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Guiding the Child's Education and Development
Guiding the Child's Education and Development

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5 Benefits of Yoga for Children

At Sacramento Montessori, we offer yoga programs to our students. It has been known that yoga is not only beneficial and helpful to adults, but also to young ones. Here are the details:

Stress Management

By doing yoga exercise, kids can learn proper breathing techniques which can help them manage stress effectively.

Body Awareness

Children still need to learn more about their body. The good thing about yoga exercise is that kids can develop body awareness. Through this, they can have a better understanding about the different parts of their body. They can also discover where a body part is located too.

They can use their body properly

The best part about starting early is that it helps the kids learn how to use their body properly and healthily. If they know what to do with their body, they can prevent it from being harmed.


It is not only the adults who need to meditate, but kids too. Through meditation, they can learn to focus and improve their concentration.

Healthy movement

Yoga is one of those exercises that are good for the body. However, it does not only limit to that. Yoga can also help kids look better. For more info about the yoga program we offer at Sacramento Montessori, you can visit or call us at 916-444-7786.

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Did you know that yoga classes are beneficial to the physical and emotional development of your child? At Sacramento Montessori, we offer yoga classes to our young students. To know more information about this program, you can contact us at 916-444-7786 or visit our website at #SacramentoMontessori #nextgeneration #yogaclasses

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TIP: To strengthen the immune system of your child, make sure that you give her a daily dose of vitamin C. Also, give her a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables in order for your child to get the vitamins and minerals he or she needs for his or her growth and development. Share this if you agree! #younggeneration #vitaminC

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Quote of the day:

“I would want my legacy to be that I was a great son, father and friend.” - Dante Hall

Tell us what you think about this quote. Share your thoughts in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share this if you like! #FathersDay #Quotes # SacramentoMontessori

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TIP: If you want to hit the beach this summer season with your child, make sure you bring with you a sunscreen lotion with the highest SPF to protect the child’s skin from the harmful UV ray of the sun. Remember, too much exposure to the heat of the sun will bring about skin problems like sunburn. Like this if you agree! #SunBurn #YoungGeneration #Summer

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Keeping Your Kid Healthy in 3 Ways

As parents, it is just natural for us to think about the health of our kids. As a matter of fact, we are willing to do anything just to keep them healthy. If you are a parent and you are serious about keeping your kid’s body healthy, here are some ways:

Enough sleep

As a parent, be the one to set their bedtime. Make sure that they get enough sleep every day for at least 8 hours, to help strengthen their immune system. Having enough sleep can help the brain function well too. Aside from that, it would make your child less fussy during the daytime.


Did you know that as early as 6 years old, a child can already do yoga? When it comes to exercise, it is important that it is age-appropriate. It is not necessary for your child to do weights for his or her age, don’t you agree?


As much as possible, control and monitor your child’s eating habits. Avoid storing junk foods in the kitchen, because foods like these don’t have nutritional value, but rather it will only put them at risk for malnutrition, diabetes and the like. What you can do instead, is to include in their meals fruits and vegetables. That would help a lot!

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3 Ways to Enjoy the Summer Season with Your Kids

A lot of people love summer because it is the time of the year when they can do a lot of outdoor activities with their friends, colleagues and family members. It is a perfect season for a getaway with your kids too. If you and your kids love summer season, here are some ways to enjoy the heat:

Throw a barbecue party

What a fun way to spend with the kids outside. A barbecue party is perfect for the summer season, coupled with cold drinks, laughter and fun. You can add some music sessions too! For sure, your kids would love it!

Hit the beach

Kids love the beach. They love to discover the beauty of what’s underneath them. Plus, it is a fun way for them to learn how to swim and build sand castles. Find a nice beach where you and your kids can go and spend quality time with. Don’t forget to bring the kid’s swimwear too!

Go camping

Camping allows kids to discover more about Mother Nature. They like to explore the tiny creatures crawling on the soil or perhaps the colorful flowers around them. Because of that, camping during summer is not only fun but also educational for the kids, don’t you think so?

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Fill in the blanks:

Among the programs offered by Sacramento Montessori, ________ is the most helpful and beneficial for my child because ____________. This is something I would definitely recommend to my friends.

Please tell us what you think about the programs we offer. Kindly post your feedback in the comment box below! Give us a like! #SacramentoMontessori #FeedBack #SchoolPrograms #Toddlers

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If you want to enroll your child in Sacramento Montessori, visit to know the requirements prior enrollment. #School

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5 Reasons to Choose Sacramento Montessori

If you are thinking about sending your child to our school, we would like you to know that we will do our best not to disappoint you. Here are some reasons why we are a good choice:

Our programs

The programs we offer are directed towards raising them to become competent and highly capable individuals in the future.

What we value

We believe in the younger generation to make a difference in their respective fields someday. That is why, we want to be the first few places where they can discover their skills and learn important values, which are essential to make them become achievers in whatever path they choose to take when they grow up.

We partner with families

We work together with families towards achieving one goal for our children. We practiced a two-way communication between families and our staff so that any concerns or feedbacks will be communicated right away.

Our staff

Aside from being highly-trained as professional educators, our staffs are very sensitive to the needs of each child. Their utmost priority is your child’s safety - more than the lessons they provide and the activities they supervise.


In 2015, we have been selected as the best business of Sacramento Award in the Child Care & Day Care category by the Best Businesses of Sacramento Award Program. That is enough to convince you that we are a school you can trust!
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