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You're married? You're getting a deal on your car insurance

"Your driving record seems a legitimate risk for insurers to consider when they price auto insurance. But your marital status?'

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Desperate French vineyard invests in 'hail cannons' to save grapes

"While the original hail cannons fired gunpowder-fueled blasts skyward, modern versions work off of a charge of acetylene gas and air." To read more click below.

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The 7 rules for protecting your valuables BEFORE disaster strikes

Conducting a thorough inventory of your valuables is a critical step in ensuring they're insured. Here are some helpful tips for making sure you're covered.

#naturaldisaster   #homeinventory   #homeinsurancetips

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The Current State of California Workers’ Compensation and a Look Forward

The panel began with a look at where California Workers’ Compensation is today, such as California holds a quarter of the nation’s workers’ compensation business and California is among the top three states in terms of average medical costs per claim. They are looking at the present and the future. To read more, click the link below.

#workerscompensation   #californiainsurance
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