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Our outdoor space has activities including: foam climbing blocks, tunnel, balls and beanbags, songs and stories. Our garden also has a special area for babies to explore safely. 
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The Prepared Environment:

In Montessori education our main focus is on preparing the classroom environments to meet all the children's needs. The Children's House is designed to encourage independence, social skills and holistic development during this crucial time:

"The first aim of the prepared school environment is, as far as possible, to render the growing child independent of the adult.That is, a place where he can do things for himself - live his own life - without the immediate help of adults... a place where the children are to be increasingly active, the teacher increasingly passive... [the child] becomes conscious of his own powers." (Maria Montessori: Her Life & Work)

We know that children between 3-6 years are at the peak of their creative powers regarding language, coordinated movements, sensorial refinement and social interactions.Therefore, we consider many aspects when preparing this special environment and have a wide range of activities to support development of important human characteristics:
Logical thought processes
Freedom of movement
Positive communication and conflict resolution

"These are the surroundings which invite activity, and among which the child will gradually perfect his movements without fatigue, acquiring human grace and dexterity." (The Advanced Montessori Method)
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In Montessori education, we call the children’s play activities ‘work’. This is because we recognise and deeply respect that each child is creating all their basic human characteristics during the first 3 years of life.

Our activities are fun, enticing and engaging with lots of emphasis on independence and creative thought. Staff encourage each child to choose their own work and begin developing focused attention on one activity at a time. We help and support the children to finish a complete cycle of activity before beginning another.

Our indoor classroom has designated areas for:

1. Practical Life: real-life skills (food prep, cleaning, washing, polishing), large motor skills (sweeping, washing, mopping, digging), independence (self-care).

2. Manipulative toys: fine motor skills and logical thought processes (puzzles, matching, sorting, grading).

3. Art and Crafts: wide variety of media (including paint, chalk, clay, glue, crayons, pencils).

4. Songs and Music-making: child-friendly CD player and CDs, percussion instruments, xylophone and glockenspiel.

5. Language activities: reading corner, vocabulary enrichment games, opportunities for meaningful conversations.

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Our Nido environment welcomes babies from 6-18 months! Our Nido provides a wide variety of activities to support your child’s holistic development, including gross motor, fine motor, language, art appreciation, music, healthy weaning, and the foundations for self-discipline!

We have special indoor and outdoor spaces where your baby is free to explore our unique Montessori play equipment. 
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