Hello Twisters!

The latest update of doubleTwist Player brings DLNA & UPnP casting to Android 7 Nougat. This includes many smart TVs, Xbox and Kodi-powered media centers. It may also work with Sonos speakers, although we haven't tested it as we don't have one at the office.

If you're not on Nougat, you can still get the latest and greatest by joining the beta using this link:


Note: If you own a Sony PlayStation, keep in mind that PS3 & PS4 do NOT support "Play To" casting, so you won't be able to cast from your phone like you can with AirPlay speakers, Chromecast dongles and the like. Unfortunately, this is because Sony limits PlayStation streams to DLNA servers only, and the only way to connect to a PS3/4 from your Android would be to run a mini-DLNA server on your phone, which is not particularly practical :( That's Sony for you!
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