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Interesting People Make More Money (One of Monique Nelson's favorite quotes, source unknown)
Interesting People Make More Money (One of Monique Nelson's favorite quotes, source unknown)

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I have been a big fan of Clickfunnels for sometime now, and I am SO excited to see the release of the new Editor. Are you on board yet? Check it out!!!

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A fantastic cause is having a fun video contest and if you watch the quick video below you WILL be excited and want to support with a simple, little vote!

Organ Donor Registration in Canada is so sadly low that people are dying all the time because they can't find a life-saving donor. The David Foster Foundation is trying to raise awareness in their Campaign: Registration! 

Watch this little video to learn more!

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Fantatic way to raise awareness for Organ Donation in Canada! Sign up to be an organ donor today and vote for your favorite video by clicking on the link! Personally...I am touched by every story, but it's "Give the Gift" by Lia Michelski for the win!

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My good friend +Matt Giovanisci from +Swim University created an AMAZING video that must be watched. It accomplishes so many things:
- it is 3+ minutes of pure entertainment with catchy lyrics and seriously impressive vocals
- it teaches you how to take care of your pool in a fun and definitely memorable way
- it proves that any business in any industry can have fun with their work, dreaming up unique new ways to showcase their abilities
- it is the [almost] first glimpse of a rising star rapper. He is sure to be famous soon, so watch this video in order to be able to say "Matt...yeah, I knew Matt way back when he was rapping about swimming pools."
Learn the basic steps to proper swimming pool care with this catchy and energetic rap video

Can we play a little word association? When I say "Midsummer" you think...???
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