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Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia has been shortlisted in four categories at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2018 Malaysia, including ‘Best Recruitment Agency of the Year.’ The awards are presented by Human Resources magazine.
Kuala Lumpur-based Monroe Malaysia was also nominated as ‘Best New Recruitment Agency,’ an award the company won in both 2017 and 2016, ‘Best Client Service by a Recruitment Agency,’ for which Monroe won a bronze award in 2017, and ‘Best Candidate Experience by a Recruitment Agency.’
Monica Viladot, the managing director of Monroe Malaysia, said the recruitment company’s “dedication, hard work, professionalism, honesty and integrity during 2017, has resulted in a year of tremendous success.”
“We are a company that we are massively proud of,” she said. “Monroe Malaysia is continuing to grow and expand on the back of the excellent service we provide to our candidates and client companies.”
Monica said the Company had invested heavily in ongoing training and development of its executive recruitment consultants, recruitment technology and fine-tuning its international award-winning recruitment methodologies to best suit the Malaysian market.
“Other than our commitment to our staff, at the heart of our success and profitability has been our commitment to our candidates and client companies, which include a stable of leading Malaysian and multinational companies,” she said. “We are delighted that our efforts in these key areas have been recognised at the Asia Recruitment Awards, as well as our nomination in the ‘Best Recruitment Agency 2018’ category.” #ARA2018 #HR #KerjaKosong #Recruitment #HumanResources #Malaysia #KerjaKosong #ExecutiveRecruitment #Careers #Jobs
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I was headhunted by Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia as an executive recruitment consultant four years ago and I have not looked back since. My profile was exactly what Monroe was looking for: a degree in business management and almost three years marketing experience for a diversified company with interests in the automotive sector. My education and work experience were the perfect base from which to launch a career sourcing and recruiting candidates needed to fill technical or executive-level jobs with leading Malaysian or Malaysian-based companies, including multinationals.

I need not have worried about transitioning to a career in executive recruitment as Monroe Malaysia have an international award-winning training, development and mentorship programme that rewards success, both financially and with career advancement. I was quickly mixing with some of Malaysia’s leading business professionals, placing C-level executives with some of the world’s most iconic companies.

The hard work making the most of Monroe Malaysia’s training development programme and implementing the companies 12-step recruitment methodologies when placing candidates in jobs paid off. I was named Senior Executive Recruitment Consultant working under Monroe Malaysia’s high-performance Consumer Goods and Health Divisions, before I was appointed Group Quality Control Manager, with oversight of a total of 8 countries.

Monroe is expert at recognising talent, nurturing that talent and rewarding it. This key aspect of the company’s culture flows into its core business, which is executive recruitment. Monroe understands the culture of its client companies and their specific staffing needs and is best placed to source and recruit the staff they need to compete into today’s competitive business environment.
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The best recruitment consultants, specialised recruitment fields, a 12-step recruitment process and customer satisfaction. These are the reasons why Monroe Consulting Group is Malaysia's best new #recruitment agency. #HR #Jobs #Careers #KerjaKosong
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The year 2017 was a year of tremendous success for Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia. The executive recruitment company moved into new office premises in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, defended its title as ‘Best New Recruitment Agency’ at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2017 Malaysia, and recorded record growth and profits.

“In 2017, Monroe Malaysia placed more than 100 senior professionals with a number of high-profile corporate clients, which represents a 98 percent increase on the previous year,” Monroe Malaysia Managing Director Monica Viladot said.

Monica said two of the highlights of 2017 was the move to into new, upmarket offices in Kuala Lumpur Sentral followed by not only holding onto its ‘Best New Recruitment Agency’ title at the prestigious recruitment awards, but also claiming a bronze award in the category of ‘Best Candidate Experience by a Recruitment Agency.’

“On the back of the recognition of our status as Malaysia’s most promising executive recruitment company, we have continued to expand, both in terms of the number of our recruitment consultants and client companies.”

#recruitment #executiverecruitment #HR #HumanResources #HR #careers #jobs
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A number of key issues pertaining to Industry 4.0 in Malaysia, including digital transformation trends, recruitment and other human resources and business issues were discussed at Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia’s inaugural Breakfast Discussion for C-level executives in Kuala Lumpur last week.

Raymond Ong, a recruitment consultant with Monroe Malaysia, which specialises in the recruitment of highly technical or executive-level employees for leading Malaysian or Malaysian-based multinational companies, said discussions cantered around the Fourth Industrial Revolution, better known as Industry 4.0.

“The Malaysian Human Resources Development Fund [HRDF] states that virtually all industries will be integrating digitized automation and robotics by the year 2050 and Malaysian businesses hoping to survive will have to start planning and investing in the training and development of their employees, or the reallocation of valuable human resources,” Raymond said.

Monica Viladot, the Managing Director of international award-winning Monroe Malaysia, helped facilitate discussions and networking opportunities among the C-Level executives during the breakfast at the Majestic Hotel.

“As Industry 4.0 begins to impact, a number of participants were interested in the impact of technology on jobs creation, as well as some of skills that were likely to become increasingly in demand in the coming years,” Monica said. “This includes jobs such as chief information officers, data scientists, interface designers and so on.”

She said the impact of the industrial revolution was already having a large impact in Malaysia, including a lack of qualified technical professionals or executive managers, the expanding Malaysian economy and the brain drain. “This has already resulted in increasing the salary expectations of qualified job candidates, often to unreasonable levels.”
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Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group has continued its winning tradition at the Global Recruiter Asia-Pacific Awards, this time claiming the award for Best In-House Training 2017.

“The training, mentorship and development, both on the professional and personal levels, of our recruitment consultants have been critical to the success of Monroe,” Monroe Group Managing Director Andrew Hairs said. “We have invested significant time and resources into our programme and it is a great honour to be recognised for our efforts, particularly against some of the largest recruitment companies in the world.”

The Best In-House Training award recognises “unparalleled training and development for recruitment consultants.” The criteria included proof that training increased the effectiveness of recruitment consultants and advanced their respective careers.

Monroe Consulting Group, which has flourishing recruitment operations in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Chile and Mexico, has previously won Global Recruiter Magazines Best Small Recruitment Business three times and Best Overseas Operations twice. It was nominated for Best In-House Training in 2016.
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People are different and cultural misunderstandings, harassment, discrimination and outright prejudice can occur in some Malaysian workplaces, which is detrimental to office dynamism, productivity and profits. Though Article 8 of the Constitution prohibits ethnic or religious discrimination in the workplace, Malaysia’s prevailing anti-discrimination laws have been criticised by some for not going far enough toward ensuring that everyone gets a fair go. It is therefore important that companies formulate their own over-riding internal policies for executives, senior staff and employees to effectively manage diversity within their workplaces. Executive recruitment consultants Michelle Lau and Stephanie Ng from Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia, say diversity and inclusion policies are integral to implementing effective corporate recruitment strategies.
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution, better known as Industry 4.0, now affects virtually every industrial sector around the globe and has begun to radically transform business operations. This unprecedented digital transformation has brought challenges and opportunities, including in terms of the sourcing and retention of key technical personnel and senior executives who can effectively manage change. Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia executive recruitment consultants Sarah Ariff and Avinash Kumar, both qualified engineers, share their views on automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, and the new approaches companies must consider to recruit key talent.

Full article here:
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The recruitment of key executive-level or highly technical employees will be a major factor in the success of Ecommerce companies operating in Malaysia, executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group says.

The comments follow a statement by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the launch of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM) Economic Forum 2017 when he praised the success of the National Transformation Programme, which sought to propel Malaysia to a “high income status nation by 2020.”

Najib said that since the launch of the programme in 2010, Gross National Income had increased by 52 percent, 2.26 million jobs had been created and Malaysia expected to record a nearly 5 percent increase in GDP.

“As it is, we recorded spectacular growth of 5.6 percent in the first quarter of 2017. Total exports, meanwhile, breached the RM80 billion mark in March for the first time on record,” he said. “No wonder a World Bank report recently concluded: ‘The Malaysian economy is progressing from a position of strength’.”

He said the launch of the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) and National e-Commerce Strategic Roadmap (NeSR) was a key part of the government’s National Transformation Programme.

“In addition, the National Ecommerce Strategic Roadmap, spearheaded by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, or MDEC, is mandated to map out actionable programmes that will lead to Malaysian businesses eventually becoming global Ecommerce champions,” the Prime Minister said. “As it is, Malaysia’s Ecommerce grew by 12.8 percent per annum between 2012 and 2015 to RM68 billion, making up 5.9 percent of GDP. With the Government’s policy intervention via the roadmap, we are aiming to double growth to 20.8 percent per annum to RM170 billion in 2020.”

Shameer Nijar, an executive recruitment consultant with Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia, said it was an exciting time for the Ecommerce sector in Malaysia, particularly with the establishment of the world’s first DFTZ, which could draw as many as 1,500 small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) this year alone, and another 8,000 in 2018.

"The Malaysian government had grown Malaysia’s Ecommerce industry 12.8 percent per annum between 2012 and 2015 to comprise almost 6 percent of the gross domestic product,” he said. “The roadmap will double growth of the sector to 20.8 percent to RM170 billion.”

Shameer, who specialises in recruitment in the technology sector, said Malaysia was working closely with Jack Ma, the founder and Chairman of Chinese Ecommerce company Alibaba Group, to tap into not only the Malaysian economy but the potential of the wider Southeast Asian region, which was home to 600 million consumers.

“The two major players, Alibaba and Amazon, are expected to go head-to-head in the region in order to achieve their goals of becoming the world’s largest online retailer,” he said. “Alibaba has a massive advantage in Asean, primarily due to its acquisition of a majority shareholding in Lazada, the largest existing Ecommerce marketplace, and investing as much as US$2 billion in the company.”

The recruitment consultant said Amazon had launched in Singapore and was similarly eyeing the potentially lucrative Southeast Asian market.
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Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group has been named a finalist in the Global Recruiter Asia-Pacific Best Small Recruitment Business for 2017.

Monroe, which operates in the emerging markets of China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Chile and Mexico, won Global Recruiter Magazines Best Small Recruitment Business in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and Best Overseas Operation in 2013 and 2015. It was named a finalist in the Best Small Recruitment Business, Best Overseas Operation, Best In-House Training and Best Client Service categories in 2016.

Andrew Hairs, managing director of Monroe Consulting Group, said it was an honour to again be nominated in the Best Small Recruitment Business for the Asia-Pacific region in 2017.

“In 2016, Monroe achieved a 45 percent increase in profit, which was driven by strong performances from our established offices and the turnaround of an unprofitable business that we acquired in Shanghai in 2015,” Hairs said. “The immediate success of our new business in Vietnam and the reversal of fortunes for the China business is further confirmation that Monroe has a winning formula of business process methodologies and recruitment training.”

Hairs said the nomination was also a reflection of the Company’s strong commitment to investing in its recruitment consultants.

He said the company was also excelled in the areas of workplace diversity, social media and corporate social responsibility.

“As Monroe Consulting Group focuses on recruitment in emerging economies, we take our CSR commitments very seriously, supporting a number of carefully selected charities that we believe are 100 percent accountable, transparent and have the biggest impact,” he said. “Two prominent examples include a charity to support sick or terminally children from poor backgrounds, as well as the Gift of Happiness Foundation, which provides entertainment and vital supplies to children in impoverished communities in Thailand.”
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