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Damn, that's pretty.
Here it is, the Model 3.

The Roadster, Model S and X made the 3 possible.

They moved the front seats forward to make the car comfortable for 5.

A giant piece of glass comprises the roof, longer than in any other car.

0-60 in under 6s, with a minimum range of 215 miles. Supercharger capabilities standard, as if anybody really thought it wouldn't be the case after all the investment into the Supercharger network.

Instead of the vertical 17" screen of the Model S, Tesla went with a horizontal screen that just sort of sits there in the middle of the dash. Still heck of a lot better than most cars these days.

As for the looks, they're great. It's like a more compact but yet evolved Model S.

$35k starting price before government incentives will be a steal, no other car comes close for the same price.

Bravo, Elon, Tesla, and the team! 

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Saw this earlier. Still funny now.
Zidane headbutting Rafa for the Real Madrid job

#RealMadrid   #HalaMadrid   #Zidane   #RafaBenitez  
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Check this out if you haven't already. Very cool.

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Saving for later use.
Today's knot is the Burami Knot, attributed to David Finfrock, who really needs to make more knots. Only only have two in my collection.

Burami: SiN oL uR oC uL T oC uR T[2] oL uC oL uR oC uR

New Flesh:

Cathode Ray Mission:

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This is good.
I nearly choked on my water bottle.

liberated from private shares

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Don't know why this exists, but I'm a fan.
Anna Kendrick and kittens, boom! 
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