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Monument Sound Studio
"Changing how people hear music one track at a time."
"Changing how people hear music one track at a time."

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Kicking off 2017 with a lot of work. Mixing and mastering right now with a few bands in the hopper and mastering some songs from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas. Really pumped to see how 2017 will be with everything going on in the world right now.

Monument Sound will be making some much needed upgrades this year, but it will take time and we want to do it in steps. So far the room is dialed in and sounds amazing. The Sterling Modular desk really opened up the space and clients are noticing the difference in their product.

Year plans include:
1. Upgrade computer to new standards
2. Finally and sadly go HDX
3. Sell a few pieces of gear to make way for some new boutique type pieces
4. Make great music (always important)

We hope to help make your projects amazing in 2017!

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Super happy about the new SSL Sigma Summing Mixer in the studio. Will be doing a facebook livestream in the near future to talk about the setup and how it has impacted my workflow directly. I can honestly say this is a sound that I have been searching to achieve for a long time. really hoping the next few records will better demonstrate what this box is capable of doing to my mixes. 
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