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Mordechai Schiller
Works at Hamodia
Lives in Brooklyn, NY
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Writer, Editor, Wordsmith
Mordechai (Morty) Schiller is a wordsmith and language maven—writer, and editor.
Copyeditor and Columnist for Hamodia
"Going Through a Phrase" language column:
Older columns:
Bragging rights
My mother told me it's not nice to brag, so I'll leave it to other people——Steve O'Keefe, author of "Complete Guide to Internet Publicity," wrote: "Morty Schiller is an awesome direct mail copywriter—old school, back when you had to pull three percent or hang up your pencil.... Morty is a copywriter extraordinaire... a blend of old-school copywriter and new school blogger.... The world needs writers like Morty Schiller—truly it does!" ——Ted Demopoulos, coauthor of "Blogging for Business," wrote "Morty knows his words and how to use them...truly great writing: simple, clear, easy to follow, apt to horrify your uptight unpleasant English teacher :)" —— Jason Alba, author "I'm On LinkedIn – Now What???" wrote: "Wordsmith Morty a professional writer. In fact, he writes junk mail. Lest you think that is bad, or he is evil, I point you to his Confessions of a Junk Mail Junkie article. This is a guy who understands his business, and the perception thereof, and is not afraid to address the perception. Morty Schiller’s brand comes across as someone who is competent. And passionate about what he does. And credible. And if I had something that could benefit from a direct mail strategy, I would be compelled to talk with Morty."——Direct Response copywriter and blogger Ryan McGrath wrote "Bob Bly has called him 'one of the nation's top mail order copywriters"…which is nothing to sneeze at!...What I really like about Morty is he’s been in direct mail for years and is still going strong. He’s not just a student of a particular medium – direct mail, Internet marketing, etc. – he’s a student of human nature."
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Brooklyn, NY
Jerusalem, Israel - Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel - Far Rockaway, NY
I write, edit, proofread. I work and play with words.
  • Hamodia
    Copyeditor and columnist, 2012 - present
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Mordechai Schiller

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Age-old question: “Why do they call it a fast when it goes so slow?” Answer 1) Nu, so what should we call it? Answer 2) When we’re in stress or…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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“Ketchup is a vegetable.” Contrary to popular belief, President Ronald Reagan never said that. It was an anonymous USDA bureaucrat with a misguided budget-cutting plan. But that’s not what I…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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Singing in Yiddish on the Syrian front
After learning in Ohr Somayach a few years, my friend Yisrael Idels went back into his profession — architecture. Before long, he was drafted into the Israeli army. During tironut…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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Taynah is Hebrew for claim. In Yiddish, from the Hebrew, it means complain, argue or plead. Now, considering the fact that you may not be claiming anything; nor complaining (thank…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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Punctuation hazard
This time I was innocent. I was not the perpetrator. But I was hauled into court — the court of public opinion. My esteemed colleague Rabbi Dov Fuchs, who writes…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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A gutten kvittel! What's that? A holy deposit slip....
“I can understand why people want to sin,” the Kotzker Rebbe, zy”a, said. “Sins are enjoyable. What I can’t understand is where people find the time to sin.” This logic…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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​Here's wishing you a year to smile about....
When Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky was a child, his father would bring him to shul on Rosh Hashanah. As he fidgeted around, he started counting the pages in the Machzor. Only…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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In which I get accused of being too highbrow...
I got a call from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a few years. After the hellos, he said, “We get Hamodia. So I see you’ve been writing.” Then…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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Go figure. Just when my grandchildren are graduating from ­elementary school and high school, here I am going to grammar school. It takes chutzpah to edit other people’s writing and…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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I hereby propose a bill to establish National Nitpickers Day. This would be an open invitational to all readers and raiders of words — especially true-believer students of died-in-the-(blue)-hair grade-school…Read more »

Mordechai Schiller

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A novel of loss and discovery
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