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The Midderlands Kickstarter - Update 9
A character sheet. 200 backers. 70% funded. 5 days.

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Prison of the Vermillion Priests
Not for #themidderlands
If you like my maps, please consider backing my Kickstarter, The Midderlands :D

Created to hold priests of the Vermillion Order captured during the God-Battles of Axloth
The prison complex is accessed via a vertical shaft into the reception corridor. From there, steps lead down and back up into the centre of the central chamber. Twelve cells can be observed, rivulets of liquid silver dripping from the doorways into a pool of mercury. Straight ahead, lies a dual set of double doors that lead into the confession and repentance chamber. None have ever escaped. Still they reside. Silvers tears continually streaming from their eyes.

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Haha! Awesome #blutackbestiary
+MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal)​​​​ says:
Make a creature out of Blu-Tack. Stat it up. Post it, hashtag it.

d20 Blue crest fairies
HD 1d4
Armour as mail
Tiny spear 1d4
Sticky death: save when killing a fairy to avoid being impaired, disarmed, or otherwise ridiculed by its glue-like bodily fluids.

These annoying critters sometimes wander from their nests in the paper forests of Openspacea. They hunt for food and lulz, and do not mind dying as long as some righteous paladin type ends up jammed in their platemail for a few days.

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Some awesome #blutackbestiary
#blutackbestiary +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal)

Tapir Riders
AC: 5
HD: 3+1
Attack: 2 tentacles for special effect, tapir may kick for 1d8 damage, or trample on a roll of 18-20 for 2d8 damage.

Tapir riders are parasitic relatives of cuttlefish and gingerbreadmen that co-opt tapirs for their own ends. They can control an adult tapir via their tentacles and psychotropic excretions. Once the tapir is controlled the lower tentacle-limbs of the rider merge with the tapir and the two are treated as one creature.

The sticky paste the tapir rider excretes does not overwhelm other creatures than tapirs, but instead produces a blistering of exposed skin and a strong urge in the victim to submerge itself in water or other fluid. Save vs paralysis avoids this effect.

Travellers accosted by tapir riders claim to have seen riders and mounts covered in bio-luminescent algae. Luckily such riders are easily spotted by their eerie glow.

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Make a creature out of blutack. Stat it up! Post it, hashtag it

AC: 6 [13]
HD: 5
Attacks: bite (1d8) or impale (1d10)
Save: 10
Special: immune to drowning and water-based attacks. Appear in schools of 2d6 in oceans/seas
MV: 3" Hop, 24" Swim
Align: Chaos
Challenge/XP: 7/600

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And a request for more maps! A reviewer after my own heart lol :D

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