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Monkey Moon
Independant video game studio (and more)
Independant video game studio (and more)

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BIG DAY! Here is #NightCall, our next game made with BlackMuffin Studio. We hope you’ll like it and we can’t wait to know what you think about the game.

#gamedev #indiedev

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Another sneak peek of the upcoming teaser video that will announce our next game.
We can't wait and are very excited to have your feedback on what BlackMuffin Studio and us are secretly baking just for you.
#indiegame #indiedev

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Yay! We're working on a new game!
A sneak peek of the teaser video we're working on at +Monkey Moon and Black Muffin Studios. We can't wait to tell you more about the game! #soon 
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HarshQuad iOS/Android enlistment form. 

We need you space pilots ( be our crash-dummies)! 
Want to try HarshQuad before everyone else?
Want to help nice and cute game developers to become even richer?
Want to feel pain in your eyes because of our colorful game?

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Remember our puzzle-game #HarshQuad  ?

Well... it may be possible to find it available on #Windows8 . It may also be #FREE for few days. But don't tell you've learnt it from us. SHHH it's a secret between us.

(please rate it, we need your love, once again)

Egocentric-apes dept. note: 

Thanks to you gamers, fans and friends, our Monkey-Crew is still here on Earth and still baking fresh awesomeness just for you. We can't wait to spend another year among you.

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HO NOES! HarshQuad seems to be invinsible on the Windows Phone Store since 2 days. Don't worry it should still be available here :
The problem comes from Microsoft, and we're throwing tons of banana at the support guys to fix it as quick as possible.
Sorry :/

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When we receive awesome fan-art like this one, our ape crew can't stop jumping and dancing in their space suits.
All glory and love to Monkey Moon lovers \o/ Thank you so much.

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Hey, if someone knows Jason & Clay in the U.S., can you please tell them that we're not cheaters ?
Every comments on the store are real - and we would'nt have enough money to buy so many awesome reviews anyway - :)

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There is no need to speak French to understand what +Canard PC (awesome French video game magazine) thinks about HarshQuad.
We're very proud.

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