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I see a strong correlation between Coffee and SEO. Many awesome brains in search are too much addicted to coffee and this makes me write this.

 If you are in search and addicted to coffee then help me build a BIG list by including your name in it! :). For a start I am listing 10 great minds in search that are too much addicted to caffeine.

+Barry Adams 
Barry is one of the persons I really wanted to meet in person because of his ultra ordinary knowledge in search and all things SEO. One other thing that makes me love him like anything is the fact that he doesn’t function without the cup of this magical drink called COFFEE ;).

+Julie Joyce 
The most linkable celebrity in search, if you are in the search industry and didn’t have this lady in your circle then I highly recommended you should. The moment you will add her in the circle you will get to know how coffee can make one think so creative about links and SEO.

+Stacey Cavanagh 
Digital Marketing Manager at Tecmark, Stacey is the true lover of caffeine. Follow her on twitter or add her on Google+ and one of the first tweet in the morning would contain the hash tag of COFFEE :)

+Peter Handley 
SEO, Music Lover and a coffee addict, this guy is phenomenal yet down to earth and would love to help anyone in any manner he can. If you are in search and love music or coffee, he should be one of the first persons in your circles

+Dani Zehra 
Milk in a Coffee is not her game! She is one of the most creative brains in SEO I have met in person. I met her twice as a SEO professional and third time it was our engagement ceremony ;)

+Sean Revell 
Insanely amazing personality and his opinion about search are freaking awesome. Whenever you see lot of binary language 011011100 after @ on twitter its him :).

+Rishadullah Shaikh 
He called me a while back and we set up our first meeting at one of my favorite coffee house in town. This mate has great search brain and has a quick reaction anything bullshit about SEO. hint never talk to him about keywords and rankings talk to him about investments and ROIs. 

+Peter Attia 
Ask him what he drinks while SEOing in the day time and the ultimate answer will be coffee. He is phenomenal, creative and one of the guy who have the ability to make link building insanely interesting!

+Nick Eubanks 
Outstanding, Phenomenal and worth following, Nick usually have coffee (lot of it) while doing SEO. Want to know about this awesome mate? Check out his recent Interview of Alessio’s Meet your SEO series. (

+Moosa Hemani 
I don’t mind you calling this a shameless promotion but my love for SEO and coffee is increasing rapidly with the time. I try to pass my honest opinion about search that might be not as good as the people mentioned above but I am learning to be good at SEO as well as making a great coffee :).

Are you in Search and Addicted SEO? If Yes Include yourself from the comment box.
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Dude, just seen this :) Thanks a lot!
I was in the process of including myself , but then I see : "great minds in search". I gave up :D thanks for mentioning my interview to +Nick Eubanks 
+Alessio Madeyski  You are indeed a great SEO mind as the idea of '#SEOmusic' and this 'Meet your SEO series' are highly attractive in terms of  relationship building and links! :)
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