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Mopdog Senior Multimedia Director Martin Steib showcased his talent and professional skills for Career Day, at his daughter's school, Mary Lin Elementary.

Martin shared drawings and animations he designed at the firm, including a mischievous squirrel, a relaxed rabbit and Moppy.
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Google has pulled back the curtain on a brand new Google+ experience and slapped a big ol'beta tag on it.

What say you, followers? Sticking with classic or embracing the beta?


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Mopdog’s Senior Multimedia Director Martin Steib has been having a smashing good time!

Check out his amazing mash ups on Sound Cloud, Then, like the Maximum Mishmash Facebook page.

#mashup #smash #mixologist

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10 Google Analytics Features You’re Probably Not Using
via +Search Engine Watch 

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10 Fundamentals Of Readable Content - infographic

A huge part of being successful online is making your content easy for audiences to read. Apply these fundamentals to create readable and shareable content.

Keep It Short:
79% of readers skim content instead of fully reading. Since most people won't read an entire article, keep it brief and to the point.

Use Simple Language:
Since 50% of Americans adults read below an 8th grade level, keep it simple or risk losing half of your audience. Avoid technical terms and jargons.

Entertain And Inspire:
The most popular viral campaigns have one thing in common: they entertain and inspire. Funny and inspirational content has an emotional impact because it makes your brand more human and relatable, which means better audience engagement and retention.

Courtesy of: +Bluehost 

#infographic   #contentmarketing   #blogging   #contentmarketingtips   #bloggingtips   #contentmarketingstrategy   #SEO   

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You are on the air! Don’t let mobile video platforms intimidate you. Let Mopdog provide instant direction. #snapchat #periscope #blab

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How to Create Viral Content? [Backed By Data] - infographic

"With more and more businesses across verticals and industries creating content, the competition on the web has become fierce, forcing businesses to become more creative than ever before in their marketing endeavors. This is where viral content comes to the rescue of content marketers trying hard to capture the fancy of modern-day discerning visitors.

Almost all of us have experienced the enigma of the viral content first hand, be it New York Times quiz titled - How Y'all, Youse and You Guys Talk to the latest Volkswagen ads. Over the years, there have been countless blogs, videos, microsites, infographics and quizzes that have caught the world’s fancy and have gone viral.

Viral content packs in immense potential to attract visitors, generate leads and boost conversion. No wonder, a fair share of content marketers are often to be seen in a lookout for content that evokes an emotional reaction from a large section of people.

But creating such viral content is no mean feat. In fact, 46% businesses find it challenging to create compelling content, according to +Content Marketing Institute.

Here are some easy to follow tricks and tactics to create viral content that will help you drive thousands of visitors to your site per day without having to spend an arm and a leg."

#infographic  courtesy of: +Brian Dean.

#contentmarketing   #bloggingtips   #contentmarketingstrategy   #blogging   #contentmarketingtips   

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Mopdog’s senior art director took our beloved mascot, #Moppy, on an #Appalachian journey, #trekking 205,485 hilly steps. Read more about the #adventures of this #DayTripper.

#AT2015 #hiking #nature #thruhiker
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