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Google+ Help Weekly Tip!
This Week In The Google+ Help Community
The Android App Troubleshooting Edition!

Every now and then, an app will misbehave. Sometimes it’s because of data, the connection, or another app conflicting.

If it’s the Google+ app that is misbehaving, there are a few things that can be done to see what is happening.

To get to the screen below, go to your phone’s Settings app, then Apps, then find Google+.

Ignore Force Stop option. That isn’t something to use.

Uninstall Updates will help to force the download of the latest version of the app. If you’re not getting an update, or an update fails to install, then use that option.

Disable will disable the app. But you LOVE Google+, so you won’t do that ;)

Clear Data will clear and reset the app. All data with the app will be wiped, and when the app is run, it will be as if it has been run for the first time. WARNING! This may cause a spike in your data usage. Only do this if you’re on an unlimited connection.

Clear Cache This is the less intensive version of the above, and usually the first thing to try if the app starts misbehaving. This will only clear temporary data that may be interfering with the app.

Tip of the Week

As a bonus, you can also go to Storage from the Settings app, and tap on Cached data. This will clear the caches of all the apps on your Android device :D

Thanks for all of your questions and insights this week. Special thanks to everyone who helped respond to questions this week. Make sure to check back again next week when +Michael Banks will help to highlight the best of the community.

#weeklyreport #googleplusprotip #besthelpontheweb
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What is this post supposed to be ?
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This is the best rap battle in the entire history of rap battles. Hodor from Game of Thrones takes on the Guardians of the Galaxy's own Groot. This one is way too close for me to call; check it out and let me know who you think won!
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Wow man! How do they come out with these lyrics? That's impressive. 
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Moritz Tolxdorff

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This week in the Google+ Help community:

Lots of interesting questions on different topics - and also many off-topic ones...
A nice reminder how you can get the most out of the Google+ Help Community:

Sharing posts on Google+

When you share something using Google+, you can share it publicly, with your circles, with individual Google+ users, or with email addresses.

If you share with others using an email address, they'll get an email that includes either the content you shared, or a link to your content (unless they've opted out of getting such emails).

If they share the email itself or the link with others, people you didn't directly share with may be able to see your content.

Some features on Google+ require that all users have a Google+ profile, like the Communities membership.

Read more about sharing a post on Google+:

Different types of Google+ posts

In your Home stream, there may appear many different types of posts.

◉   “Normal” posts Shared from the profile

◉   Posts shared in a Community you are a member of: There is a green icon and Community name on top

◉   You may see recommended posts from someone in your circles with a text on top: 
"(name here) +1'd this post"

◉   You may see “What's Hot and Recommended” posts

How to deal with the amount of these posts that you’ll see: read my blog post and see the screenshots.

Mentioning people on posts

Type a + or @ and start typing the name immediately after it.  You get a list suggesting profiles or pages which are relevant to you or wrote the original post you are commenting on.  Click on the name you want.

A private post / PM is created when you just +mention one person or email address in your post.  If you disable the shares, then the recipient cannot reshare it further or even add anyone else to the post.

Whether or not the recipient will see your message depends on their Google+ settings!
Read more:

Remember to check the bottom of the post so that no other sharing can be seen there, like "Public" or any of your circles.

Pro tips

Sometimes Google+ does not find the person you are trying to +mention (many have the same name, for instance), so what you can do is:

Someone with a Custom URL or their name is part of the link:
- right click on the person’s name, copy the link and paste it someplace, then cut the 21 digit number (Google+ ID) and paste it immediately after the +.

Someone without a Custom URL:
- click the post open and copy the URL or just right click on the timestamp, the rest as above.
When the post or comment is saved, it will become a +name.

If a post has been saved once, you cannot edit & add someone in the main body of the post - or you can, but they are not notified.

I use this feature quite a lot: I post about something and just write the name of the Page / profile I wish to have a clickable link to. Then I open the post in edit mode and add the +mention, thus avoiding sending an unnecessary notification to that profile.  
Same works for comments: If you wish to mention & notify someone, it has to be in an original comment.

If you forgot to notify someone before saving the post, just write a comment with the +mention and they will get the notification (if they allow you to notify them, depends on the receivers settings).

The notifications from those who are not in your "privacy zone" can be seen at the bottom of +Mr. Jingles after your "Notifications" under "Everything else" and also in the Mentions tab on your Home screen:

Avoid unnecessary notifying of the more popular Pages or profiles if you don't actually wish to call out to them.

NOTE: If you +mention someone in a comment and post it, but later decide to delete the comment: They still get the notification.

Mentioning people in posts:

Resharing posts and disabling reshares:

Communities: Spamming and not meaning to?

When posting to Communities, please stay on topic.

❒ Check the discussions or topics on the left and the Community guidelines on the right before posting to a new Community

❒ Don't share funny memes, music videos or your family photos in a community meant for serious discussion, like Google+ Help community is

❒ Don't spam anywhere or your profile might get suspended because people do report spam

❒ Don't start a community just because you can, without being passionate about your topic, sometimes it's better to join a bigger one and get more interaction that way

❒ Do not name your community with the same name that many other communities already have

❒ Do not use official Google or any other brand logos

❒ YES! Do comment, +1 and share interesting content to and from the Communities!

Warning! Community invitations!

 When you invite people or pages to a community: (See the screenshot below)

"Invite people" sends a notification - SPAM!

"Share community" just shares a public post in your followers stream - GOOD!

Please don't invite all your circles or people you don't know.
That is spamming.
Muting or blocking & reporting you who send these is unfortunate but will be done by many. That may affect your profile in a very negative way.

Profiles and Pages can stop people outside their circles contacting them

- However: For businesses and entrepreneurs it's not recommended to limit the "Who can send you notifications" because then even the potential clients can not contact the Page / Profile.

Think before you share - and how you share!

Check your settings, who can send you notifications:

Control the privacy of your Google+ profile:

Sharing in Public:

Resharing other people’s materials:

Tip of the week:

When you use #AutoBackup and upload photos from your phone or your desktop to Google+, The photos are private and visible only to you until you decide to share them.

◉   Learn more about Google+  ◉

Remember to check out next Friday’s informational post from +Ayoub Khote !

#TCpost  #Googleplustips  #BestHelpOnTheWeb  #weeklyreport   #googleplusprotip 
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Thanks for this post +Moritz Tolxdorff​​ I needed this info!
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Moritz Tolxdorff

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After a long journey¹, Chrome Remote Desktop has been updated to a full-fledged Chrome App. This means no more tricks such as "Open as a window" to get around unexpected keyboard shortcuts.

The custom window title bar will allow you to create as many new connections/windows as you wish and even go fullscreen. And since it's a Chrome App, you can add it to your shelf/dock/ taskbar/desktop to quicky access it.


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Moritz Tolxdorff

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Video Games Live coming to Dublin
I always wanted to see them live and now they are coming to Dublin again! Their performances of famous game soundtracks is just amazing and a MUST for every gamer and geek.

Get a taste of the Legend of Zelda Suite below. It's not just music it is an experience! 

More details can be found here:
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سلام آقای مورتبز(Mr'moritz)
کمال تقدیر و تشکر از شما دوست عزیز،که در سال گذشته کلی پست را با من به اشتراک گذاشتید.سال خوب و روز نوروز و آغاز بهار را به شما تبریک میگویم.
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Moritz Tolxdorff

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have you ever seen a shamrock playing a bodhrán before? Today’s #Doodle  was designed by Irish artist, Eamonn O’Neill. 

#Ireland   #HappyStPatricksDay  
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رقص درختان در آقاز بهار 
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Moritz Tolxdorff

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Google+ Events on CircleCount

Today we are launching a new search and analysis tool for Google+ Events.

On the main page (linked above) you will find current Google+ Events. You will be able 
► to check for more events on other days with a date selector
► to search for events by keywords
► add new events that are not yet in our index

Every event is linked on this page to an analysis page where you can find more information about this event, like
► the most plusoned comments on the event
► the persons/pages with the most followers having commented on this event
► all commenters of this event
► all guests of this event who are going/went to the event

What could be a better example than an event with +Mark Traphagen, +Ronnie Bincer, +Jeff Sieh, +Wade Harman, +Eric Enge, +martin shervington, +David Amerland (ordered by their Google-ID ;) )?
Check out this event by +Plus Your Business! at:

What's the first event you will add on this page?

#circlecountupdate #events #analytics

Special thanks to the professional team of +Quote Mirror for providing the background image for this and many more upcoming posts. Please check out their awesome quotes and graphics!
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Glad to hear that +Jaana Nyström ;)
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Moritz Tolxdorff

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Meanwhile I've got nothing but cloud this morning in Aus... :S
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Moritz Tolxdorff

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As Europe enjoyed a partial solar eclipse on the morning of Friday 20 March 2015, ESA’s Sun-watching Proba-2 minisatellite had a ringside seat from orbit.

#solareclipse   #eclipse2015   #Proba   #Sun  
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Beyond amazing
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Chicken Cordon Bleu With Pizza And Beans

Typical Google lunch plate :-) #fresh #meaty #herbed
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interesting mix!  :-)
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Moritz Tolxdorff

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Google Sign-In 2.0

So I started my investigation in the new Identity functionalities that are apparently meant to take over from Google+ Sign-In.

Disclaimer: There hasn't been an official announcement for them yet and the documentation only appeared yesterday ( so things might still be in flux and change without warning (for example you still get a lot of debugging information in the console). I also haven't looked over all of the docs in detail yet so I might be missing important facts in what I'm writing.

I've started out with some really basic examples to highlight some of the new features here:

1) basic.html
This is just the most simple implementation possible. You only define your client-id, no scopes, no nothing.
Compared to the original sign-in implementation this seems even less code than before, especially since the on-success callback now gets a GoogleUser object with basic profile information (id, name, email, image) in addition to the access token so you don't need extra API calls to retrieve this info.

One nice thing with the new button is that it visibly changes state from "Sign in" to "Signed in". In most cases you will still want to hide the button and/or replace it with a "Sign out" button, but I think it's a nice touch.

One thing to consider is that in this basic configuration the `profile` and `email` scopes are added automatically, and some people might be reluctant to share their email if there is no apparent reason to do so for your app, in which case you would have to fall back to my basic-noprofile.html sample (see below).

2) basic-plus.html
One interesting feature they are introducing with the new sign-in is "context-awareness" of the button. Without any special scopes you get a blue Google Sign-in button. As soon as you add a social scope like it is rendered as a red Google+ Sign-in button instead.
This in my opinion is a huge improvement since having a Google+ Sign-in button everywhere where you only needed basic profile information without the social infos like "friends", didn't really make much sense.
I wonder if they will extend that idea to allow for example for "Connect with YouTube" buttons, but I guess this would get confusing/complicated rather quickly with different scopes being mixed, and you can always design your own custom sign-in button (following the branding guidelines).

3) basic-noprofile.html
As I wrote above `profile` and `email` scopes are automatically added to whatever scopes you define for your sign-in.
To prevent this you can set a fetch_basic_profile parameter to false, but this will result in no name/images being included in the GoogleUser object.
Since in most cases you will still need this information you will have to use an extra API call to retrieve it.
This is easy enough since (like with sign-in 1.0) all JS API client library calls will be automatically authenticated so you can simply use a people.get({userId: 'me'}) to retrieve the information. Not much extra work but I think it would still be nice to be able to "fetch_basic_profile" without the extra email scope.

That's it for now, still trying to wrap my head around how to handle some special cases and server-side hybrid implementations :)

One extra note if you are switching from Google+ Sign-in to Google Sign-in:
If you are using the "BasicProfile" the image URL will have a /s96-c/photo.jpg format and be a 96x96 image by default which you can adjust by changing the s96 part.
Via the Google+ API you get profile images as /photo.jpg?sz=50 as a 50x50 image which you can adjust by changing the ?sz=50 part or just adding another sz parameter to the end which will overwrite the other one like photo.jpg?sz=50&sz=100

#gde #opensourcecode #tutorial #googleplus #identity
Google Sign-in Samples. Basic · Basic with social scope · Basic without profile. Developed by Gerwin Sturm, FoldedSoft e.U.. Privacy: The information requested in the samples won't be stored or used for any other purposes. Cookie policy: By using the samples you agree that third-party cookies ...
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Moritz Tolxdorff

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Love this table SO AWESOME!!😀
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Always freshly made burgers and fries. If you are hungry, ask for the 4x4 ;-)
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Amazing Persian food. I totally recommend kubideh. No matter if you go there after a night out or during the day. The food is just great and cheap.
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Very nice location to sit outside on a sunny day. Right next to the canal hidden behind some bamboo. Super delicious pizza (try the american hot!!!) and fast and friendly service. The prices are okay.
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Great burgers. I like the the style. Very urban :-)
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Great location for some pints. Awesome back yard and great pizza.
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Sehr schönes Lokal. Sehr stimmungsvoll eingerichtet im US style. Gemütliche Atmosphäre mit sehr zuvorzukommender Bedienung. Das Essen ist spitze. Vor Sonn- und Feiertagen sogar durchgehend geöffnet.
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