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An Office With an Awesome View

Loadmaster Senior Airman Dylan Strom enjoys the view during a civic leaders and clergy flight. Clergy and leaders from the local area participated in an orientation flight with the 934th Airlift Wing Oct. 25.

Photographer: Shannon McKay for U.S. Air Force ~
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That looks surreal... Very breathtaking.
My son in law has some pretty awesome stuff out the back end of a V-22 over Afghanistan from his first tour.  Left today for
I was a Huey door gunner in VN 67/68 and recall occasional moments such as this. We all find sanctuary when and where we need to.
Exactly, Bill.
<<UH-1N Navy SAR crew
All that view and 95.00 extra a month to boot! ^^
I directly doubt that man could steadily sit and view the natural attraction 
Piece of cake to sit there. Of course not just anyone is cut out for flight duty. ^^
Where did the leaders and clergy ride? Were they cowering in the cargo bay, away from this door?
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