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Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation
This is a very interesting video to watch. Many users complained about Windows 8 being worse than Windows 7. Brian Boyko explains very detailed and without any personal preferences why Windows 8 is not user friendly - It's user-hostile! After using Windows 8 for a month or so I decided to go back to Windows 7. It definitely slows down my productivity, because it is such a hassle to get work done.

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Sam M.
Debian, I think bedder than Ubuntu 
In my case, it didn't take long for me to get a hang of it. sure it does feels that it forces you to learn a new environment, just as the same from gnome or kde to unity or xfce. I don't own a mac at home or at work, but mac is different, well... it hasn't change much compared to windows and ubuntu. What I'm trying to say is that, this is just the same over and over again, and just an exaggeration -- or maybe I'm just saying this because I'm programmer and I can easily get used to any environment? 
I sometimes find 8 heavy or dumb like an alien maybe.anyway, I'm gunna give it its time before getting 7 back. 
Inconceivable! (C'mon you know you thought it too.) This guy has a serious love of yahtzee stealing his style and everything. That said I have had absolutely zero problems with windows 8, I know crazy things can happen to people so I won't call this guy a liar but I personally have had no problems.

The above stated I only made it about half way through this video, the extreme hyperbole presented here is nauseating. Granted the guy may have run into some serious hiccups on his end, but to sit there and say "This isn't to say that I personally didn't like it or I personally prefer windows 7, it's just completely and utterly broken and unusable for any human being" was really stupid and caused me to lose interest in what he was saying.

It sounds like he may have had some genuine complaints with problems that were cropping up on his end but it's nothing I personally can relate to. The OS so far has been faster than windows 7 was, just as functional and with enough new bells and whistles to make me feel as though I'm using something new.

Microsoft didn't reinvent the wheel with windows 8 but they didn't square it off either.
I downgraded back to win7 because of the very same swipe problem mentioned in the video. And because of the unkillable message metro app. And because of the hard to use search applications function. After using the system since mid november I seriously think it's a step backwards, at least it is for a desktop usage scenario - what is pretty much everything I would use a computer for.
i wonder why he's unemployed again ...quite a shouter this guy
I've been using Windows 8 at home since November and I really like it...  I'm not going back... I use Windows 7 at work so I get to compare it every day (no, I don't have a touch screen, and yes, I do a lot more than browsing the internet and check my email at home)
Best Video Ever

This is why I abandoned Micro$haft back in 2003, and have never looked back. Eventhough I still have to deal with their garbage at work, I'll never personally use their OSes. 

I will however say, that Windows 7 is their most tolerable modern OS. 
It's not nearly as bad as this video describes (and I'm a mac user). You can't do an authoritative review of a product while working with it for 30 minutes in a coffee shop. Especially a product that took years for thousands of the smartest people around to develop. That's just unprofessional. For most people here are the questions that are important: Does it open up word? Does it open up Excel? Can I browse the internet? Can I watch cat videos? Sure. Even if those things are located in a bad place, the average human can remember how to get back to them. They will figure out about switching desktops and even appreciate the weather app. They will even get used to scrolling sideways while scrolling their mouse wheel up and down. Windows 8 isn't terrible.
I agree that you just have to get used to some new things when it got changed, but in the case of Windows 8 it is far away from just getting used to it. There are several other examples of people who try to find their way around Windows 8 and they fail. Windows 8 is absolutely not user friendly or intuitive. It requires a whole new learning curve. 
Something is wrong with the machine used by the person who made this video !!
+Moritz Tolxdorff I am trying to understand your point of view here but I am struggling to see how 8 is different from 7 in a way that makes it a failure to navigate or even preform simple day to day tasks. Perhaps if you could elaborate a little bit on the kind of tasks you are trying to preform and how you did them in 7 vs how 8 is forcing you to do them?

From what I can tell clicking desktop presents me with the same old windows I have been using for the last 15 years. Clicking where the start button was located now brings up the new "start screen" and I suppose that in itself is different but it works the same in principle.
+Dustin Graham He said he would have done a 30 DAY review if the basic tenets of the OS design were there. The problem is that they're not there, so if you're his age (or mine) it is going to be hard for the majority of people. Younger kids can pick this up, sorta like how they can pick up a second language, but the rest of us are going to struggle (I've been with W8 for about a week and I still find it a PITA to get to where I want).
The biggest problem I have with this video is that he starts off saying he's very technically minded (and I believe him) yet he apparently skipped past all the intro and training material Windows 8 gives you when you first boot. If he had just read/watched any of that he wouldn't have had half the problems he had.
+Matthew Bonig What training info? I DL'd W8 like anyone who has a copy of W7 on their system, no videos, no links, no tutorial. 

+Paul Smith-Keitley A sample size of one doesn't count for squat when you from hear dozens of people who can't figure out where MS hid the shutdown options. So, wake me up when everyone's done a study on this. I'm sure my thesis will stand up under critical analysis.
+Matthew Bonig there is tutorial stuff, yes, but why do I even have to learn an OS I was using for years again? As he shows in the video everything was fine. Start button left corner. All important places to go at one glance in the start menu. Windows 8. Start-Metro-Panel-Thingy? Apps? weird search terms? That's not how it should be. I agree that it may be great on a touch device, but with mouse/keyboard it is a hassle. I makes some very valid points regarding navigation and usability. Sure I got used to most stuff after a month, but it was still confusing why MS has changed so many things and tried to hide them away. 
Warning: Video contains tons of filler with little actual review material
+Moritz Tolxdorff Windows 7: Click Start button or press the Windows key, choose between the 10-15 programs you use more often, or click "All Programs" and browse through an organized set of folders and icons in a small space in the screen to find the program that you need to open.

Windows 8: Move the pointer to the left bottom corner (where the Start Button usually was on windows 7) and click the start window or press the Windows key, select between a  list of tiles that you arranged yourself and can contain as many elements as you need, or right click and then click "All Programs" and browse through a list of icons in full screen that is first organized alphabetically and then by folders exactly like in the old start menu and choose the program that you need to open.

I don't know... maybe we have different ideas about what user friendly is... I find the second approach a lot better... 
I'm sorry but the fact that you have to go searching for THIRD PARTY addons just to HAVE a Start-ish button is completely absurd! Even if you are trying to phase an idea OUT, you have to let the masses (100s of millions of users) be able to slowly but Assuredly transition over to a new GUI or UX paradigm. You don't just swipe the carpet from under your users like MS did with W8. Unacceptable.

And for the record, I myself, along with most of my colleagues are in highly technical fields, hardcore nerds/geeks, and out of 12 people, here next to me, who installed W8 for usability trials only 2 kept their installs. I uninstalled my W8 VM in about an hour. 
But anyways, these type discussions are always pointless and futile :) Use whatever works for ya. 
I must have missed the part where he said he spent a month with it. I heard the phrase "And this is only after spending 30 minutes with it. I would have screamed but I was at a coffee shop." And like I said, I'm not a windows user anymore. Haven't been for a couple years. There are better things than Windows.

I also thought it got a bit ridiculous when he sounded as if he would start crying near the end like Windows 8 was some crime against humanity. It's just a piece of software you can optionally buy. There are bigger problems in the world and there are other options available. Don't upgrade your OS, install Ubuntu, buy a mac, get a chromebook. Or don't bother with a PC and use a tablet/smartphone. People will get used to W8 just like they got used to not having a floppy drive.
Better things than Windows? What, like iOS? Pfffffft. 
And you can't "optionally buy? W8. Microsoft took all of their other OSs off the market... Listen more closely next time.
I have removed Windows 7 and installed Windows XP again
Windows 8 is easy to use. The people complaining are those who are afraid of change. Windows 8 is windows 7 with a redesign of the start menu and a modest performance boost.
I edit video and I have had no issue with productivity other then at the beginning with metro apps would show but I figured out how to get rid of them. Honestly an X would preferred though.
Sucks that microsoft's website now only offers most of the things and downloads for windows 8, if you need something for win7, you have to visit some other website. For me that's rude and that is how you are not supposed to treat customers, by almost forcing people indirectly to buy win8.
Windows 7 is NOT bad at all. For a 64 bit OS, which Microsoft has never gotten right until now, its the best Windows OS they have ever made. Vista is terrible, and I think that Windows 8 is as bad as Vista, but 7 clowns them all. Comparing user-friendliness to compatibility is not really a good comparison, though. lol
Fuck this get my Ubuntu live CD
I saw this video previously, and was just baffled by it.
I upgraded to 8 Pro on 12/29, and I love it.
I use a mouse and keyboard (currently lacking a Flag or Application key), I enjoy using the interface.
It was easy to learn and adapt to, and I'm moving further away from using the traditional desktop.
I do miss the Start Menu, but only out of nostalgia. I love using the Start Screen so much more. Every time I'm using an old Menu, I get thrown off.
The introduction of Charms is wonderful, specifically Search. It's much easier to use the Search Charm than having to dig around each individual program for its search function is simple. When on the Desktop, it does the same that the Menu's search bar did.

Overall, I just love using 8 and its UX. Once you learn to use a mouse wheel, moving around can be much easier. It just takes a few simple adjustments to navigation.

And at the ending, aside from the hyperbole that it should be recalled and ignoring the awards from IDEA that Metro/Modern is receiving, did he say that he ditched the trial before the month was up? Unless I misinterpreted the mentioning of these just being in the first few hours, if he ended prematurely, this is just a completely botched review.
I was disappointed by this; it felt like just it culminated in an amassment of whining and complaining.

When he began the trial, he already made up his mind; this felt like it was just an exacerbated description of it.
And the fact that this man who allegedly was experienced in technology and interface usage couldn't figure it during this trial, yet some 18-year-old kid could get it instantly, is just staggering.
(I'm tired now; I think I actually messed a few things up in this comment. Oh, well.)
Leo Lee
I spent with Win 8 for three months, and then I decided to buy Apple' product which I never use. Even though I hate Mac interface, I cannot take Win 8 any more. As this video shows, I have more problems with win 8 seriously. I've used MS win for more than 15 years. I gave up to use it. I hate Apple and Microsoft who ignore end-user experiences. I hope Google do better someday.   
No, its not. Anyone who as used it for more than an hour would agree. Its not OCD. Its like Ubuntu switching from Gnome to Unity. Its bleh. 
My problem with Windows 8 was that the harsh separation between the "desktop" and the "tile" interfaces. It feels hacky and crude. Gnome-shell and Unity have both proven that you can create an interface that works well with touch devices and desktops alike without having to hew them in half.
what is this guy going on about?? nothing randomly pops up on windows8 
A laptop/desktop is NOT A TOUCH DEVICE and SHOULD NOT be treated as such. 
Question if Windows programmers know what they are doing why is that a new version of software is need so soon, Is it because they have more greed then vision?
+Dusette FWASKRY Look at Unity and Gnome-shell. Both of them prove that you can have a hybrid interface that is smooth and clean.
Exactly. Same thing with Apple. "ITS NEW! BUY IT!" Consumer: "WOW! THAT IS NEW! ILL BUY IT FOR $500 AFTER I JUST SPENT $400 FOR AN IPHONE 6 MONTHS AGO!" hahahaha
This guy knows nothing. What useless babbling. Any competent person can figure out what he did wrong each time. 
All a bit too ranty, polemic and 'look at me'. - ok listen to me ;)

I would agree that using win 8 on a non touch screen device - which is most users - is a little unintuitive I've been using it on a Surface RT like a joy, its a bit a of a struggle on my macBook Pro. 

The 'clash' between desktop and 'modern ui' is a little odd, less so on surfaceRT as only office is desktop. I had been using windows phone 7 for over a year so much of the interface seemed familiar to me - again not the mass user experience. 

I love the 'new' of it - its lack of unnecessary screen furniture. 

But they would make A LOT of people happy if the 'all apps' bit was a fixed tile as thats one bit of ui I'm always hunting for :)
BS. Unity is garbage. Its widely been dubbed the worst decision that canonical has made by HELLA people. Again, a laptop/desktop is not a touch screen, and should not be treated like one. Its not the time for that now. Smooth and clean have nothing to do with it. The issue is user-friendliness. 
I am sticking to used windows seven laptops...
Ryan Ng
Windows 8: The Animated Devolution
Better 2nd monitor support? haha. Thats what your GFX drivers are for. The OS isnt what will do that. Its the drivers that lend that functionality. You CANT go back to windows 7? MS fanboy. hahaha. the task manager in 7 is not bad at all. 

AND REALLY, THINK ABOUT THIS: Why do you need an advanced task manager if everything runs so smooth on 8? Seems to me that your system is having lots of issues if your first reason for switching to 8 is better "screwed up program control". The explorer didnt really need to be improved...... Im failing to see your point..
Pissed that they didn't allow me to download an ISO. Had to torrent it.
I've seen this before and I must say. This guy is complaining way too much and needs to use keyboard shortcuts more. My first idea to get out of a program was to hit the windows button, just because there is not a little ‘x' to close does not make the thing to terrible. 
Windows 8 has been working fine for me.  It's basically windows 7 with a different start menu.  You can install the classic start menu if you wanted.  I haven't "browsed" for programs ever since indexed search on Vista.  I think Win8 negativity is greatly exaggerated and has become viral.
Way to go Mei-Li! You will be crawling across the room before you know it.
I totally agree with this video.  I tried Windows 8 on my desktop PC for 3 weeks until I just couldn't take it anymore no matter how much I forced myself to want to like Windows 8.  I reverted back to Windows 7 and I'm hoping Windows 9 is better.
+Matthew Scragg  - While this is very true, you still have to know HOW to set it back to a normal interface that people are familiar with. On a stock install, its whack and kills workflow. 
Just because he can't afford touch screen monitor.
+Matt Peterson  - Windows 8 does NOTHING for gaming performance that windows 7 cannot do. They have the same memory management, run the same drivers for any given hardware (for the most part), and both run the newest .NET, directx, and vcruntimes.  Please explain HOW its great for games. 
Windows 8 is a great OS on a touch-screen computer.  I use a Lenovo Thinkpad x230T that came with windows 7.  Of course, that worked just fine.  I took advantage of the $15 upgrade to windows 8 and got used to the interface quite fast.  I might have a better learning curve than most since I'm a techy, but it was still pretty nice!  Windows 8 UI was DESIGNED to work well with a touch screen, and that's where I base my opinion of Windows 8.  PC manufacturers didn't do a great job selling it.
Exactly. MADE FOR TOUCHSCREENS. Laptops and desktops, FOR THE MOST PART, are NOT touchscreens. Would you want to run Android on your home, every-day  desktop using a mouse?
Got to love how everyone got the panties in a bunch cause of the new UI and no one says anything about the major performance improvement in WIn8. With the same hardware my PC is performing noticeably better. People that cannot deal with simple UI and functionality changes should die out like the Dinos 
Bullshit, +Matt Peterson  - Old school PC people are not against change. BAD changes are different. Its like, why make a hybrid car look hella ugly? Yeah, its the future, but if its ugly, doesnt work easily, and its too comprehensive for the newest users to hop on and use it, then what is the point?
+M J Stewart  - use WINE and PlayOnMac to use your Microsuck applications on Mac. Although, MS applications suck, and Id rather stick to open source alternatives, but that is just me. 
Trackpad gestures are a cool idea, but on a 1.5x1.5 inch touchpad on your laptop, it doesnt work as well, as say, touch gestures on an actual 7 inch touch screen tablet. 
+Yogesh Mandell  - Those are NOT desktops and laptops. You cannot compare a phone to a day to day office or home desktop/laptop. Period. 
my weather app has never not once popped up infact not one thing has popped up since i installed it. just another excuse to show everyone you shouldnt be using a computer let alone reviewing OS's  (imho) Oh and i use it on my main workstation every day and I am fully incontrol of it. I dont get posts like these at all. metro is only a replacement for the start popup which i hardly saw in win7 so hardly see in win8. metro would be good on a tablet with full touch control 
+Matt Peterson That sounds like some of my friends trying to get me to drink beer (as I'm more of a liquor guy).  "It's an acquired taste."  Why should I have to learn to like something?  If it's good, shouldn't it be evident that it's good the first time I use it?  I admit, I'm a Linux guy, but I actually liked Win7.  Because if that, I thought Win8 was worth a try.  So I used the consumer preview of Win8 for two weeks, and after that time I liked it considerably less than when I first installed it.  How long do I need to use it before I start liking it?
Nah. Why would the windows 8 haters go to windows 8 after a while? I continued to use XP alllllllll the way up until windows 7 RC2. I completely skipped windows vista, and for good reason. I shall do the same thing with windows 8.

AGAIN, there is NOTHING in terms of functionality or performance that windows 8 does that windows 7 does not. Your opinion is based on a "pretty and innovative UI". Nothing more. I dont care how the UI looks. I just need it to work, and work right.

If I want good looks and a fancy UI, Ill go with Linux. 
+Andre Luiz C A Reis - People are missing the point. You are saying its better because it looks better and is flashy. PERIOD. If you have never used a computer a day in your life, windows 7 is easier to use and navigate than windows 8. 
This is easily one of my favorite videos but the irony is I watched it first on a windows 8 machine and TOTALLY AGREED 
A lot of this is way over the top... operating systems change--you can't stop it.  You may as well get used to it.

Although credit where credit is due, there were some points that were valid, just a lot that was over the top.

And I use the windows button.  Multiple times per day actually
linux was not made for games. and....yes you can
In the begining its weird because its brand new. Every operating system is similar this is a new step. I know what im doing and have no problem
+Matt Peterson Says you.  Enjoy your new Window 8 machine, bubbi.  Wave of the future!  Imagine, after all their focus groups, they decided one window at a time is enough?  I'll keep my "trash" operating system that allows me up to 16 virtual desktops simultaneously on an old dual-core laptop! 
I used it last friday for the first time.
Although i did find the desktop and control panel rather quickly it is still garbage. And i am not supporting it. 
With all due respect,  I completely disagree with this guy. I was like him and tried to resist the change. I loved W7 and it was hard to adjust but W8 is a progression. His argument has many flaws and seems like a rant. It is a pain in the arse to re-adjust but it is all part of moving on. It is a new OS and like everything, has kinks. Drivers haven't been optimised as of yet but it will get there. This man has jumped on the band wagon as it is a fashionable idea. It is no way near as useless as he claims. He unfortunately already made his opinion before hand and stuck to it. Oh well
+Dusette FWASKRY Really?...

If you have NEVER used a computer in your life you ascertain that somehow the first time you boot up windows 7 you're going to have an easier time learning what it is than if you had booted into windows 8.

I also like how you are telling someone that they only like something for x reason when they never mentioned x reason, like they cannot possibly be of the OPINION that it's better. The User Interface is all about the user, in the end the experience is going to differ based entirely on said users.

As for yourself, it's obvious you don't like it and that's just fine but come on now do you really feel the need to jump on people for saying they have no problem with it? You act like Windows 8 slept with your wife and killed your dog.

The classic desktop is still there, it still works the same damned way it's worked for the 15 years I have used windows. The start menu with its telescoping and folder structure has been replaced with the screen and its tiles. Clicking where the start menu used to be opens the new screen. They have the exact same function just a varied form.

The search works better, instead of pulling up the lil yellow doggie we had loved for years we now hold our mouse for a millisecond at the top right of our screens click and type what we want. It finds it quicker and (in my OPINION) is a bit more accurate than the previous.

It boots a little faster and feels a littler snappier, this part may also just be my opinion but in my experience it is fact. The vitriol needs to stop, it's the most pathetic thing I can think of because I never thought I would see a person "white knight" an operating system the way you have decided to do for windows 7.

You like it, you hate 8 please just leave it at that!
This guy is an old fart that doesn't like change. Don't waste your time watching this video.
I watched this not too long ago and I have to respectfully disagree. I have been using Win8 on my 6 year old laptop for over a month. Over its 6 years of life my laptop has seen Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Ubuntu. The latter two being phenomenal OSs. I agree Windows 8 takes time to learn. It also is extremely clear that the UI was designed for a touch screen. Obviously my laptop is not a touch screen and I can tell you it is actually still a great OS. My computer boots faster than Win7 it is snappier. Chrome is ungoddly fast. and it is nice to have the majority of the info I am looking for right there on the Start screen. I also showed it to a friend who has extremely little knowledge of computers and is a Mac supporter, and the first impression is that she wanted to touch the screen. In my opinion that is a win for Microsoft. In my opinion Win8 is a best of both worlds. Nice tablet like data access and ease of use, with the usability of Windows that we have come to know and love. Notice how I said "my opinion". I recommend Mr. Boyko use the same terminology in this video.
this guy just rants, he has one problem and won't search for a solution, instead he just says it's all garbage
What's wrong with this guy? This video maker doesn't know technology, he doesn't know all the features from windows 8. Please stop all that bull shit and show me what is the wrong with windows 8, you don't have to go to Microsoft to get your answers. I can show you better way right here. If you don't know what is performance and feature then this video makes perfect sense for your +Moritz Tolxdorff . Don't show us animation show us real thing from Windows 8 if you have one. Are you just trying to make money from youtube? LoL
I think he didn't understand the windows 8 UI at all. The point of win 8 is to combine the mobile and desktop platform and give the same experience to the user on both platform. Since windows is most used OS among end users, windows 8 is the start of a revolution. I don't like the windows 8 too, since I am quite happy with OSX, but well win8 is surely better than win7.
You are just in the habit of Windows 7, nothing much.
Sorry to say, this guy talks crap. Talks theory instead of facts. I also don't think he is some sort of computer guru who needs a supercomputer to satisfy his needs with any OS.
He writes articles for a magazine for fucks sake... and he does the same here without any knowledge about PCs. I bet he doesn't even know where to find the settings to adjust the computer to his needs. He complains about finding things - Look for them before you talk you idiot! You have no control over anything it seems so you are useless. Get a life! Remind me to not buy any of the magazines that hired you.
+Abhishek Jain I believe that Linux will become more widely used after windows 8 Microsoft is blaming PC makers and PC makers blame Microsoft, if Linux is added all you get is pissed off Microsoft win win so I see it as a Linux revolution that will happen in 1 to 5 years 
+Abhishek Jain As I've said several times in this post already: the hard distinction between desktop mode and mobile mode is incredibly unwieldy and clumsy, especially after having used Unity or Gnome-shell. Try either of those, then try windows 8's metro and see the difference for yourself.
never used it but the goblin fart metaphor is HILARIOUS!!!
I don't use desktops much anymore outside of work, and my work machine is a Mac (I have no say in the matter). I recently had to purchase a low end computer that runs Windows for school, and I got a Windows 8 machine. I have to say that I found the UI clunky and unintuitive. I'm sure I'll learn to use it and figure it all out in time, but it was very frustrating going into it cold and trying to do a few simple tasks.

Like I said, I'm sure I'll figure it all out. It probably has some really nice features that I'll come to like, but anyone who thinks Microsoft didn't shoot themselves in the foot with the UI on this one is fooling themselves. I usually dive into a new OS or UI feet first and love to tinker around, learn the ins and outs, find great tweaks, etc. But that's not the average consumer; they just want to plug it in and go. Since that's how I had to approach Win 8 for my first stint (since I had an assignment due right after I got the computer), I can very easily see how the average Joe is going to hate Windows 8. Microsoft did a horrid job in transitioning people onto the new UI, in my opinion.
'm usein win 8 n ya its more batter n speedy then any Version of windows opretingsystm
Well it was designed for tablet PCs.  Just needs some time to get used to.
I haven't had any issues with it at all. It's fast, stable, and a lot of fun to use. As a senior systems administrator I'm still pushing out some windows 7 clients. Deployment of Windows using System Center is a dream come true. My end users that are fully migrated to 8 really like it.

The office applications ported over very easy, with no issues at all. A lot of the security issues with 7 don't seem to be a problem. It's easy to harden and all of the new group policies are very cool. I'm loving it and so are my end users. If you need to do a large deployment and are using server 12 you will be surprised at how easy it is.

this is a parodic video right ? coz claiming oneself a tech writer, and giving no concrete information .... hoping this is really a parodic, if not, google is your best friend ....
One does not simply operate windows 8, one sneaks up on it and hopes that is willing to work when they are.
My upgrade to W8 from W7 went smoothly. I failed the first time installing the Media Center. 2nd try went fine.

Bought a book on W8 - looks to me it will be fun learning the W8 stuff. 
Windows 8 Is fast and could be the best OS Microsoft has brought out for desktop PC's. And once they bring back our start button and "direct to desktop" view on start up. I will be very happy running this os on my monster gaming machine. The comparison in speed from windows 7 to 8 is like going from VHS to Blue ray. Or walking to flying. Now on the down side of windows 8 right now is that stupid touch multi box window thing they got now.. Lame.. Always use desktop view and you'll be able to do anything.
Win8 is currently $40 from Microsoft as a download. Can this download be transferred to a bootable disc and installed cleanly to a formatted HD?
Be Ru
W8 unusable? Maybe... But this vid is just unviewable, so evidently oriented that I just managed to see the first 1min46. Who got to the end?
Windows should No longer be called is microsoft window
Win 8 takes about 2 weeks of casual use to get the hang of, after that I find it faster and overall a solid OS.  You have to take this guy's opinion with a grain of salt, he has some valid criticisms, but mostly he's just ranting to advertise his freelance services.       
Windows 8 is simply about learning to use a new environment, i am not gonna say its absolutely awesome, but it is good enough, just needs a little bit of learning of some extra new stuff
1. I'm not a windows lover/hater I just know if I like something or not when it comes out. It's simply annoying that people even complain about OS unless you actually do something on them. Browsing and such does not even count. So unless you use the OS hardcore you shouldn't even be complaining. Either A: suck it up and learn it or B: Revert back, but do so in silence.
2.Windows 8 isn't even hard to use. All this guy complained about is the weather app the power button. I don't know about you but do you really want to take sides with some guy that is crying about a WHOLE OS just because he is too lazy? That and if he was smart enough to real some kind of manual he would have realized that the OS is not in control, but the actual COMPUTER with the track pad gestures
3. Why the hell do people even say anything about being unbiased when they know full and well that they are?? Which is okay by the way, but don't lie to yourself and others about your preferences.
Moral: Windows 8 does not suck. Just learn it. Or don't. Either way stop complaining about something you personally can't get the hang of.
Have a nice day
Windows 8 is simply about learning to use a new environment, i am not gonna say its absolutely awesome, but it is good enough, just needs a little bit of learning of some extra new stuff
Watched the first 10 seconds of this and realized you are somehow computer illiterate.
I really don't understand the big deal I mean I've been using windows 8 for 5 months now and I love it yea at first it was frustrating cause everything was different bit you get use to it 
This video begins with nonsensical whining for 5 minutes then makes a video claiming his user error is the fault of the OS. That was a pathetic and useless display of the producer's mental inflexibility and inability to provide useful analysis.

Once I got used to it, I like it better than Win7.  It really provides 2 UIs - the Win8 Metro interface for a "mobile computing" experience, and the regular Win7 interface that sits behind it.  Seems like a winner to me.
haha user hostile? It's a simple OS and not really different from Windows 7, except for the Metro Interface.
+Stephen Maquiso "Except for the Metro interface."  Um, yeah.  That's sort of the point.  It's a badly designed interface, and one that you have no choice but to use.
No you aren't dumb nor computer illiterate - you just seem hooked on what/how it *was* instead of exploring. If that's how we all were, I'd never would have figured out how to use my first iPhone nor Droid.  
Weird.. nice video, but weird..coz I'm quite happy with win 8 .. in fact I wish they'd done more new stuff.

I'm a animator, illustrator and well as a gamer. i had no issues using my video editing, animation, modelling, design softwares..or any workflow..  or gaming.. the issues you've raised about the touchscreen/pad are probably valid(i never use the touch pad :P ) but the rest seems a bit over the top.
I love Windows 8 and had zero problems related to the review was going through.

Example you can make a back up install disk when you purchase the digital download. It very clearly gives you the option.

Reviewer...."QQ where is the Control Panel. In 7 I go down the Start menu click and then select it done easy win8 makes it impossible"

Except in Windows 8 you can go do to the lower right hand corner(you know where your start menu is) and RIGHT click and BAM there is the control panel. Wow what a learning curve.

I could pick the most ass backwards way to do things in 7 as well and bitch about it.

I have to Windows 8 computers at home and us a 7 machine at work. I hands down prefer 8.

This Tech blogger sounds more like my dad.
Switch to a Macintosh!  I've used Apple for years and have no complaints!
+Matt Burns How is it badly designed? Just because some people aren't used to it and don't know how to use the built-in "search" function... doesn't mean it sucks! I've learned to love it after an hour of giving it a shot.
Almost 5 minutes before he actually begins making specific statements about Windows 8. He couldn't figure out how to close an app after using it for a month? I'm supposed to trust someone claiming to be knowledgeable about computers who apparently does not know how to use Google?
Thank you for taking the time to share your views on Windows 8.  I have found new technology to be an interesting thing when people do not yet know how to use it.  My view?  It was time to retire the old Windows stuff which is outdated (just ask Linux guys and Apple fans) and go with an entirely new thought out UI (i.e. Metro)  

Once I understood I can pin anything, applications, information, contacts... almost anything as others have said, I cannot go back.  If you have ever used pintrest then learning this new OS is easier then that.  Pin what you use most, and when you do not use it much, unpin it and it goes back to the filing system.

I'm very excited for what future versions of this style of UI will bring and wonder what other OS people will come up with to make things one click away.
Bingo, yes this OS has ruined my life
INCONCEIVABLE! First thing in my head when I heard the voice, totally.

Seriously that was very very well done.  Windows 9 will fix all the rubbish and will be ok to use, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 8.  All in the same class.

Only reason I use windows is for games anyway, and companies like steam are helping to move away from that.  Partially due to OSX being linux/bsd based as much as I loathe to admit it.
After watching for like 4 minutes I just gave up on this video. I don't care how bad Windows 8 is, a 23 minute long video? Aint nobody got time for dat!
J Heyes
And another reason not to use windows
I don't mind Windows 8, I like some aspects of it, but it is TOO simple for getting things done. This is a computer OS after all. I was also frustrated at where to find things.
Time to abandon this discussion... The m$ script kiddies and fan boys are about to swallow it whole.
LOL, "User Hostile" is a correct summary of Windows 8...I used it for the first time this weekend and it ate up 5 hours of my time just trying to get it to take a POP3 email account, I know I'm going to attract some frowns from tekkies who are going to say that POP3 is sooo passee but c'mon, Outlook survived as long as it did through the millions of POP3 accounts that it served so well over years and years, migrating from one OS to another was almost longer.  I agree with the video in its entirety, Microsoft have lost the plot trying to be too clever and cool!   ... Not!
Ok 3 mins in and you're boring the tits off me. Someone will have to tell me how this ends....
If you have a problem with the UI then change the theme to
Windows 7. Enjoy! 
+Stephen Maquiso not really different, except for the primary user interface.

Also, Windows 8 is ugly.  No really - flat, solid, square window borders.  What is this, the 90s?

And to those of you that think that the merge of Desktop and Mobile interfaces is a good thing - no, it's not.  That's why iOS and OS X are different - Apple saw that it doesn't work.  The KDE project has a separate interface for mobile and desktop.  Unity and GNOME 3 are failures.  Why did Microsoft follow a failed plan?
I use mac, win7 and ubuntu and they all have their issues. They all let us do things we couldn't dream of a few years ago. I bought a Mac and thought it wouldn't bog down, but it did & it had a spinning wheel instead of an hourglass. Nothing is perfect, enjoy them all for what they offer. Actually think the mobile OSs' are the best
I've been using Windows 8 since pre-release at home and find it very weird going back to Windows 7 at work. I find 8 a lot easier to get around and use.
I use Ubuntu and a previous version of Windows daily.  Recently I got Win 8 and was completely baffled.  I haven't been baffled by a computer is years. His "It won't die!!" comment was me exactly.
8 was made for touchscreens phone and tablets...
+Chris Dickson Agreed - it is sad that the mobile OS's are starting to reign supreme. Android is getting better and better by the day, and iOS 6 is pretty darned cool and I don't even like Apple stuff. Where as Snow Leopard (last Mac OS i used) I didn't like very much. But I do enjoy Windows 8 a LOT. I personally believe it to be the best and most compatible since Windows XP. 
Personally I have learned to like Win 8.  There is a learning curve but once you get past that and understand the philosophy behind the design it begins to click.  I hardly use the Start Screen at all on my desktop computer... I think Microsoft could score a "Win" if they'd just make a simple setting that allows users to get rid of the Start Screen and just use the Desktop.  Takes some getting used to but easy enough to use once you get the hang of it.
Awesome video. I installed Windows 8 kept 1 month and hell I was so furstated that I format and roll back to windows 7 at 3 o'clock in the night!!! 
Nice trying to mimick Zero Punctuation. The new interface is just that, new. I would venture that most PC users just want to read the news, facebook, etc. They don't care where the control panel is. They just want to consume. Windows 8 is great for that.

I do like reviews that are fair, fun to watch and cover all of the angles. This review has none of those things. 
Have not used Windows 8, but, to me Windows 8 = touchscreen. With tablets and touchscreen phones, this is the future. Is there not an option to use only the Aero/Windows 7 interface? That would be the easiest fix for those that do not want move forward. It used to be an option to revert back in previous systems.
I have managed to reconcile with windows 8 by adding classic menus which boots to the desktop so I never see the metro interface.
I can understand that - I was considering the average user. I do concede that the UI is more designed for tablets. I think it excels in that.

The desktop is changing and Microsoft is trying to stay ahead of the curve - perhaps too far ahead! :)
Eh, I was fine with it. This guy had good points for all his whining that he attached to the speech for extra nit-picking, but whatever. I just hope that this gets people to move to Linux, because that would be awesome. Hell, even my sister runs Ubuntu now.
I love Windows 8. The paid version fixed all the bugs in the pre-release version. I think it's awesome!
Matt L
I think if they would have kept the 2 interfaces totally separate and let you use whatever you want they may have had a homerun 
windows 8 is so bad. it is inconceivable!
Shortly after Windows 7 came out Albatron produced an affordable optical multitouch monitor, which I bought... Windows 7 has quite nice features for touchscreen, it recognizes handwriting with the ability to quickly switch input languages.... then when Windows 8 came out I felt like that was really the first time when touchscreens ceased to be a gimmick. Kind of like when the mouse became adopted as input device.

I believe that for Windows 8 to unfold its full productivity potential you would need to buy a touchscreen device. I find myself using both mouse and touch interchangeably kind of like the start screen vs. desktop surface hybrid.

The main reason d'être for Windows 8 is to push surface tablets and Windows Phones. It's a bold move but it will take a bit more than tiles to compete with Android and iOS!!
Windows 8 isn't for everyone.  But this video is annoying.  I never had the weather app pop up in my face when I didn't want it.  I enjoy W8 and welcome the changes... I agree it's not perfect, but it sure isn't that bad.
Glad I didn't transition to windows 8
I pretty much agree with what is said here. It would be very nice to be able to pick your default "Start" point Desktop or modern UI. 
I'll admit I only watched 7 minutes of this guys rant of how inept he is. I have been using win 8 for 3 weeks now and have adapted to it easily. Simple things like alt-f4  will close windows and knowing your keyboard shorts cuts are a staple for any user. Not once has a app "goblin-farted". Classic case of PEBCAC.
I already have a smart phone in my pocket. I don't have a tablet. I prefer to have a computer on my desk, one that I can use.
I made the mistake of upgrading from Win 7 to 8 and now there is no way back. . . THERE IS NO way to go back short of starting from scratch.

I never use the METRO and always go directly to the "desktop". At least it bears some resemblance to it progenitors.

I came to the conclusion that METRO was for combating Apple touch screens and the hidden desktop is for work. . .if you can manage to find it!

It took me more than a few minutes to find it then I had no Idea how to turn the bloody computer off.
You are correct . . they really screwed up this time and I'm the looser!
I tried it in spite of all the hate and actually was surprised how easy it was for me to navigate.  I therefore conclude that the world is full of dumb complainers who reject any major changes.  Remember Vista?  It received endless hate... For me Vista was a breath of fresh air through an open window.  It was so much more robust than windows xp.  So I think 8 like vista has a percentage of people hating it just because it's unfamiliar.
BTW .  .I would bet that Larry Maguire isn't using windows 8 . .  !
+Moritz Tolxdorff But you aren't using an OS you've used before. This is a new OS... it's NEW. They changed stuff. Why is everyone throwing a fit that they have this new OS and have the learn new things. Do you think people switch from Windows to OS X and then bitch about having to learn new things? Hell no! So why is everyone surprised now that they're having to learn something new!?
could of made your points in 5 minutes, dragged on too much
Computers are too complicated , I just used pen and paper and the U.S. mail.  
If you ask me, its intentionally bad. They force it on us so that when Windows 9 comes out (which will be awesome considering every other Windows OS is good) we all will buy the new one!  People want to buy a new one when the one they are using is SUPER BAD!
I guess you wanted people to see how u suck... Congrats U succeeded. Sorry couldn't see it all, coz it is really frustating and boring video. And yes Windows 8 needs a learning curve and may not be for everyone, but it is not so bad as this video is...
I never used Win7 I have Win XP on my computer & have been using Win8 since April 2012 starting with the evaluation copy & for the most part love it.
My only regret is that I wish I had gotten the 64 bit when I got the evaluation copy because Win8 32 bit can only use 3 gig a bit RAM & I have 4 Gigabit & want to install another 4 gigabit but if the system can't use it is a waste of money so I am trying to find out it I can get Win8 64 bit with very little cost. If anyone knows how contact me at Thanks in advance
+Matthew Bonig then they shouldn't have called it Windows.  Apple changes the name when they make major changes (System 6, Mac OS 7, OS X). 
This video is still floating around?  Build a bridge, and get over it.  
they should call it windows because when a new computer from apple comes out your like who the crap made that? people tend to use trusted brands
im using windows 8 right now. it is the easiest computer i have ever used. your probably doing it all wrong
+Joe Gatzlaff Windows isn't a brand.  It's the name of a product made by the Microsoft Corp.  Just like DOS and Singularity (and a million other products).  I don't count Microsoft as trusted.
too much bla, bla, bla. I had to stop it after 3 minutes
I hoped that production quality wouldn't blind so many people to such an obvious response troll. Lol.
How to hock the unrivalled control in your hands.
Wow, somehow I believe a lot of his exaggerations :L
Strange, I find the opposite, my productivity has gone up. All it takes is for people to embrace change. Many people are of the opinion "if it ain't broke don't fix it", but these days businesses cannot allow themselves to that premise, they need to follow "if it ain't broke, improve it" to stay ahead of competition. And Microsoft really did it well. It's simply unfortunate that people are using the price tag as the major obstacle, without stating that is one of the main reasons why they don't want change. I'm extremely happy with 8, it's extremely responsive, to a point that the system can be quicker than the user, for example in maximizing windows, moving windows, flicking back and forth whatever it might be, consider it done before you realize you're actually looking at what you requested.
I've already set up Ubuntu dual boot and hardly use windows 8 at all except for when school requires MS Office that I can't duplicate with libre office. 
Right, it is indeed hard to comprehend the rational of windows 8. But look, we don't understand the universe either. Is that what it was behind windows 8 master plan? Hmm... not really. So what is the raison d'etre then?
I've played with it a few times at Best Buy, and was easily able to navigate the OS. Maybe bringing it home and trying to actually use the PC would have different results, but one would assume you would get more used to the OS in that situation. 
This video again? Well same response from me, windows 8 is fine and easy.
Just watched the movie and I can't believe the whole lot of rubbish! Unbiased view? It's clear it's biased! The guy didn't give the operating system a chance! User-hostile? He should try any Apple OS, that's user hostile! The learning curve on any Apple OS is very steep, with Windows 8, whatever you want to do, you do it straight away. It's so easy you get thinking why didn't you think of that before!!!
"Less user friendly than DOS"


My 2-year-old boots, logs in, fires up his favorite painting app, and then switches seamlessly between his games at will.  2. Years. Old.
Whoever made this movie should learn how to use a mouse properly first too!
It has DirectX, thats the only thing i actually need from windows.
If you cannot use Windows 8 with ease, you are an utter moron, and have no business in front of a computer.

You hipster fucking dingleberrys can complain all you want, and shout about Ubuntu, but Windows 8 is a perfect OS.

There has never been an easier to use Windows. Ever.
I wish people would stop reposting this crap. Specially those that take pleasure in bashing everything Microsoft puts out there regardless of whether its good or bad. Raise your hand if you own a company that has developed anything remotely close to Windows 8 - no Windows 3.1 for Workgroups. 
every time I read a bad review to win8 can't help but think what if those guys where making the big decisions in the bussines, we wouldn't be ussing a mouse today. I personally, couple of months ago, spend about 15 min in a retail shop with a win8 pc and found it to be really good. And didn't used the touch screen, just a keyboard an trackpad as I would do in my laptop to make it "real"
[Window Key] + [x] is invaluable on windows 8
The guy who made this video is a prick!!!!
Yeah, I used it for a month and then dumped it.
11:00 "I can't find anything! Waaah!"

Ever used the internet? Try searching, which windows does, and has done, VERY well since Vista.  

Start button/screen -> Type what you're looking for -> hit enter. done. 
It is better for people to think that you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all reasonable doubt! 
Awful review. He seems to enjoy hearing himself talk without actually getting to anything. It felt like ten minutes of bitching, moaning, and storytelling, including farting demons, before he got on to the first example of anything... which consisted of admitting he was causing a different app to come on screen with his swipe gesture.

I have not had this problem. Not once. Because although he insists that it a "natural gesture" to move the cursor to the right, it isn't. When most of us want to move the cursor to the right we put a finger ON the pad and swipe to the right. The gesture that swipes a different app onto the screen requires swiping across the whole trackpad. It's not someone else's fault that he used an unusual gesture to "throw" his cursor to the right... as soon as he learned that basic swipes are used for gesture commands, he should have stopped using it for something else.

Learning curve. And not that steep. And I didn't have any more time to waste on his video animation and ranting.
Soooo... he didn't like it then?
I agree completely ...dumped Windoze 8 after 30 minutes of WTFs!  I'll use 7 and wait for 9 before deciding if a move to the fruit O/S is required.
i haven't watched the video yet because i 'm at school i think i know what is about i agreed completely.
+Cliff Dunn You obviously have not yet heard of a boot loader but it's exactly what you're describing.  If you Google "GRUB Bootloader" you'll see what I'm talking about.  This program is bundled with lots of major distributions of linux.  When my computer boots I get the option Win 8 or Ubuntu 12.10 (could have as many OSes as my computer will support).  Unfortunately Mac OS X is more picky about the hardware it will play nice with so I can't easily run that OS as well (part of the reason I really don't like Apple is the tie in between the OS and the way over priced hardware).

I use Win 8 a good amount of the time for Adobe CS software (photoshop, flash builder, after effects etc.).  I agree metro is basically useless to me, but Win 8 is no hindrance, I have an SSD (installed my Win 8 from an OEM disk from TigerDirect, I have a product key it says in the OEM package it is legally required to attach it to the computer case or else it's not valid).  Anytime I need to get to anything I hit the windows key then type what I want and it's either in the apps right away or in the settings option on the right... it took me a week to figure it out but now I'm perfectly comfortable again.  Would I suggest going from Win7 to Win8... no just like I wouldn't ditch my Galaxy Nexus for a Nexus 4, sure it might have a couple of bells and whistles but it's just not a huge game changer, however I also wouldn't avoid a computer simply because it runs Win8.  Simply put you don't need to use Metro, it makes sense for a touch screen it doesn't translate well to the desktop.
+Lee Keels No, Believe me! I use windows 8 every day and never came across what he claims! He's a prick Nuff said ;-P
This guy is either getting very stuck in his old ways, or lying about the useability. My Grandma loves windows 8 and she is self proclaimed computer illiterate. I gave her a basic overview of the controls and ever since she has had no issues. I also was able to navigate windows 8 instantly without any instructions at all. Some of the arguments are exaggerated and others are jokes as the issues aren't even real.

I'm sure he was funded by competition trying to scare people off before they even give it a try themselves. I dare you, use windows 8 for just 3 months I'm sure 90% will love it, while some just don't like change and will be stubborn.
I have been using Windows 8 on my work machine and love it.  Some of the issues I had with office and other programs on 7 have been non-existent on 8.  So easy to use, find programs, change settings, etc.
It is like they hired youtube school designers. Have you use the 6 finger swipe?
Everyone downgrading will feel pretty dumb some time soon when they realize they shouldn't have gone back to 7.
for secure password problems - try yubikey , 2 step authentication.
My dad loves Window 8 so much that he ended up installing it
Windows 8 needs to come with an instruction sheet.  It could be a single page showing how to accomplish a few common tasks.  I struggled with it at first until I got my hands on a list of shortcut keys, mouse gestures, and touch gestures.  After about 20 minutes with the instructions, I was suddenly very productive and enjoying Windows 8.  That being said, it would be far better if the average user could figure things out without an instruction sheet.
+Stone Frango
 Start using Mac or Linux or whatever. No one is forcing you to do it. I love it though... Don't blame me.
Windows 8 is actually a lot more intuitive than Windows 7, but because Windows in and of itself is not very intuitive that means there's a steep learning curve for people who are totally set in the old ways.

Windows 8 got a lot of bad reviews, like this one, because the people who wrote them are experts who have spent countless hours mastering the old Windows experience and are unwilling to change.

Microsoft's target consumers aren't the hardcore computer programmers or the dedicated techies, but rather the "average Joe" who wants something that is simple and effective.

If you gave someone who's never used a computer before the choice between Windows 7 and Windows 8, I'd definitely place my bet on them picking the latter.
The rule of windows is that every other OS is good.  Windows 7 was good, so Windows 8 naturally sucks.  I'm waiting for the next one... or with Steam games becoming more and more available for Linux maybe I'll go all Ubuntu.
I'm impressed! Even retarded journalist with no computer skills manages how to earn money from the things he don't understand.. Bravo
I agree 100%.  I was installing a PC with Windows8 for a friend of mine's mother.  I was embarrassed.  I couldn't get to anything!!  Embarrassed because all I could say was good luck.  You know as much as I do grandma.
Yawn. Another "techie" trying to gain tech cred by bashing Windows / Microsoft...

These are the same types of people who think that IE jokes are still funny. Yawn...
I feel ya brother, i'm using 1 now... Ive gotten used to it, but I cry myself to sleep sometimes, b/c I miss my old windows xp... DEEPLY... I say fire away windows... fire away!!!!!!!!!    
what a nerd lol jokes
he found that out the hard way.
Sorry but I love my windows 8 PCs . Even if I don't have touch with all. Still a lot faster than 7. You are prob a little slow to learn something new
I do not totally agree with this evaluation of Windows 8. Sure, I found some things annoying with Windows 8 - for example when using multiple monitors, the start screen just doesn't stay put on your main screen and also the thing about the Charms Bar.. Charms Bar makes sense only if you have a touch screen .. However, there are a lot of  improvements in Windows 8 that I like... So in the end, it all depends on how savvy and how good one is when trying out new things !! One cannot give an accurate view of Windows 8 only after using it for 30 minutes. It takes time to learn new things and once you use it for a while, you will begin to like it ....
I disagree, I like the "do one thing at a time" model.

People are expected to be too productive. We should have to accomplish less per person and hire more people. In a way Microsoft is helping the worker.
Theres no quicker way to launch app than Quick Launch... and its gone. I dont want to type app name, I just want to click once.
They screw up everything, but still, viruses and malware rocks. I cant accept that brand new OS needs antivirus protection. Modern OS must be bulletproof on any malicius attack. Microsoft has failed.
+Gregory Gremminger Honestly, OpenGL already is as useable or more so than DirectX. As a programmer who has worked with both frameworks extensively, there is absolutely nothing I can do with DirectX that I can't do with OpenGL... and GL is usually more intuitive to work with.

The DX mentality just comes from... well, I don't know. Because it's Microsoft?
Kudos for using the Zero Punctuation imp as the 'goblin'. This guy knows what he is saying. :D
+Stuart Canty Sure it can run as many applications as you want  . It is still capable of the same multitasking features of Windows 7...
When you formulate a business plan around selling an OS platform 'every' year - this is the result.  8 should have been just for tablets, and built that way with 'connectability' into any other platform via networking from the tablet itself.

If you think you are going to make PC users go 'tablet'.  Not with this POS OS you won't.  Stop 'caging' everything like Apple!  Alot of us actually like PC's where 'we' control what goes on, not some stupid App store..
Microsoft is spending a lot to get back on the right track but I don't think it's doing good enough or fast enough. 
The more I watch this video, the more I cringe in disgust.

First the guy says that the weather application would repeatedly open.  There's literally NO WAY that could happen without him causing it.  Since he was too stupid to investigate it, the only conclusion I can draw is that he had some kind of custom gesture software for his touchpad (like my laptop) which switches apps upon a certain kind of swipe.

Then he says he can't close the window.  To do this you go to the app bar (which is just like the task bar) and right-click for the context menu (again, JUST like the task bar) to close it.  He says he right-clicked, but if he still wasn't able to close it then he really ought to get his eyes checked.

I'm sure there are a lot more "problems" he whines about which have easy solutions, but I can't even take the stupidity long enough to watch the whole video.  I don't call people stupid very often, but this guy certainly is it.
Link Bait I see, smart he may be ( In the vernacular of Yoda)
This review was 100% correct; my wife and I have no idea how to close programs opened in the "metro" UI and nothing about navigation is intuitive.  The part about finding the control panel?  Same thing!  I had to get a copy of Start8 Classic just to be able to navigate and set the system up.
Just because you weren't able to use it does not mean it is bad.You better learn operating computers before you start assessing operating systems.
I think the big problem here is he's using what amounts to a hybrid machine I.E its not a desktop and its not a touch screen.
If he had used a mouse and not a laptops normal touchpad most of his problems wouldn't have happened to start with but to be fair touchpads aren't uncommon so maybe the OS should have recognized that fact and give a better intro for the swipe control but as I've not installed it on my laptop yet maybe it does and he just didn't see it.
agree with you, and this stupid is not funny either....
Man he is pissed off with Windows 8! 
Well, even though he made some interesting points, many if not all his issues could have been avoided if he paid attention to the User Tips at the very beginning of the first boot!

I'm not saying that the two coexisting environments are a good idea, on the contrary. I think Microsoft should have given us the option to use one OR the other, but not both at the same time.

I can't imagine what would happen if we migrate our users to Win8 in our corporation, which by the way will not happen any time soon!

Great video! This is why I use Linux on all my machines!
when the person responsible for the creation of windows 8 was fired one week after the launch, you know that something is fucked up. and this motherfucker was there for 17 years kkkkkk
+Tory Newnham if you use Linux on all your machines how do you know its a great video or are use just commenting on the production and not the content ?
I do have to give Brian a little credit, he has some good points in the video, such as the fact that Microsoft did drop the ball on conveying how to use the new features of Windows 8 and how to get to certain things.

Really though, after that, the arguments are flimsy at best. Like his not being able to close a Modern UI (which is what its called, not Metro anymore) really strikes me as odd because when I couldn't close it with a right click or something, I tried what most other computer users (and not techies like me) do, and tried Alt + F4, and boom, app closed. This was on my desktop computer, which has no touch screens, and when I went to my touch screen laptop (mind you an HP TX2 with 0 multi-touch), I thought "if I can drag an app from the side to get it back into view, then what happens if I drag it down?" and boom that closed it. Also tried that with a mouse, and hey, it worked just the same. Next is his in ability to get the control panel, which is rather simple now, if you are in the modern UI you go to settings from the charms bar that is seen in both sides, and select change PC settings, and that brings up the control panel. if you are on the desktop, that same method will bring up the windowed Control Panel just like before.

Also, to note on this, control panel icon is technically in the desktop folder of the user profile since about Windows XP (and that is the earliest I remember seeing it there), so that it is NOW in the desktop folder is a complete falsehood.

Another falsehood is the thought that you can only start applications that are metro from the start screen. You can have normal desktop applications with icons on there, and while they may not look as nice as the modern UI ones, they still can be pinned there. I also wanted to point out that the search functionality of going to start and using the search field still works in exactly the same way as Windows 7, except that instead of listing all results for that query in one big long list, they are broken down into different categories, and it is extensible because when you add an app say Bing, Newegg, All Recipes (apps that I have had installed) you can move between them with a simple click of that icon, so say you input Israel, to get from searching applications for that name to a map of Israel, you click the maps icon that is just down the list, and then to look what recipes have the word Israel in them you click All Recipes, then to get to the current weather there you click on weather, and finally if I just wanted it typed into the URL space or my browser I would just simply select Internet Explorer and go to the Internet and have the Internet right there to use. Really rather simple if you ask me.

Where he is partially correct and partially incorrect is the fact that creating a recovery disk and the problem of locating the product key. The product key not being printed on the outside of the computer is not completely Microsoft's fault, and really if he had bothered to do a search on the Internet (using possibly one of the methods mentioned before), he would have figured out that OEMs are now embedding the PID into motherboards of computers, especially laptops (which his comment at the end of this being done in a coffee shop makes me assume he was using a laptop), because the stickers would wear off, and then you would have the issue of no longer having a PID for the system. Now that it is embedded, you can take any Windows 8 disk that you can get, pop it in the drive, and the system automatically knows what its supposed to be. I have a new Lenovo ThinkPad Twist that the first thing I did was clear the drive and use an ISO I got from Microsoft directly, popped it on a flash drive (which ISO mounting is now built into Windows, so I didn't use anything besides Windows to create the USB drive), ran the installed on the ThinkPad, and it was activated and set and even had the Lenovo logo come up instead of the new Windows logo during the boot process, no need to have the product key or write it down or anything.

Continuity as an argument pretty much goes out the window as well because now, instead of there being menu interfaces and traditional overtures that there were in Windows 7, everything in the modern UI uses the same basic principles of design, and everything in the desktop environment does now as well across all the Microsoft products because the ribbon interface was made into the desktop UI. Also, that modern UI is seen in all Xbox gaming platforms, Windows Phone, and has apps for most of the major software coming out or already out for all their different business software segments that all use the same design principles to them. Even Remote Desktop, Dynamics, Office, Exchange and SharePoint are now following this same design model. So, really, continuity between everything that Microsoft is doing today in terms of their software is better than it ever has been because they are all using the same model for all the different pieces, not like when Windows Vista and Office 2007 came out and Office used one style of interface and Windows used another.

So really, I think that Brian did have some good points, like not being able to get the information told to the user as to what to do to close something, and that the flat styling of text not making it apparent what to click on where great arguments, and completely valid. The rest however, not so much as I have seen far less experienced users figure out how to do the things that he complained about in seconds. So again, he does have good points in there, but to go as far as to say unusable? I think that the fact that he included his contact info and a marketing of his services at the end is exactly what Brian was really after with this, and while I might be perpetrating that by commenting or viewing the video, that is still the whole point of the video and nothing more.
You should actually read the whole posting +Tinus vd Merwe, and I don't agree with him except really on that one point.
To all the people in denial, it used to be a patented linux way to have to search Google to find out how to exit vi. Now windows joins the club. I think it is a problem when Ubuntu is easier to find your way around.
I installed "Cassic Shell" app because didn't want to go through the learning curve, but wanted to take advantage of faster Windows 8. Highly recommend to try this out for those who are thinking about switching back to Win7!
Lucky us, it's 2012 and we have great alternatives...
Good thing this guy isn't trying to make a living as a freelance video producer. I couldn't listen to more than five minutes of his Cindy Brady delivery, and the irate, acerbic tongued delivery has been done to death. Also, if you can't figure out how to close a metro app, perhaps you need to write about gardening or celebrities.
Please explain how Windows 8 is a total different  OS than windows 7. I press the desktop button on the start menu and it brings me to the screen I'm so used to. press it back and it brings me to the start screen. Is the start screen really that hard to grasp? A full sized start menu? Windows 8 is also shown to be faster than Windows 7. Hell, I thought it was bad before I used it. But after using it for a month, a day even, I will never go back to Windows 7.
So the entire premise behind this video is that the drivers for the touchpad on the particular third party notebook being used aren't designed correctly. I use Windows 8 on my desktop and my MacBook and the difference between gesture and mouse movement is accurate and works perfectly. Mouse movement is fine and works across the board, for gesture you need to either use the right mouse button, or swipe with 2 fingers...
As we say in the industry, PEBCAK or the issue is with the spacer. IE. user error...
+Emil Georgiev No. I'm talking to the people on the comment section. (campus internet restrictions. >.>)
I did try Windows 8 and it is awful. Balmer should be fired.
Change for the sake of change isn't always a good idea. Windows 8 proves that right on!
but its not for the sake of change itself,  its for making the tablet OS and desktop OS as close as possible while keeping both as functional as possible
I seriously don't get what all the whining is about.
It's a new OS. It works differently than the previous. Get over it.

TL;DR: It does what I want!

Boot-up time is insane! Reboot too, though I rarely need either.

Biggest quirk I noticed is that a lot of third party apps are still 32bit and too memory- and cpu-hungry, especially Firefox and Chrome.

Worth noting is that I am touting a 17" without touch and using only a mouse (I hate touchpads with a vengeance!), though I would've loved to be able to use Metro with touch! I'm guessing that would have made me use Metro a lot more.

I almost never see the Metro interface, other than at boot (just because I haven't set it to skip it, yet) or when starting a few apps I couldn't be bothered to stick to my "activity bar" (don't know the English name for it) och have as shortcuts on the desktop. I use Total Commander as a file manager, because I like dual-pane. I also launch a lot of apps from within TC, since it also has a "start-bar". A long, long, looong time ago I actually had a Windows 95 system setup with LiteStep and TC set as the default "window manager", instead of Explorer.

I currently have FF and Chrome side-by-side (FF getting about 60% of screen), with Outlook fullscreen in the background (can't remember why I switched from Thunderbird way back when ... was something about syncing Windows Mobile and the fact that the work mail switched to Exchnage). TC, Skype and my scheduling program (I'm a deputy principal) always at the ready and usually two to four putty windows open with my servers, router and NAS easily available.

Specs: ASUS N76VJ, 17" 1920x1280, 16GB RAM, Samsung 840 Pro 256GB + 512GB, rapoo BT mouse
Why argue if windows 8 is good or not? Windows 8 sale reports tell everything. It sucks, and most people dont like it. 
+Ru Black that's fine and dandy but they should have thought about how these different UIs would conflict each other. More field testing that's what it needed. Its like a spoiled brat that Microsoft just won't stop spoiling. Honestly, even Vista, despite being memory hungry, was FAR better than this. 
"Unusable"? Maybe a bit of an exaggeration there. As for weather app randomly popping up, I've never had that... And if you don't know how to close it when it does, you really don't have many problem solving skills.
Microsoft threw out intuition for pizazz. Fit for washing eyeballs but they're just loading a good piece of software with a good pedigree. 
I feel even more stupid for looking at this for more than six minutes. Well done, whiny ... .
+Abraham Samma but they don't conflict at least in my experience. When I want too use the desktop I hit the windows key and if I need an app or program that's not on the desktop I do the same and type the name in or click a tile, simple really.
This guy is so irritating and hyperbolic I needed to play with Windows 8 for a bit afterwards in order to soothe my jangled nerves.
After five minutes it's obvious the guy is biased and is doing this rant video in order to get hits (which it's working, it's on what's hot on G+).  I don't care if you hate W8 but this video is the exact opposite experience I've had.  Yes, there is more of a learning curve than any other Windows upgrade but once I got used to it going back to windows 7 seemed slower to accomplish things.  Then again I use a lot of shortcut keys and don't simply focus on the new start button/screen  which is great for search.
Faux nerd sarcasm humor doesn't work. But points taken. A PowerPoint or even an image with the key points would have gotten the point across just as well without taking 30 minutes of my day.
He should've learn how to use Windows 8, couldn't watch more than 7 minutes of this video...he's a drama queen
Maybe Boyko simply doesn't know how to use Windows 8. The 1% rule: you must be 1% smarter than the equipment you're working with. 
All techies (and I'm one) will have pretty much no problem with Windows 8, but that's the thing. There are a lot more non-techies than techies out there, like shitloads more. (And if I hear another one go off on a 'Windows+special key is so easy anyone can/should/will get it' screed I may have to unscrew a few heads from torsos... :)

The fact of the matter is that there isn't one benefit that Windows 8 gives me (an App Dev Mgr mind you) over Windows 7. Not one. But it's glaring disadvantage, a completely new UI sprung upon the non-techie masses, has already cost me lots of time. Those non-techies I know who were unlucky enough to get a new pc w/ Windows 8 only to call me soon thereafter with a million questions have cost me plenty of time. Their first 2 questions were always: where the hell is the my desktop and...oh shit!!!!....where in the hell is my desktop??!!??!!

After 4 of these encounters I now stop the conversation cold, have them drop off the pc to me (or take control of it via and then install (free and open source btw) that both boots to desktop and gives them the start button again. I've yet to hear from one of them since installing it. Trust me, your neighbors, friends and family who aren't techies like you (or me), don't give a flying fuck about the Windows key being the answer to all of their UI problems, and they damn sure don't want to spend another second learning anything pc related. They spent 20 years getting accustomed to a UI pattern only to have that pattern ripped away from them. 

And while we're on it, if you think that MS adopting the Metro Modern UI that it build for Win Phone 7 had anything to do with a better UI experience on the pc then you really don't get what they're after. They couldn't give a rat's ass about the consumer's efficiency and ability to use the UI on the pc. They just want to force it down enough throats so that moving users from one platform to another is seemless UI-wise. So what's the problem with that? The same UI pattern does not work across platforms. It's amazing how many really smart techies I know simply do not get, or are unwilling to admit that point, and yet, it's fundamentally true. (Google the 'gorilla arms' effect and you'll see how the touch UI pattern breaks when moving to the pc.)
Learn how to use Google.  You will find all the commands and short cuts as with any OS there are no directions.  It's the way of the industry.  By the way your Video sucks, I learned nothing from it other than you like to complain.
I don't even like Windows, but Windows 8 is HARDLY unusable... just another Windows h8r.
I made it about 3 minutes in and couldn't take it anymore. If you found this 'interesting' I really don't know what to say.

Fortunately I've been using Windows 8 with very little hitch for about a year now (well the dev preview had hitches) so I'm thinking there is little reason to watch it. Maybe if I do I'll suddenly have a difficult time using the OS?
I have windows 8 and i think windows 8 is better than Windows 7
+Paul Smith-Keitley Great solution: keep training users on a brand new broken UI pattern. Good luck with that. Hey, can I send all my calls your way? What are you going to say when they 'fix' Windows 9? I love talking to those who truly do not understand what the travesty that MS has tried to perpetrate, especially in light of horrid Window 8 sales figures. lol
This guys main problem is that he should have just started using an actual mouse with his laptop instead of the touch pad. The rest of the issues he is having aren't issues at all.
I love all the people who say how great win8 is but also say yeah it sucked at first and that it takes getting used to. That statement just confirms that the UI is terrible, a good UI doesn't take time to get used to, it doesn't suck when you first start. It is intuitive and doesn't require a steep learning curve. 
I love all the people that take what a few people may say and act like a lot of people say it. Win 8 was great for me from the moment I fired up the consumer preview. What exactly does that confirm?
When I tried consumer preview I couldn't believe how much of a novice I felt when I had used windows all my life. I think having a 'media Center' type system. And moving all the controls that were considered basic was not a good idea. What's with the load times of the metro apps. ? I agree with some of the ideas portrayed, but I switched it off when he mentioned something bout "goblin farting"

I think their desktop version should have been different to tablet form. 
it runs just like w7 except with a larger start menu that takes up the whole screen, any one that says it is shit is a fucking moron, it took me literally less than 1 minute to figure out the start screen, turning it off, and accessing the control panel
Aren't you special!  I still say it's shit!
I've had w8 since a week after it was launched. Personally I stopped watching the video after he complained about the weather app thingy. I've only had this happen to me once, and I found that my laptop has multi touch gestures for its track pad. So sliding across=change apps, I really like that and the shared window too. Seems to me that this guy wanted to go for a funny hyper critical review that apple might pay him for if it ever really catches on.
you click the top of the screen and drag down to close apps.....
no matter what it gives you the tutorial to use it and it takes like 2 minutes, if you cant figure it out after that you have too be fucking dumber than Brian Boyko. It doesnt have near as many problems as w7 either. w7 is just a remake of vista that takes more to run and experiences more problems!
After using windows 8 for the last 2 months, I can't help but think this guy is a moron. I'm no computer wiz. Windows 8 does everything 7 did. I'd does a few things a bit better and there are a few extra features... That's pretty much it. This guy seems to be trying to invent problems... Ugh
I really dont understand the hostility of some people to this post. Calling him an idiot etc... it just shows immaturity.. the man produced an entertaining and informative video which he obviously put a lot of effort into. Whether you agree or disagree is your personal opinion which you are certainly entitled to voice, however a little civility goes a long way to show that you are not a piece of crap yourself.
Complete fail of a review. The weather app DOES NOT just pop-up it never has for me; I kind of stopped listening after that really. Interestingly how is not being able to make an installation dis a OS issue, how many, just how many people are going to try and do that. 
Someone should do an actual review, not just attack W8 and make up shit about it
I might do it, I love W8, but i'm not afraid to talk about its flaws either, it needs a non biased opinion, and it looks like i'm the only one up for doing that as close as possible
Personally I think this is a load of crap. Been using it for a couple of months now. Took me a couple of days to get used to it and after that its been smooth sailing ever since. So much faster, better looking and fun to use than windows 7
Well, the guy who made the video should have some solace.  The man in charge of designing Windows 8 had already left Microsoft by the time he posted this video.
This is fake.. I have 3 computers running windows 8 and its faster than the previous windows..
A Patel, my new laptop has a 1.3 GHz processor and 4gb ram with windows 8, it can load any program twice as faster as my desktop the runs w7 with a 3.4 GHz processor and 16GB ram
This guy will be laughed at in a year for sounding so unable to see how intuitive Windows is becoming. The pendulum is moving again, and this video shows how some people want everything to fit in their neat little box. Here is a test: My 15 year old LOVES his W8 computer. Hmmmmmm
Bo King and even for those who dont it takes most of them like literally no longer than 5 minutes, I know a guy that barely knows how to use Vista and he now uses W8 for everything because he says its easy if you give it a chance
Microsoft and apple are you far into the hole of competition.
my advice to you... avoid all contact with both company's...

its all to the man with the most amount of of pawns... but what can i say? every company has an issue that is to hard to fix, or there to stubborn to do anything bout it... Microsoft is greedy, very very greedy... and so is Apple but even if, aren't we all all greedy? then again that's just to say for supporting them and do i really want to do that? there rich enough to purchase one of Jupiter's moons, and even if they would lose a little of there money, wouldn't it be better to ensure a happy customer?

the only thing in opinion I would say is for the wait of the steam box... Valve seems to have its stuff together, even if they are stuck up on making useless sequels to avoid everyone's wait and expectations .. I think they'll be more controlled on its customer then its salary...
I do believe he has a problem not with Windows 8 but with not being patient and give it some time for things to sink in. At 81 years old, you would think that I could not grasp Windows 8   however, I did.
I really tried to watch this, but he's the most annoying person I've over found on the whole of the internet... Like /r/atheism annoying
I do not have nor have I tried to taste this product, it looks sweet, especially for those who have a nail in my head and are called zombies. If aliens come to have a good product at least suitable for the exchange of technology and by interstellar CLICK system for just one CLICK.
 Finally we have a double system and who likes a cuddle and yells at 'eights' and for some pampering from Dualboot ern good old Vista or XP, all you want.
I was a devout Mac user for years. My 7th grade students taught me how to use them. However, when Mac's OS 10 came out, I could not upgrade any of my programs so, I switched to a Dell with Windows 7, I now have Windows 8 and found it to be almost like using my old Mac.
So all this whining boils down to this guy having a hard time adjusting to a different way to use Windows. I've been using Windows 8 since beta, I've re-installed it twice for different builds. It took me about a week to "learn" how to use Windows 8. I don't like the tile menu so I don't use it, and I usually know what I'm searching for so I just type it in search and I'm there in 2 clicks or less. So to this guy I say stick to Win7 and go have a grilled-cheese or something.
Daniel it actually boils down to an idiot said a bunch of bullshit about an OS that kicks W7's ass better than XP
+Anthony Milano he has a problem period !. I use windows 8, Windows 7, OSX lion, IOS and android none of them is perfect however all of them are useable. Out of all of them IOS and mac annoy me the most, but that's specific to me not the OS.
Couldn't be bothered with watching all of this, but I like windows 8, and I think it's incredibly easy to use, in fact I do personally think it's easier to use than windows 7, and I'm hardly a computer expert, and I'm even using windows 8 on a nine touchscreen computer, so it's hardly like I have the best environment to us it in. If he thinks it's unusable then maybe he needs to take another look:)
I recently had to try out Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Before I got to any real work, as in while I was still setting up basic things I've done a million times before on the other OSes, I apparently actually crashed and corrupted the GUI so that I could only access the command line afterwards. And that was after hours of extremely frustrating and annoying usage.
Best product review I have seen in a long time.
I think windows 8 is great and easy to use, i know that it work different than previews windows but when you get use to it you will love it. The only thing it needs is better apps in the store.
Typically, I like NoPunctuation and I would approve of a blatant ripoff to drive a point home, but this just unexcusably pointless trollage. Yes, Windows 8 is a failure. It fails to deliver a tablet UI capable of standing on it's own merits, and it infuriates people by bundling a useless and unusuable tablet demo as a forefront of user's desktop. However nobody even lets Microsoft breathe by noticing and mentioning the hundreds of tiny improvements of the Windows 7 desktop mode, the speedy boot-up, the more polished desktop UI, the good riddens of Aero, etc. Really, sheesh, someone bring an axe +1 and score some XP on this troll's back.
For me, he is just trying to sell his animation by picking a hot subject ... Smart move . :)
+Ben Kuhl to say that since there is a pattern of every other windows being good then bad, = (7 good, = 8 bad) without giving it a true test run, is not exactly scientific. (Things Change) It would be like someone saying that since the stock market had fluxuated every 5 years from prosperity to recession, that it will inevitably be so in the future. (I might add that some level of self fulfilling prophesy would make it true to a degree, even if it wouldn't have been otherwise.)

Windows is breaking the trend in more ways than one this time around.

Might I also point out that this type of logic would lead you to not only expect windows 8 to be bad, but also lead you to look for anything that supports your theory, and accept it as fact with much less resistance, because you where looking for bad reviews and looking for problems. Go into anything looking for a bad experience and you are almost garanteede to have one. I'm not saying you have a problem for thinking this way, it has an element of truth to it, but you must continue to test conclusions like this, especially when there's so many variables involved.

Windows 8 is the best thing Microsoft has done since windows 3.0 and if this editor had his way we would still be living back in DOS/Windows 3.0 timeframe. This is called progress, and with progress comes change; adapt, and thrive, or resist, and stagnate. 
A well rehearsed, over the top take on Windows 8! All one sided without any balanced form! Is win8 that bad I think not! 
Looking forwards to SP1, hopefully it will take us back to windows 7
Well, +Travis Wesselmann, thing is - in the current highly competitive ecosystem where PCs are being pushed in the corner by luxury iMac sales and the avalange of tablets that seem to be just good enough for large majority of casual users, Microsoft cannot afford another Vista. Back in the days, a poor Vista would mean few years of bad luck but hey, Linux was never a viable alternative. Nowadays, they cannot safely hide behind a near-full monopoly of the IT market. They are exposed and weakened, and they are doing the worst of mistakes - burning billions to support via marketing and OEM partnerships that go nowhere because even partners can't fix the mistakes Microsoft did.
Win8 blows. Took it off the computer I just bought. It's made for tablets, not desktops or laptops.
+Andrew Trust You're right. But his animation is weak and lacks dynamics, and trying to rip off popular style from ZeroPunctuation is... well... it doesn't win points.
+Martin Hogarth There won't be SP1. Microsoft clearly made that obvious. Besides rumors are Windows is entering a one/bi-yearly cycle with Windows 9 this year.
Windows 8 is one of those things where you either love it or you hate it. If you hate it you can't understand why some ppl love it, and if I love it you can't understand why some ppl hate it. 
General rule with Windows is, skip every other version. 
This saves me a lot of headache. Was thinking of upgrading from 7 but was worried how my AutoCAD productivity would be impacted. Now I know.
alt+f4... I agree with everything though, there really needs to be a tutorial when you first boot up and it needs to be accessible from apps.
Windows 8 is fine, i like it. It is very easy to use, even with keyboard and mouse. Don't fear the Windows key people!
can't adapt to change? don't blame the OS... i love it, my kids love it, my wife thinks its fine... dunno why such hate here? :) IMHO
I agree...  Win 8 is fine.  I wish it was MORE touch friendly.
There are 3 things you can't talk to people about, religion, politics and operating systems 
the guy who make this video, spend most of his time to make this video, rather than actually explore win 8.
i can do the same to other os, let's say... a mac or ubuntu...
the point is, he makes to much effort on conplaining. i myself never tried win 8, but most of my friend who already use it, mostly says positive things...
I just run it from Stardock Start 8.  I never even go to the Windows 8 tiles screen.  I think it is a better OS that Windows 7.  It's a little bit tighter.  The biggest mistake they made was getting rid of the start button.  Eventually when everyone has touch screens it may be relevant.  Most of us who work from a desktop or laptop still use a mouse, and Windows 8 is definitely not mouse friendly without Stardock's help.
While This guy is over the top, I don't like it either.
Another anti-wondows 8 attack! I am very happy with Windows 8 and do not understand why you can't adapt to changes! Not going back to 7!
I don't understand why people even waste their time with Windows 8. Why test it, make video, why write about it, why spamming G+ explore/whats hot with it at all. Year after year people wonder how bad it is, LOL.  Windows OS is as dead as any Apple product.They are on a long way to extinction as far as consumer products goes. Move on.
Yah. Hate how it boots up in seconds and has all of those free apps. Hate way that the desktop is basically Windows 7 but faster. Hate how I have to take like a few seconds to learn how to use it. Geesh.
if windows 8 is your first operating system that you use heavily you would understand. its great to go one and do one or two things but when you ACTUALLY NEED TO DO LOTS OF WORK it just trolls you and causes your brain cells to commit a mass genocide.
Tip1: never get windows 8 
Tip2:if you want to try it for yourself purschase a PC that comes with it. do NOT install it on anything that has had a previous OS it will cause your hard drive to slowdown considerably
Sorry. Totally disagree. I use Windows 8 in a domain setting at work and have no issues. It's faster and very easy to use. There is a learning curve but it's not bad at all. Love the option to go between tablet apps and regular windows apps. Anyone who says it's unusable hasn't really actually used it. Sorry Windows 8 running for 3 months and love it.
Microsoft recommends Apple computers

The author just showed his age. MS has leaped forward with the Tile-based desktop experience found in W8. This was hugely innovative on the part of MS. They are at the forefront now in home media centers. i'm using Win8 as my mediacenter in conjunction w my cable, appleTV, PS3, WDTV, and xbox360. Between all of those, I'm connecting with the Windows experience more than half of the time. Since W7, my TV experience is extremely interactive. The W8 experience has just added a large dimension to that, a relaxed Tile experience. I'm hopeful. W8 is a pretty well executed attempt at bridging the gap between the tile based world (mobile) with a legacy style file navigation system (7, vista, xp, 98SE, etc).

Two years ago i asked myself why I don't have a Tile option while sitting at my living room TV. I wanted a Tile based experience much like my relaxed mobile phone experience. I looked through a few XBMC designs, but none compare with the interoperability potential of a Windows UIs. No company has changed the game. Apple, the cable networks; nope. Sony PS3 is blown away by MSxbox360 dominance. The effort here with W8 must shave down some rough edges, but overall, I think MS set themselves up well for the future of everybodys Living Room, Bedroom, and everywhere else 'television' experience.
He probably just didn't have a touchscreen notebook, without touchscreen it is miserable. But who cares for new laptops they will just all have touchscreens and make my MacBook look old fashioned :)
About that, it's completely opposite for me, windows 8 is better and reliable. It meet up all the 4 C's. Everything running Smoothly and Fine. I have experienced exploring all iOS, Ubuntu, Windows and other operating system about more than 10 years. Windows 8 keeps it self top to most OS and become one of the 1st OS that introduce new, innovative technology for today's Generation. and still, Windows 8 for me is the best of all.

Plus, Microsoft brings new and innovative UI for those who looks for new UI. I'm also a quick learner and explorative person
I have been using windows 8 since February 2012 and I don't seem to see anything wrong with it. Its OK in my humble opinion.
+Dusette FWASKRY I guess is going back to this, if you buy a new car although it will perform the same basic functions, some controls are in a different place, and guess what you learn them, from OS perspective I do not think that it was something worst than Vista, that was slow and I would say expensive. Now the whole philosophy for W8 is the fact that you will have the same or a lighter version on every other portable device, Now from what I used the W8 until now, I would say that it worked awesome from upgradability perspective, I remeber spending nights in upgrading my computer to XP and even to Vista (bad mistake), endless problems with drivers. W8 bought for $33 it told me what problems to expect and with what drivers(so I guess I had both control and context). The installation was seamless exept one of my phone drivers had to be upgraded (3 minutes job). And as with a new car, you either read your instruction manual or work it up yourself. In my case I went on microsoft and watched some videos with what's new, and I must say is much faster than 7, better network conectivity, and from productivity perspective no issues, it performs all the other basic functions like 7, which is expectable (like any car will have a steering wheel and gas and brake pedals , some cars have hand brakes, howver on some cars the handbrake is pedal i.e Mercedes, or nowadays is just a button). If one does not want to learn and help itself, so be it.
Moritz, You certainly care about productivity. Nothing wrong with that! I think all of us have different perspectives about everything in life. I value your thoughts on this. Thanks for the advice.
David B
I like Windows 7 better.
Yes ... It is a matter of what a user "likes" ... all too many 'like' Windows 7 better than what has been offered ... tens of millions of customers reticent to upgrade or invest {according to statistics and the quantitative analysis of those statistics} has not been lost on Microsoft and its latest CEO ... who is now deeply involved in a Windows 9 platform that is hoped will preserve a heritage desktop monopoly. Windows 8 was about as well thought out as 'Millennium' or 'Vista' and despite the 'best laid plans' and 'brilliant' collective mental agility in the design team it has produced sales stagnation by way of 'user' rejection ... We must give a small nod to Mr. Boyko ... for he has tens of million's of people who have obviously agreed and have a not dissimilar opinion .... to their critics we must point out that if you seem the only 'sane' person amongst the masses - perhaps you would be wise to re-evaluate ... Windows 8 has been and 'Edsel' it is not the first nor will it be the last ... it is just the way it is ...