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The other day received a huge bundle of thank you messages from a recent school visit where I talked about games and game design. Every message was special but this is the one I want to share. Love to all my game design people!

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I'm back on New Zealand's national radio station talking tabletop games. This time it's a whirlwind tour of four games that use cards to make stories happen, including NZ educational tool the Game of Awesome (which I helped design), +Keith Baker's classic Gloom, Three Dooms by +Michael Sands, and recent 200-word-RPG winner Route Clearance by +Andy Millar. (c.c. +David Schirduan).

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Oh my! My game "Refuge" was one of the three winners of the Civic Games Contest!

It's a PbtA-ish game about everyday life for refugees settling into a new land. You can click through to read it at the link.

How exciting!

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The ongoing problem of "too much good stuff" continues! This looks great.
Good morning! If you're waking up around now, then you might want to know that I launched the Cthulhu Dark Kickstarter today.

It's live, it's 90% funded and there are some fun reward levels, including a signed book, a leather book and letters from throughout time and space.

I'd love your support and I'd love you to share this link.

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Fellow Game Publishers' Guild Member Imaginary Empire
Route Clearance Free Micro Story Game about soldiers disarming bombs in the Middle East.

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Just visited a school to introduce the kids to the Game of Awesome (which I helped design). So good to see it fly! Kids having a blast and obviously meeting its educational goal of encouraging reluctant writers, too.

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Check out Route Clearance a (free) expanded and revised version of +Andy Millar s winning entry in the 2017 edition of the 200 Word RPG Challenge.

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I'm incredibly humbled to be one of the winners of this year's 200 Word RPG Challenge for my game Route Clearance. It is a massive surprise given how many great games were submitted.

A special thanks +David Schirduan for organising the Challenge, and the judges for all their hard work. Special thanks also to +EPOCH RPG for all the advice, encouragement and support in developing it.

Keep an eye out for a revised and expanded version available soon from Imaginary Empire Games.

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This game is great and i am delighted with its win!!
Congratulations to +Andy Millar his game Route Clearance is one of the winners of the 200 Word RPG Challenge! 

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My favourite detail in Aliens is how Burke takes his coffee.
(He puts milk in it.)

(I've been talking about this scene for many years and realised no-one else was ever going to put it on YouTube, so I might as well do it myself...)
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