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I joked a few weeks ago about not knowing what to do with 9 missile hardpoints an the Archer 5W and...

I still have no idea what to do with 9 missile hardpoints now that I can look at the chassis in the mech lab. It's looking like either putting a standard engine in (it comes stock with an XL 280) or forgoing endosteel in favor of crit space for every missile.

But yeah, with both endosteel and the XL, there's no way to use the available tonnage with the limited crit space. Even then, I'm having a hard time justifying - to myself - slapping 9x LRM-5 onto the thing (doing so leaves a lot of unused tonnage). 9x ASRM sounds much more fun.

I haven't had a chance to drop in any of the variants yet, as I ended up working late yesterday. Anyone tried any of them?

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Archer sneak peek.

Those STs will be delicious candy, so not a great XL candidate. The low cockpit means you can't hill-hump for locks like a MDD can, as well.

On the other hand: EVERY MISSILE. ALL OF THE MISSILES. Seriously, I really don't know what to do with 9 missile hardpoints on the ACR-5W. LRM-5 for days, I suppose. Fingers crossed they figure out SRM hit-reg soon.

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The side torsos on this thing, even without the full missile stacks (you can see the "empty" ST toward the end of the camera pan), seem utterly massive. Which is a bit unfortunate. However, the very shield-like nature of both arms has me quite intrigued. It's got a symmetrical hard-point layout, so no using one whole half of the Mech as a shield ala the Zeus, but I might be amenable to being able to shield either to the left or right; something that bites me occasionally in the Zeus.

Dunno that I'd want to boat LRMs on one of these though, when a Stalker can do the same and last probably 30% longer under fire.

Has anyone seen any shots of the Mauler side by side with another chassis? It's hard to tell the scale from this, but it looks kind of gigantic (or at least quite tall).

Is there a good way to calculate delta-V available from RCS? Specifically mono prop maneuvering thrusters. If I could avoid installing a mod just for that, it would be preferred.

I've been doing more and more small scale construction, but Kerbal Engineer will only recognize/calculate delta-V from mono prop thrusters if they are in the engine category. So the result has been a lot of guesswork trying to design ultralight landers and such.

I feel like the saying means more when you change it to "There's no time but the present."

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So, the good news is the new shop I'll be moving into has a jointer.

The hilarious news, is that it also has this.

Today I drove a box truck through downtown to a job site somewhere beyond Ballard. On the way back I learned that a lot of people have no idea how stupid it is to hug the back of a large vehicle, especially one that does not have a rear-view.

So to you, anonymous lady in the dark red Jeep: if I didn't see you merge on to the street behind me through my side mirror, I never would have known you were behind me. So remember people, if you can't see a mirror, and the driver through it, you are way too close to the truck in front of you.

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The older I get, the more I realize I really like my mom's music.

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I got this stuck in my head. I guess that's apropos, though.

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It's been a long while since I've listened to any jazz.
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