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Ability to use Hangout apps as a page
I am not sure when this 'feature' launched, but THIS IS HUGE NEWS!

You are now able to set a username/password for your Google+ page as an owner. This allows you to use third party tools like Hangout apps. You can also log into your page directly by using the username/password combo.

This means you can run +Hangout Toolbox for instance and lower thirds.

In the future that may also allow you to connect a YouTube channel directly to your page, which will make it easier for you to record your live Hangouts (HOA) to the correct YouTube channel.

The information about how to set your password for your page can be found on the official support page:

Big thanks to +Allen Firstenberg for bringing it to my attention!!!

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Great news. Especially for doing demos as the official "face" of the product.
+Nate Dame I'm guessing that function is still being worked on 'behind the scenes'... but if you hear of it being public, let us know!
+Nate Dame it may mention it yes... but is it working for you? Did you find a way to connect to a YouTube channel?
I've never got to see this ;( my connection's too bad 
This doesn't sound like big news at all...what's the big deal? Explain please :3 ty
I hope that we find that +Nate Dame is successful. This sounds like progress from the conversation I was having with +Liz Christopher earlier about her experiences of trying to square the circle of G+ and existing YouTube channels. 
This sounds very exciting news. Thanks for sharing
This is excellent. +Moritz Tolxdorff or anyone else, can you test if this now allows you to use Messenger on the Google+ app? Or do the apps need to be updated first?
I'm not sure on how to use it for maybe I'm a little tired ..can anyone explain on how to apply this to everyday life.
Sorry, I am a bit confused. 

What exactly does this do, and why?
Plus I'm stoned bros, now what about the French and apps?
+Gary M. Nowels I'm on the same page as you, I don't really use hangout much (haven't had many chances) and so I don't really get this :/
I don't really understand... But I do love hamgouts...
U don't HAVE to e-mail me. -_-
I use hangouts and I have communities managed by page profiles. If this adds important functionality when have hangout events, I would be interested.
Can you help us newbies understand this better?
Phil B
This is like Spanish to me :/
For the love of God, what does this mean? I'm quite tech savvy, but this still didn't make any sense to me, and it's because not only do I not use hangouts regular (rarely in fact), but until this post,I had never even heard the term hangout apps.
+John Meise replace "page" with "virtual account representing your business", and this post makes more sense. I'm guessing you used to not be able to use hangout apps like Hangout Toolbox while logged in as a virtual "page" account and now you can. 
Oh yes... linking to its own YouTube channel would be the final piece of awesomeness. Keep up updated, and thanks!
+John Meise a Google+ business/brand page does not have its own Google account. One first has to create a personal Google+ profile before they can start a page. It is a presence created and managed by a person with a Google account, but is not itself a standalone account. As such it cannot, by itself, use all of the applications and services afforded to your normal Google account.

Most notably, without having its own login and account data a page could not use apps in Hangouts, such as the beloved Hangout Toolbox.

Now with these virtual accounts, you can use apps in Hangouts when you've started a Hangout as a page instead of as yourself.
Hangouts need a "Join as ..." option... so I can join the hangout as my page and not my personal account.
Would it be of much value to sign into a Hangout as a page if you're not the host? 

For Hangouts On Air it would if multiple people could log in as page (this they can) AND have all of the powers of the Hangout host. Currently, this is not the case.

Imagine if you could have TWO hosts so that if one has internet connection problems the HOA will not go off air. 
Anyone able to do HoA from the new account? I can't. It says I have to verify my new account on YouTube. When I try to do so, I'm told my account type is not eligible for verification. :(
+Derek Ross a page is still not a full fledged account and doesn't have the ability to open Youtube channels yet.
+Derek Ross , that verify thing can be tricky. It refers to being a "YouTube Partner" and "Creator" and involves a few steps. 
This is refering to running the #HOA  from your "Page" connected to your "Personal" YT account, assuming I understand it correctly. But David and Ronnie know much better than I. 
By the way, +Ronnie Bincer thanks so much for helping Debra get an anwer about why New Jersey is a foreign country and can't be allowed Partnership. She was thrilled!
hoa still needs to have some accountability to a root owner's account.
+C Bret Campbell As you said, this is for running your HoA from your Page while logged into your personal account. The problem is my personal account has only a few subscribers. My Android Authority account has over 100,000 subscribers. 

To get the HoA show to publish to the correct YouTube channel, we have to use, for lack of better words, a dummy account.  +chee chew I'm assuming this functionality will eventually fix this sort of thing, right?
I for one would truly appreciate being able to use the page and the relevant YouTube channel. As it is, Either myself, or +Joshua Smotherman host our "show" and it ports to our respective channel. Then we have to add the shows to a playlist on the "Business" channel, which doesn't look very professional.
Everything is all verified and linked and the rel=author/publisher/me stuff is done, the websites are right, and all of it, so it seems reasonable that the Google has enough proof of who and what we are. 
Wenn es Google jetzt noch schaffen würde ein etwas weniger verbug´tes Google Talk Plugin rauszubringen, wäre es nicht auszuhalten.
Ich kann diese Fehlermeldungen nicht mehr sehen.
Im IE startet immerhin die Installation und endet wie immer mit 1603.
Chrome dagegen ist ja völlig hilflos.
Jedesmal muss man den Mist von Hand installieren.
Question: can I use an existing account for my page rather than having to create a new one?
This is a great step in the right direction but unless I have misunderstood no help at all if you are doing a HOA? As you can't link it to YouTube. Once you can (to the YouTube account of your choice) that will be FABULOUS.

Thanks +Jonathan Relf for tagging me in this discussion.
Keep these features coming g+
+Liz Christopher good point about HOA. Hangouts in G+ from a Page is a good step forward but HOA still uses YouTube hosted tech in a way that the identity problem that Liz mentioned in detail in her excellent recent post still remains.
No doubt Hangouts have benefitted from all the years of experience that Google have had running YouTube.
Now we just need them to work together better when it comes to HOA. 
+santy david  Thxs for the explanation on this.

So, to be clear, when I choose to use a page I manage or own I can use the Google Drive with Hangouts or HOA app from my Google+ profile as a for instance?
Tried to test this. I can not install and use the toolbox at all. Got error trying to use Google Drive with both HOA and Hangouts
Sounds good, but does it really work in practice?

I made a new username (gmail account) for our +Weekly Photo Project 2013 page and set a password for it. Nevertheless when I go on the page's Google+ settings, the page suggests under the "Third-party tools" that I'd set up a password. When I started to go on that route, the system gives the text "This is an auto-generated username." under the gmail address, even though it's the custom one I made myself. Didn't try to test eg HOA + YouTube yet.
+Gary M. Nowels you still have to be logged into Google+ under your personal account to start a HOA. Like always, you then go under "Pages" and select the page you want to operate as, after which you start the Hangout.

You can't log straight into Google+ with the new username and password then start a HOA because this "virtual" account doesn't have Youtube access.

+Tiina Niskanen it's not a Gmail address and can't receive email.

It's an auto-generated account address provided strictly for login purposes.

If you want to set up a Gmail account for it you must do this AFTER you've set up the auto-generated username for your page, then visit at which time it will prompt you to choose a real Gmail address.

After you've set everything up, then it will display the Gmail address instead of the auto-generated one in the page settings.
You can use either the auto-generated username OR the Gmail address to log in, as well.
+David Santy Sorry for writing unclearly (English is not my mother tongue) - as far as I understand I did just what you  describe above and therefore was wondering the wording of the system.
Gotcha +Tiina Niskanen. If it's showing the Gmail address you set up for the page under "Settings" then everything should be working fine.
+David Santy Haven't tested how it would work witih a hangout, but the text formulations on the pages I mentioned in my first comment seem misleading.
text formulations on the pages I mentioned in my first comment seem
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to stop receiving notifications from her. Mute updates to this post. Change
what email Google+ sends you.
+Moritz Tolxdorff I've enabled a separate Google generated user name for one of my pages and I've generated a password. What do I need to now do so that I can run HOAs as the page with the apps engaged? We already have an established verified YouTube page, but I'm being prompted that I need to do this again! Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for the help!
Ok so after further looking into this, since I already have a YouTube account with my page name, as long as I sign in as that user for said YouTube account I can then go to the page and run HOAs as the itself. +Moritz Tolxdorff are there plans to allow us to connect the Google generated user-name for the page to existing YouTube pages?

Thanks again!
Wan Nan
What I find strange is that I can't keep two sessions open at the same time, using the new owner of the page as well as my regular G+ account. I think I remember something about running several apps at the same time or to that effect - but can't find it in help. Any thoughts on that? :)
+Werner Nieke R U trying to use one computer with one webcam and run 2 Hangouts at the same time? Won't work... camera is 'busy'.
Even with webcam splitter software, or two webcams, the Google Talk plugin won't run two instances. That was my experience when I tried it last. 
Wan Nan
No, +Ronnie Bincer - no webcam porn like this going on ;) I'm just missing the "start a hangout" icon and link when I log in as a page (in the new mode, not with the regular account, but with a verified email of its own).
Thanks to you both, +Ronnie Bincer  and +David Santy .
In my experience, it takes two machines to do two hangouts, but I have had lots of luck "being" both a page and a person at the same time.
The only problem is that for those of us who don't understand Moritz hasn't answered how this works in easier terms.
Wan Nan
Yeah, I must agree, +Mark Kurowski . Haven't fully grasped the idea myself, yet, I'm afraid.
+Mark Kurowski & +Werner Nieke look back through some of my other comments on this post. I've been trying to simplify it. If you don't understand, ask. 

I am not missing a "Start a Hangout" button when I log in as the page, but consider this: 

You can not start a Hangout On Air with the new username and password you set for the page.

Pages still cannot be linked to Youtube accounts.

After setting up your login credentials for the page, and Gmail account if you wish, you will still be starting Hangouts On Air while logged into your personal account. While logged into your personal account, go to your page (acting as the page) and start the Hangout. 

In other words, it works just like it always did, but now you can use Apps in the Hangout.

The Youtube stream for the HOA with be broadcast on the channel linked to your personal account, but the Google+ post will be shared from the page. Again, same as always.

The login credentials you create do not make a full Google account with full permissions.
Wan Nan
Got it now, +David Santy - that removed all doubts and questions. Thanks so much!!
+David Santy 
David - I've been having an issue here. We have a Page linked to a personal account. 

I've got a password generated to use 'third-party' tools. 

I've logged in as the personal account and switched to the 'Page' - however when I open up HOA - it won't let me use the Toolbox. 
This is a big problem for us. 

Am I missing a step? Can you please offer a solution here? 

I want to use my Page to conduct a HOA and use Google Toolbox. 
Is this feature still available? - I found the help page but I don't see the corresponding UI anywhere in the Settings for my Pages.
Is there a quicker work around for G Apps email owned pages? I have to transfer ownership to a regular gmail email, but that takes two weeks! 
Unfortunately not. This is how the account back end works. Apps accounts are currently not supported for 3rd party apps.
Boo! Anyway, thanks for the quick reply. 
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