That Man
How I loved That Man.
sat in his deck chair
daydreaming of words
scribbled in the winds
no shred of doubt
darkened his astral reveries
He was the cosmic sculptor
of a new god
unfolding universal codes
illuminating galaxies
working miracles
on imperceptible clouds
while his heart,
the moon sibling,
journeyed aimlessly
in quest
of shared silk
or faint perfumes
and his poems,
strings of real pearls
around the neck
of a poor village girl
touched, dressed,
treated and healed,
seeds of daffodils
on a deserted field
and his fears,
haunted ghosts
on a grim early morning
attended his funeral
as pain prevailed
blinking tears away

How I loved That Man.
Not long ago He was
My Cherished King
My Home
My Bread
My Destination.

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