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Skulduggery among the Christchurch Chicken Fanciers Club! This trailer has just appeared and now I desperately want to see this doco :-) 

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Still haven't got this to the table but it looks a fun time!
It's been one year since The Dig was released! Spread the word, because it's on sale and bundled with the novel Homes.

Softcover's on sale, too!

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This is shit. Not acceptable. Never acceptable.

Click through to Kate Bullock's actual post for a bunch of challenges for how you and I can do better at stopping this. Gonna try hard to live up to it with whatever social capital I have. 
Time for a rare public post.

Yesterday, one of the bravest, most amazing people that I know - +Kate Bullock - got a rape threat, because Reddit got butthurt about her being a woman who has opinions about games. And if you think I'm saying, go express sympathy at Kate, or even go support Kate's Patreon (which you should, because she's awesome), YOU ARE WRONG.

What I am saying that right here, right now, WE CAN NO LONGER BE SILENT.

Kate rightly makes the point that marginalized people CANNOT be the sole arbiters of justice, because we are marginalized. I'M TALKING TO YOU, MEN. If hearing that a woman got rape threats for having opinions makes you angry, then DO SOMETHING. SAY. SOMETHING. STOP. BEING. SILENT.

In October 2016, I shut down my blog because the accumulated trauma and fatigue of five years of sexist harassment got to be too poisonous to my mental health. And despite the fact that my blog was read and followed by some pretty big names in the industry, and that I have personal connections with A LOT of men who are Big Names in our community, the silence was overwhelming. A few men did speak out in response, but most of the men that I have connected with over the years said nothing. And in that silence I heard indifference. I heard vindication for my decision to walk away, because most men will still always choose their emotional comfort over solidarity with the suffering of women. And it fucking broke my heart. It still does.

A few contacted me privately in the weeks following, and their expressions of sympathy were important and welcome. But private sympathy is NOT ENOUGH.

If we are to prevent the rising tide of injustice, we can no longer afford to indulge in privileged silence. We can no longer afford the sorts of justifications that have kept us silent before, the excuses that I have heard time and time and TIME again: "he's a jerk but he makes good work" or "I'd agree with her if she wasn't so angry" or "I don't see why she has to be such a bitch about it".

The time has come to pick sides, and those of you who choose to stay silent? WE. SEE. YOU. Especially those of you who talk real good game about supporting diversity and inclusion in the industry and who never show up when actual action is needed.

So from now on, if you see a woman like Kate talk about injustice that she's experienced, take a moment to ask exactly what are you doing to effect change? And if the answer is nothing, then keep your mouth shut, because we're tired of empty platitudes with no real action.

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Reminder: now is the time to pay for journalism. Go to all those sites that you adblock or paywalls that you circumvent and give them subscription money.

We have hit 13 of the 14 defining characteristics of facism. The last bastion left is our free media. We need to protect them.

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I ran a slightly-drifted version of Microscope this weekend at Kapcon in Wellington, New Zealand. I ran it as a pre-determined scenario where I began the game describing a final scene that we would resolve at the end of the session - we then created all the scenes that informed that dramatic moment. It worked really well! Microscope seemed to stand up well to the ways I bent and folded it to fit.

But while it did work very well, one bit didn't work at all: setting a focus for the Lens. See my full notes for exactly how this stopped working. I'd love any advice on this!

Anyway - I invite anyone to grab this structure and give it a try - we had an very good time indeed.

(I also forgot to explain which way to orient cards for events vs. periods vs. scenes, but we muddled through!)


Attended all of Saturday at Kapcon in Wellington NZ. Facilitated Downfall by +Caroline Hobbs then ran my Monster's Brawl setting for Dramasystem by +Robin Laws, then my slightly-drifted version of Microscope by +Ben Robbins, then played in Juggernaut by +Jason Morningstar. Really good times. Probably my best Kapcon day for consistent awesome. Brain is all exploded now.

Do games help learning? Where is the evidence? Interesting article as part of the New Zealand Council for Education Research's "Games for Learning" project.

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Starting a blog series on Twin Peaks at the Ruminator. Looking for other interesting people to write entries - diverse voices are cool! We are a NZ blog but if you're interested, give me a shout...

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Just noticed the Weekly Affirmations Tales of the Crystals ep is now on YouTube! I am so keen to watch this. That game seems like a truly fascinating piece of design. Yay! Thanks +Whitney Beltrán
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