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Monika Schmidt
"Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer man tut es"
"Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer man tut es"


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Let's start the week with our G+ community manager +Madeleine DeRome​ :)
#womeninspiration #mondaymotivation
#WomenWednesday with +Madeleine DeRome
Our one and only community manager on Google+. Thanks for making G+ more awesome day after day.

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Sie dominieren das Stadtbild meiner Heimatstadt Passau. Und die Flüsse ;-)

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"Zwei junge Luchse laufen im Tier-Freigelände in Neuschönau umher" :)

Ganzer Artikel:

PNP (Passau Stadt/Land) im App Store:

#LoveLocal #Nationalpark

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101 Positive Quotes to Help You Look on the Bright Side - Here's the ultimate list of positive quotes to give you inspiration and encouragement in any situation.

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"Alternative" Fakten
via +Brandner Kaspar​ :)
Ich hab schon immer gewusst, dass Lukas Podolski mit dem Jet Ski nach Europa kam.

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Heute zuhause angekommen und die Schäden der Gewitternacht am Freitag besichtigt. Unglaublich!
Bedrückend und den Tränen nahe.
Fotos in meinem Album:

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#Fotoderwoche #Regen mit #Seifenblasen (aus der FotoApp ;-))
[...grad no rechtzeitig g'schafft]

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Collections vs Communities?
H/t +Jaana Nyström​ for pointing out the specifics :)
I was asked:
What is the difference between Collections and Communities

Two different animals.
Communities are for anyone to discuss, share stuff and get together.

Collections are more condensed:
They are unique and yours.

You can show what your interests are.
You don't have to limit posting about the stuff you love, thinking you are inundating your followers, you just put the topics in collections and anyone can follow those - whether they follow you or not.

I can skip all the American football stuff around Super Bowl.
I can skip all the politics.

Now I can share Finnish language posts without getting complaints.
:D  I have a Finnish collection, not on auto-follow.

One can use a private collection for bookmarking, a feature that has been requested very much.

One can browse posts around a certain topic from the pros and learn.

Makes it easier for me to find my own posts.

- Now we can also search for topics on Collections...

Google+ is interest based and this just goes to further enhance our experience.
- I can be more in control of what I see in my Home stream.

Just a beginning, I think: A tip of the iceberg.

What are your thoughts?

#Collections     #Communities  

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#caturday is everyday, isn't it?
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