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You want to see some serious Photoshop skills? Check this!
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Never again will #picsoritdidnthappen  actually prove anything.

This is amazing!
That's incredibly impressive, only... the plane's not in perspective. It's too small compared to the cars and people. That's a huge plane with passengers below the cockpit like that. Still awesome though!
I like the the way this artist ("photoshopper" - I know, that is not a word!)  paid attention to, even minor,  details. Can't imagine the time it took :)
wow  very nice... like it... its like real...^^
That was incredible, so much attention to detail!  He did a very nice job with that!
not incredible scary you is this a joke
Ehh, I'll stick to intagram. :) Nahh. this is epic!
That was amazing. The impressive thing is that there are better out there. 
Let's put it this way, at least he doesn't have to spend on stock images, since every single image used seems to have been grab from Google
what a creation..............really admire it...........thanks for sharing..........
Good show what's with a guy walking off without a scratch on him?
That was cool. Why did he shorten the hump on the top of the 747? that was a giveaway.
really amazing, I wish more people would show their skills like this.

congrats mate!
the background music made it more interesting...!!!!!LIKE IT..
that was so incredible.! i want to do stuff like that.
This is not the way we do things around here.
Put the god damn landing gear down before you come in!
Google+ must have a +100 button also.. bcz this video truly deserves it...!!
Does anyone know what song that was? Couldn't find it on the video comments...
I definitely watched the whole thing! And I feel like maybe watching it again
And this shows why photographic evidence means next to nothing anymore.
Great illustration. There will always be critics. 
wow how long did it take you to do that!?!?!?!?!?!
oh yeah the best i ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Brock Tice, photo evidence hasn't meant anything since the 50s. :) 

OTOH, that's an impressive collage.
I never thought I'd watch the whole thing, but once it started, I was hooked. It's incredible! I'll never underestimate Photoshoppers again.
Fascinating...and one HELL of a lot of work!!!!!
Not religious in the slightest, but holy crap that was impressive. I have to say he was one of my better students. Glad he remembered what I taught him  :0)
So realistic. Has this person thought of being a graphic artist for the movies? 
Me and my co workers did, awesome!  great example
Hello Press!! Hello Media!!!
How much PSD are u feeding the world every day??
This is an example of something I call "too realistic" It's obvious that     
the picture is Photoshop.
Simply #outstanding ! Daaaaaaaamn, this guys #AlexanderKoshelkov  sleeker than the average
Amazing! As a "photoshopper" I can appreciate it more. 
That's pretty phenomenal. Kinda scary, but definitely a talent I do not have. 
Respect, great skillz!!! Google+ needs -1 so those who have negative criticism can be subtracted from the comments. Watched the whole thing loud and full screen.
Nice work didn't think someone would take the time out to show us how it's done thank you
Amazing what we can do these days... unreal is exactly what the future holds. We will be able to achieve our wildest fantasies and dreams at our conveience lol
Watched the entire video, then google'd the creator.  Even more works out there.  VERY impressive. 
Oh my goodness. Now that is talent
oh my god.......It is just dream for me..............
how much time he was taken to do this
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This is exactly what Photoshop was made for. People have no idea of how much of what they see has actually been created from scratch in photoshop. Very well done! Alex has always been very talented :)
thats flippin AWESOME who did you learn how to do that...? Or did someone else make the photo shop...?
tj...sorry but be smart, alex koshelcov did it, it says that on there
Phil Bo
that's modern art
really nice!
I'm constantly switching my layers. I don't see the layer panel open once here?! Don't know how he's doing that!
Very very nicely done. Awesome.. Keep on doing what you do.
I think you can open an online gallery out of this or a graphical novel!
The video did not feel like it was 7 minutes long. Awesome!
Everything you wish you knew about photoshop
Add me to the list that didn't think I would watch the whole thing but then got sucked in. Great work. Enjoyed every moment of it. Laughed a little every time you added another person to the shot running for their lives. I'm a heartless bastard. :)
Insane !
I still need a lot of training and work to do !
M Kam
hmm...for some reason russians are the best photoshoppers...
I suspect it's sped up...
WOW......future film makers of the world!!!!!!!!

YOU  GO FOR IT!~!!!!
Like wow! People had enough time to get out of there car and run!

All i can say is, as a photoshop user who is no where near his level, damm, thats a whole lot of layers. He used blending on blending on blending and prob another blending of layers just to get a shadow right. Dang...
M Kam
hmm...think about it
stalin and his army of photoshoppers.
some skills pass on...
Aaron L
This is Tight man Your freakin bad ass @ Photoshop 
That is awesome but I bet it takes a lot of time.
So happy;-) too be home in taylor ND. Where my new house is....O:-):-)
Dude.... that. was. awesome...
Yoo!!!!! That's what u call skills my respect to u.
The negative comments are from idiots that can't do the same ;-) Suck it up losers, this person has a real talent and you're jealous....
Holy crap that is really amazing!I cant imagine ever being able to do something like that!
That is sacary... but amazing at the same time...
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Genius!!! And by the way, that's pixel mayor
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Awesome.... you know what were you doing. good job
I want to know what program is being used, cuz i want to try it mow.
id say awesome phototshop skills.....but that usualy means it at least looks SOMEWHAT real....go check the photoshop job one on the sharks in the mall if you want AWESOME skills
Amazing. Fantastic piece of work.
Sharing is imperative :)
how long did he spend on that?
Add me all plzz :) its so amazing
Absolutely beautiful. And for all you watching this video, that was prob a 5 hour + project. From one photoshop user to the next. Keep the amazing work coming. #epic
add me plz this is just so cool an i need friends on here
sure its not Air new zealand?..Lufthansa has different logo?
+Scott Molloy Not to mention the Police vehicle wrecked on the right side for no apparent reason. Still some pretty amazing skills.
cool video, man thats alot of work, very cool!
how long did it take u to do this??
definition of AWESOMENESS
skills of a MASTER
Amazingly awesome dude!
Every little detail well thought and rearranged.
Thumbs up!
Nice attention to detail, and amazing capabilities on the software's part as well!
not just work. Its a blend of art and creativity too
LOL @ +Max McGuire  "Obviously!" 
Cool video, Thanks to Alex for capturing and creating the entire process !!
I remember being there when that plane crashed on the highway. It was real chaos. Or at least I think I remember being there.
superb .....
hats off ..
The scale of the plane is WAY off!
This is hard work and awesome one ..keep it up .
Nice, what hardware are you running?
well i am dumbstrucked.this kind of stuff takes hardwork and time.
OMG Amazing
Watched this on my moby: can't wait to watch it again on full screen...
Very good. I just don't have the patience.
MacBeth: "Full of Sound & Flash, signifying.....
The purpose of Communication is to communicate SOMETHING.
Unbelievable to see this you're amazing at what you do keep up the great work.
 I wonder how much time this took to make all those changes to a blank screen.  This is wonderful work and from start to finish the product created a whole new atmosphere.  Beautiful.  You started with creating more than one view of simple life view and surroundings into a very intent serious situation. wow! creative minds works wonders. simply amazing. 
And the result is....completely unrealistic. I enjoyed watching the build up but completely unmoved by the result tbh. 
O.M.G That's  coooL anD amazing Woow
due, that is actully some work of art!!!!!!!!!!!
Rob Elm
Obviously an amateur Photoshop job, no way those people could get out of their cars fast enough to run away.  ^_^
Great work,but some of the comments are over the top.
Determined and supremely talented work by Alex, Wow!
Hopefully such incident will remain a work of art, and not a real tragidy.
Bob Ross (RIP) of the future. Very awesome. 
That ish was awesome! Just wow, all i can say is, wow!
N Smith
Why don't they teach us this at school...
But seriously that is amazing
I wonder how long took him to master that software? And which one is?
omg ... watched the whole thing.  being able to visualize what he was "drawing" astounds me.
For all of you saying this is photoshopped, wake up! It is real, I was there.
Amazing, thanks for sharing, still working my way around CS4 ;-)
thats what ya call a cool picture...nice man
makes you question every funny/ crazy pic on the internet though...
That was a fantastic showing of the creation of a digital painting.
Amazing image and a great video to show all the work that goes into...incredible the attention to detail
Serious skills right there.
very good...normally I just ask my friends to you know make a pimple disappear or
Anything is possible in your parent's basement...