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Google, please add a WYSIWYG editor

I do a lot of posting in Google Groups and GMail and really love the What You See Is What You Get editors there.

I want this on Google+ as well. I don't want it to be that featured, but in a limited way. I can see a great usage for some basics like bold italic stroke through , sorted and unsorted lists, in text links and quotes.

A lot of users don't even know that they can kinda format their posts to make them more readable or structured. To create a list you have now to kinda use fancy Alt+Num Pad codes for some list icons.

And the most important reason for me is in-text links to don't mess up your post structure with links or short links.

This is my proposal to Google to include a limited WYSIWYG editor on Google+ to make sharing more fun, more readable and more structured......

Some people don't just share pictures, they share stories.

I hope that I have support on this from +Anna Piechulla and +Natalie Villalobos

Please spread the word to make this happen. Google is listening to us!


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Now I am not against having this implemented but there are several things that need to be taken into consideration.

1. Quality of posts (overuse of styling)
2. Security of titled links

I do wish they would make it simpler to style posts, styling posts allow for a more rich full read as well as increase certain SEO factors.

So in short I want this but I want it to stay as simple as possible.
What a brilliant idea!  I wonder how long it will take G+ to implement this idea or if they're already working on it.
Today we can get bold italic and strkethrough
That's our styling, and I'm OK with that.  A WYSIWYG editor, even restricted to that, would be a huge improvement, with zero downside.
Adding multiple videos instead of only one, just like in photos, will be great too.
In the hands of a few, this would be horrendous. But I theoretically agree.
Words are overated! Share porn and pictures!
i support your #featurerequest , too!
+Moritz Tolxdorff I also had my #FeatureRequest , but they don't listen :( Maybe, next request should be an Inbox for G+'s technical team or something like that! 
You actually tagged Sergey? Maybe a bigger font and blue would help. :P
I'm sure they've already considered this.  There's probably a good reason why this feature has yet to be implemented.
This is a Great Idea, Waiting for google to implement this. I agree to what +Robert Pitt said. But there may not be any problem in implementing Bold , Italics and Strike through. 
Yes Please. I'm in. Here is the # tag for this request: #WYSIWYG and  #Google+WYSIWYG
i keep trying to click on that box in the image :/
+Tzafrir Rehan most people want a G+ that is built to be used, rather than having extensions that break or slow down browsing. This should be built in. I'll reshare it on +Google+ Mockups later today. Thanks for bringing it to my attention +Rahul Roy .
I use +Do Share but would prefer if Google Plus implemented a basic WYSIWIG editor.  If as some propose that Plus becomes your blog then this functionality is essential.
This would be perfect for G+, it's standard in any Wordpress format so why not here? G+ is already superior to anything out there & this would simply put it over the top while making it more user friendly - 
In-text links would be wonderful, and would allow us to be able to refer to things the way it was meant in HTML from the start, without interfering with the reading!
YES! That's what I've been askin for ages...  WYSIWYG...  Or even like they have on the profile page!
I just found this post in a google search. And I figured out I gave it a +1 already a long time ago...
+Eric Rice The ones making horrendous posts would be quickly "forgotten" by peers and kicked from circles/communities.
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