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Social Media Consultancy. Strategic Planning, Management & Training.
Social Media Consultancy. Strategic Planning, Management & Training.

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Are you using video yet to get your message(s) out?

Here is my first, of several, video tips!


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“There comes a time for most of us when the social media overload we’ve been dealing with just isn’t sustainable any longer.

When that breaking point happens, most of us start looking for solutions to make managing social media easier and quicker.

The worst thing one could do to free up time is to just stop posting to social media — an option that some people (unfortunately) think is the only solution. Because there is another option and it is an easy enough fix to free up some valuable time better spent.

This is where social media post schedulers come in.”

#socialmediatools #agorapulse #socialmediascheduler

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“Here are 7 signs that you child is (or might be) ready for a Smartphone!”

Includes a downloadable #smartphonecontract

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Do you work from home?
Check out this virtual conference. It's FREE to attend and they have a great line up of speakers!
Register to attend Dec 6/7 (next week!)
Remote Working Conference

#remoteworking #workfromhome #solopreneurs

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How Can #TwitterAnalytics Tell You If Your Tweets Stink?
My latest contribution to the #agorapulse blog.

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Three Ways Social Influencers Can Start Using #Video

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23 Ways To Invest In Your Business With $1,000 Or Less

[look who got quoted!]
#21 I like...;)

#smallbusiness #businessgrowth

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Do Third Party Publishing Apps Impact Facebook Reach? | Agorapulse

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5 Guidelines for Using Social Media Effectively

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