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New #LAEnlightened  recruitment card!

#ingress  +Ingress  +Niantic Project 
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+Michael Waters ....bwah? I have no idea what you're talking about.
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I....I don't even. 

And this was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!
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+elizabeth Berkhoff I'm on it! ;) 
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Woohoo! I officially have a show!

We opened for press tonight, general opening is tomorrow. And tonight, for the first time, everything totally clicked and it was AMAZING. It's a hard piece of theatre, but utterly worth it. I love my cast, I am incredibly thankful for a crew that makes all the backstage stuff magically happen, the director is one of the best I've ever worked with, and the music is phenomenal (and very, very stuck in my head). 

This feeling right now? This is why I love theatre. I am utterly exhausted, dripping sweat (I swear, my booth is 90-something degrees), and looking forward to a nightcap and some sleep, because tomorrow? I get to wake up and do it ALL OVER AGAIN. And I can't imagine anything better.
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Yay! The LA Weekly LOVED my show!
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Have her in circles
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This is amazing. Apparently, the US leads the world in Nobel Laureates and Lawnmower deaths.
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Did you spot the leader in women in parliament? Interesting.
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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 154
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Yes. Yesyesyesyesyes.
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EDIT: It raised $2,103!

YAY! The loooooooong (nearly 11' long!) nyan cat scarf I made for +Angela Thurston is being given away on #desertbus  today! It's Kathleen's driver giveaway!
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Ohhhh. That makes sense. =)
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Evening one of my new show opens on Saturday. EEP!
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Have her in circles
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Theatre tech, stage manager, occasional IT
  • Theatre tech, stage manager, present
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Moritae, Mori-neko, Moribund
For aid of identification, an overview of hobbies and so on:
I knit, crochet, sew, weave, spin, embroider, or do pretty much anything else with yarn or fabric.
I build things from wood or random bits of computers or whatever else strikes my fancy.
I have done silversmithing and glassblowing, though neither recently.
I can't draw worth beans, and I'm at best a passable photographer, but I love to see art in pretty much any form.
I wear Vibram FiveFingers almost exclusively, and love them dearly.
I work in backstage theatre (as you can see below this). My preference is stage managing, but I've done pretty much everything but makeup. 
I have done a very little bit for film with an art department for a webseries, but would love to do more someday. 
I read ravenously, mostly SF/F, but lots of other things thrown in.
I play video games, not as often as I might like, but I would still consider myself a gamer.
I play tabletop games when I find a group.
I do computer IT on the side, and believe in OS-agnosticism. 

If this doesn't help y'all figure out where to put me, then... well, ask me a question. I don't bite, much.
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