99 Ways To Become More Conscious

1. Connect with nature
2. Get your body moving
3. Simple meditation
4. Spending time with true friends
5. Have the intention to “raise your consciousness”
6. Tell the truth
7. Find and live your purpose
8. Take conscious control of your decisions
9. Always be open-minded
10. Pursue higher intelligence

11. Treat yourself with respect
12. Practice forgiveness
13. Cultivate a “high-performance mind”
14. Connect through prayer
15. Challenge your belief system
16. Befriend like-minded individuals
17. Pursue a path of spirituality
18. Express gratitude
19. Make yourself happy
20. Act on your desires

21. Boost your brain power and functioning
22. Take full control of your lifestyle
23. Choose empowering beliefs
24. Avoid physical fighting and abuse
25. Be aware and accepting of your emotions
26. Speak compassionately
27. Think positive, act positive, be positive
28. Have sex with your partner(s)
29. Identify with your soul
30. See perceived faults as a “mirror image”

31. Expand your horizons
32. Face your deepest fears
33. Use powerful incantations
34. Practice positive affirmations
35. Be aware of your state of consciousness
36. Set a positive example for others
37. Guide others interested in raising their consciousness
38. Share your unique insight and wisdom
39. Gain wisdom from others
40. Keep your ego in check

41. Practice personal development
42. Shift your conscious focus
43. Be energetic
44. Make healthy dietary changes
45. Accept others for who they are
46. Accept and love yourself for who are
47. Understand your own thought process
48. Bless everything that happens
49. Take time for internal reflection
50. Focus on advancing consciously

51. Be aware of your breathing
52. Spend more time with yourself
53. Listen more often than you speak
54. Muster up some courage
55. Always act with compassion
56. Improve your mental focus
57. Think rationally and logically
58. Purify your body
59. Start a personal journal
60. Make others laugh

61. Practice a religion
62. Respect the beliefs of others
63. Ask questions about your life
64. Understand that everything changes
65. Realize that you are not alone
66. Push your personal limits
67. Invest in yourself
68. Be open to exploring consciousness
69. Develop a deep relationship
70. Call upon your spirit guides

71. Clear emotional blocks
72. Clear out subconscious “cobwebs”
73. Turn off the T.V.
74. Read a good book
75. Expand your creativity
76. Develop strong people-skills
77. Allow yourself to be inspired
78. Be courteous towards others
79. Attend a spiritual retreat
80. Form a mastermind group

81. Be a mediator
82. Build an accurate model of reality
83. Be a leader
84. Travel the world
85. Be empathetic
86. Set goals and accomplish them
87. Try brainwave entrainment
88. Try self-hypnosis
89. Develop your chakras
90. Release your Kundalini energy

91. Appreciate your surroundings
92. Bring new life to Earth
93. Lead a flexible life
94. Learn from “consciously advanced” individuals
95. Live a well-balanced life
96. Consider taking health supplements
97. Celebrate your accomplishments
98. Always have positive intentions
99. [This space is intentionally left blank for you to fill in]
For an explanation, see: http://www.in5d.com/100-ways-to-become-more-conscious.html
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