your ISP is a greedy basterd an will not alowe you to make this changes on your own in other words you have to phone tham up so thay can doit for you... ofcourse for a hafty price and or buy a new modum that is compatable than you will know. And our beloved Google did not bother to tell us abot this bullshit problems prior to purchasing Chromcast. As long as they made the sale, who gives a shit. I still have the unit and is not hoocked up. I really do not want to go an buy a new modem. F....k'em all nothig but bastards. I did write to Google about this, never got an answer. They could of at least tell me to F.OFF. Not even that. So have fun.

+Brad Nochta it would be a good idea to purchase a cheap router. You should never depend on an ISP for your wireless via the modem anyway. It is not Google's fault that a third party offers poor hardware and you could always return the Chromecast and get your money back. I have two chromecast and love them.
Is there a way yet to connect chromecast in a network that has client isolation?
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