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This is a very true and also sad short movie about today's online society. It shows how people get lost in their online worlds, forgetting the world around them. I have to admit that I am also an online person, but I still value my real friends over anything else.

 It also shows that there can be positive things and great stories which happen online. You can meet your real love, a new best friend or help. It is exactly what we have here: A huge online community. How many of us found new friends from around the world. People they met in real life and became real friends. Some of us might also found new love and never expected that before. 

What is your online story you want to share?

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It'll be much better with Glass when you can't even tell they're online and not actually making eye contact with you.
amazing and truly sad at the same time. We're either at the computer or with our iphones almost 20 hrs/per day. Not much time for personal interactions...
When I started helping with the pre-teen and youth functions, we made it a rule that all the cellphones had to go in a basket and could be given out in case of emergency, or if/when we knew that their parents would be contacting them. Parents were also given the 'helpers' and those in charge phone numbers and told to contact us first. 

The kids fought us more than the parents. In the first fifteen-twenty minutes it was a nightmare...
"Mom and Dad said I needed to keep my phone."
"How will I know when so-and-so get's here?"
"But, I wanted to check Facebook...."

At least some of them were honest. 

I have great stories about the web, and what it has done for me. But I also know when to put IT down and step away. :)
What a brilliant short film. Deserves waaaaaaay more views!
+Dolidh Young perhaps the preview pic on the video is shying some away, or the length.  This should be required viewing by everyone with an internet connection.
This is really good. It takes about every teenage or pre-teen problem into perspective. So if you are watching this learn that  there are people like that boyfriend who shows things that you shouldnt be showing to him.:( & there  are people who actually are there for you:). BE TRUE TO YOURSLEF:)
Social networks like facebook are virtual worlds. It's like you are living in the Matrix (dream world). The real world is waiting for us outside for us to explore & experience. Let's not make Zuckerburg a billionaire over our interests and let the CIA attack our privacy.
I guess I'm not good enough at this sort of thing. I could only watch for two mins. 
very well done, liked it a lot.  i agree some parts were sad and true, but taking it for what it is, it'a  a great short.  
Great short film and it shows how much addicts we are to social network and technology.
online life sure changed my life and is still changing my life, hopefully for better.
Technology sure is a boon but it's sad how people are using it now, cutting down on all real social interaction and holding on to virtual. There are always ways to use one thing and to me, the online world is great, but we shouldn't forget to be in the real one as well. Some people become totally different people when they're online and in reality, it's hard to keep up with the pretence. We should be just the way we are everywhere, and make sure we we don't over do one thing, as too much of anything, even if it's good is a bad thing!
Love it, I don't spend that much time online, and I thought that the movie was going to be boring, but it was good, and it reflects the truth of today's society. I work in a restaurant, and just about every customer I get, either comes with a laptop, iPad or smartphone, even the kids with their family take out their widgets in what I consider a quality family time. I guess I'm getting old.
I feel like my generation is screwed
I've got some good friends from there. Never met them in person but they are always there whenever I want them. It's a true friendship. I wish we could meet one day... One day we will...
very cool...what a perspective. i remember growing up and getting through college, first real job and couple others THEN i got my first email address. even though i am a techie and it pays my bills, i am not addicted nor overly fond of this social and online interaction many crave. no FB, no Twitter, only plussing on here - G+ and i didnt turn out too bad. todays current generation...hopefully something will change!
I met my only girlfriend to date online. I also met friends I became good enough friends with, that my first meeting with them, was flying down to serve as best man at their wedding. And I have hundreds of others. Even my local friends and I tend to gather more around the Internet than anything else.

Generally, my circle of online friends was generally stuck to a couple of fairly small communities, but since Google+ has come out, I've branched out and met probably a hundred people I never would've found otherwise. From people that I generally agree with, to people who make me think, and even people who self-describe as the Joker to my Batman.
Its sad I remember my wife and I use to communicate now were on our phones all the time.
For one full day I thought I'd get back to the real world so I didn't use my pc or phone at all. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I went a whole week without them. Only turning my phone on after a week to use it for work. Everyone should try it if only for a day. 
Communication is over! Now it's only virtualication! Full of lies and bullcrap! We are all falling in a deep hole with no way out of it, people are closing to themselves. So sad.
Great video. I think it was shot in Toronto. At least the subway part of it was for sure.