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Vic asking for feedback

+Vic Gundotra just jumped into our hangout for a quick first impression feedback. He also confirmed that the white space on widescreens is NOT for advertisement!! Google has plans for that, but is not giving any details yet!

I really like the changes and have to work on my cover picture now ;-)
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Love the "start a hangout about this post" feature!
Trending should have 10 items as it did before...
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
you just don't see that kind of feed back on FB!
Is it really necessary for everyone to see a post that says, "I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout?" Someone please help me understand how that adds to the discussion?
I wish for more gray and less white. Maybe there could be a whole photophobia theme... #newgoogleplus
u already have a great idea from ur "other " site
Will there be any way to hide all of the stuff to the right of the stream? This is a lot that does not interest me.
To me, 'more beautiful' does NOT mean more stuff. I can't even have too much pattern or color or little 'things' around my house, it makes me crazy. Please give us the ability to minimize or eliminate superfluous images or information.
I know that those here, who love change and new toys, probably won't like having the thread invaded by those who don't fully embrace the change. But, my initial reaction to the screenshots I've seen (I don't have access yet) was negative because of what I perceive as visual clutter and noise. I would tend to agree with +Lisa Miller in that (as always) people are going to want more "control" of how the environment looks in their eyes and on their screens. What is pleasing to the eye for one person is not necessarily pleasing to another.

I am not a Facebook user, but I was looking over my daughter's shoulder the other day and was totally turned off by the way the Facebook layout appeared. Too many columns ... too much information in my face. I see these changes in a similar light. Sure, I will probably adapt ... but it is going to be a painful adaptation period.
i like your set up . i just need a video camer my self .
Just wondering why Google "has plans" for the extra whitespace but for some reason pushed this update out before they implemented it.
I have a feeling it could be something YouTube related.
Took a minute for the post to STOP SCROLLING to leave a comment.

Here's the feedback ... why the snow blindness
Why lose the notification stream?
Why make the USELESS right panel even bigger?
+Vic Gundotra
I would like the option to hide/minimise the chat list on the right to make more space
Where is the feedback button? hmm.. if I may use this thread for making a feedback:

when i added an image it happened to appear somewhere in the middle of my album (due to some sorting). i have something like 300 picutres in the gallery, but when I clicked on the picture I had just added it could read (under the image) 101 of 101. But as I had written I have about 300 pictures in this gallery. Hence, there is something wrong with it. ;)

Here is the link to the post with the picture
and the next one is to the gallery.

Hope the feedback will get to the right people. ;)
+Marcin Pękalski in top right hand corner under your avi- there is a SCREW or whatever / click on that arrow down for feedback - same place as you find settings I think
They're still not giving Vic a paycheck, are they?
well i just got here, and i didn't hear the news about the change. so when i open google+ I was really surprised... but I think i'll like it, feels more organized and easier to use
I'd like to be able to reorganise the little bar of circles buttons above the stream. I seem to have 'family' and 'acquaintences' up there by default. If I choose one of my other circles it's added to the end but 'family' and 'acquaintences' stay there.
As long as it is not for Hangouts. I really hate the white space for now, and am skeptical that anything they add there would be better than just making the stream wider. Prove me wrong, Google!!
I mean why not just WAIT until you did what you wanted to do with the white space at high resolutions?!
The text color is still too dark, please set it to #ffffff and now we'll be talking about a clean design !
"More beautiful" means keep the minimalism and use maximum interactivity...not an easy feat, but it's always been Google's philosophy, and one I share.
I've got a really big, wide screen, btw, and the white space bothers me not in the least.
Enjoying the new look. Lot's of #whitespace makes the whole thing seem less busy. Keep up the good work.
I think to learn all that new it needs only 4-6 weeks... ;)
Dan O
Hey Vic! No need for a Hangout to get Feedback! Just read #newgoogleplus and #whitespace Perhaps the most fun I've had on G+!
I bloody hope you mentioned the ugly black bars screwing up portrait oriented pictures. lol

/flaming pitchfork on
The white space doesn't bother me. What I don't like are the black bars on the pictures and the fact that everything now has a box around it. The interface was so open and clean before. Now it's all "closed in."
How about rolling out the feature the white space is going to be used for when you roll out the white space.....
I have a 27" monitor too. It's not quite as big as you make it out to be :D The choice to center content would be good, though.
It's a relatively minor tweak to the CSS in any event, but I find it working well on a 12.1" Chromebook screen. Perfect, especially when the Notifications panel is popped down.
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