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I'd love to start to make a circle of all the musicians or budding audio geeks here on G+.

Post below if you're a musician and we can start to cultivate a general list of all the digital and analog musicians who reside here on G+ so far and maybe even start collaborating. (come on, how cool could hangouts be for musicians)
Also, be sure to link to this post on your stream so we can get a really comprehensive circle going!


edit: OK, so it seems that re-sharing is happening in the other threads like this. As a result I rescind my condemnation of sharing vs. linking and say "do whatever, let's just get a cool list/circle together"
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Count me in =). I'm a composer and will be glad to be part of the community.
Guitarist/Drummer/Producer here :D I hadn't thought about how good hangouts could work for musicians...
Another musician here. Liking the idea of using the hangouts to collaborate, like some kind of secret underground club.
+James Sandri It's best to Link instead of reshare, that way this can be the master list.
Still new to G+, actually didn't realise there was a difference. Hopefully it helps spread the word!
OK, so it seems that re-sharing is happening in the other threads like this. As a result I rescind my condemnation and say "do whatever, let's just get a cool list together"
I know a chord or two.
Guest Robert Smith impersonator, drummer here.
Guitarist/bassist/noob keyboard player here. Mostly I'm a big procrastinator. I buy new software for my DAW and then never use it, then I use my MIDI keyboard as storage space.
@john neiberger: that's not really a compelling argument for collaboration, you know. :) "hi, I like the idea, but I won't get around to doing it". But it is funny, so props for that!
Good point, Cedric. lol That certainly wasn't all collaborative-ish of it. :)
+john: glad you got the humor! Some people are very fuck-you-I'm-going-to-throw-a-tantrum online. You're at least more collaborative than them! :-)
I'm a musician as well. I don't have anything like a mic or anything that's cool but I have a video camera. I've wanted to do a collaboration on youtube or something. I sing.
very much a n00b. Can play a few chords on ze piano! And produce music on Nuendo, Pro tools and ofcourse on Garageband. Btw, very cool name!
i just like music. i have no musical talent at all. always on the look out for great music though
Something like that josh. Except focused on musicians. Especially those that want too share or collaborate or just talk audio geek.
Sounds like a decent idea. Game developer / composer-poser / pseudo-dj here. New to G+
Bass player here. Upright/electric. I run Logic and I love collaborating. Musician hangouts sounds amazing! Do you think it would be possible without latency?
haha, like a live band on hangouts? probably not. but I was thinking more along the lines of how fast two or more collaborators could work in a hangout vs. other mediums
Doh, that's totally what I thought you were saying. I thought the group thing was what set it apart from skype. I still think we should all try it though!
I dabble in some very small-minded things, but add me anyway. :)
DJ/video-game Controllerist (...that stole your rock band controller idea)
guitar, drums, keys, sampling and electrified noise-making widgets and I'm a studio engineer. so, yup, i do music.
Keyboard and messing around mostly. Have not been playing recently, but i want to get back into it!
So when are we actually going to do this? And more importantly, how?
Well, I'm away from my studio for about two weeks. So I'm out on anything that requires collaboration for a bit. But everyone else is free to start your own collaborations. Just because I organized the master list doesn't mean I have to be involved. Feel free to talk among yourselves and add each other to your own circles and start making beautiful music!
I used to teach guitar, and I'm now working on transferring my knowledge to a digital medium with Ableton Live. Still pretty new to digital music, but I'm always open for collaboration and experimentation! Add me!
Hmm...i think hangouts could be quite interesting for teachers!
Ben Ha
I wouldn't consider myself very experienced but I've been immersed in music pretty much my whole life. I've been playing trumpet for 8 or 9 years now, guitar for 4, bass guitar since last October and now I'm currently taking on the upright bass. Here's some of my stuff:
I make loud noises with synths over beats and call it dubstep. :D
Yeah Google+ should have an option here to include all of the people in this thread into their own circle. Otherwise, one of us has to start a circle and invite everyone listed here? I guess, still not sure about this + thing
i make sounds and beats and melodies out of field recordings and play guitar and sing and i really like doing music for dance.
@ Monika - using hangouts for teaching is brilliant. i teach lots of music / computer classes and that opens a whole new door.
guitar player/songwriter in a rock band, first album deep in the making
yeah I do music too. at some point we should do a musician hangout. it would be cool to see if we could somehow collaborate on making music over the internets. jamming is probably out of the question, but there's definitely something there....
Mashup artist over here. I can basically just steal and sample what all the actually talented people do here haha. I also play the piccolo but I doubt anyone wants to collaborate with that.
I'd collaborate the hell out of some piccolo..just saying
So, let's say I recorded something on guitar today, and made it available to you guys. Who here would be able to record something on top of it?
Or perhaps mash it up into something different...
I like that idea, Tony - something to get the ball rolling. If we can get a musical seed out there, it might be interesting to see what people come back with.
I'm game. I play guitar, drums, and bass (spread out over two bands currently) and absolutely love to tinker with my meager recording interface/equipment. I'm sure there will be some fascinating ideas/posts circulating in this...uh, circle.
Producer MC here.
stuff on soundcloud @ iamsucio
Guitar and piano here - rock/blues/classical.
bassist from texas, anything from jazz/blues/rock
los angeles audiophile.. get @ me
sure...I've got a home Pro Tools studio for recording myself and my friends. I'm always looking for online type music stuff (anything so's I don't have to leave my basement).
I am more a musician than an audiophile. Its cheaper and more fun. Oh and I tried to get a collab songwriting thing going here before, would LOVE to attempt it with lots more people!
Vocalist, classically trained (but out of practice) tenor for 3 years. Much love for all music, especially old soul' neo soul, and 70s rock. 
+Cesar Quinteros Just find your group, and organize on your own! post to the group, get in touch with people here and start projects with like minded individuals! G+ is what you make it.
Not at all. There's only, what around 90 people here? Easy! :)
I'm a musician 1st (guitarist), a DJ, sound engineer and audiophile.
I like to tinker with music software on my PC, iPhone and iPad, but I don't class myself a musician, so much as a keen listener, especially to Electronica. Great idea to get the muso together in a thread - so much more difficult than finding the the luminaries :D
like +Eddie McBride - "i just like music.."
This is turning out to be a great list, I made a similar one specifically for producers, remixers, and DJ's of electro music:

If that sounds like you then it'd be great to hear from you.
Musician, producer, all around nerd. What's not to like?
Hello hello. Been producing tunes in all sorts of genres for a couple years now. looking to expand n what not!
Musician. Social Media Geek. Would love to join.
EDM (PsyTrance) producer here with 5 years experience in Cubase and Ableton Live and 3 years experience with Pro-Tools and Reason. Can play a bit of real guitar.
SoCo Electronic Music Producer here with a couple of years experience in Logic and Ableton Live. Like going solo and collaborating.
Composer, 14 instruments, I'll play anything
Musician and working mastering engineer. I'm always happy to help people out with advice and quick processing jobs!
bedroom rock star :) Moving to LA in a couple of months.
Sonic arts imprint based in San Francisco (label + audio-dsp/music production tools)
Count us in!
Sound Designer working on computer games. Based in Frankfurt, Germany.
Drummer here, but my day job is managing an indie music community. Love to meet new musicians. Resisting the urge to shamelessly advertise. Add me to your circles!
Noob Question: If I have something to share with fellow musicians how would I go about doing that? Do I need to create my own Circle and add the people from this thread into that circle?
soundman here... violin/perc/bass/git/voc dj-things and audio recordings. wanna join the musicians club here ;-)
Producer|Composer|mixing & mastering Engineer, although I try to avoid doing Mastering there are some really good guys out there. Work on PT|Cubase|Nuendo|Logic|Reaper, BTW you guys should try out the 64bit Reaper it is rock solid, small footprint and bridges 32bit plugs without a problem straight out of the box.
Hi I'm a musician and I use a lot of digital stuff, and I'm forming a 'musicians who use ipads' group too! :0) You're welcome to add me as well if you'd like.

To hear my stuff, you can find find me as Indreba on iTunes or Amazon :0) Indreba - The Incredible Dream Band...

also on Reverbnation where you can listen free and where all my most recent stuff is as well
Keyboard player, Producer, Composer and Bassist from London! fill me in!!
cool idea...philly sax player to mess around and mix textures (organix with electric, looping, etc
Alright Splizzlah Savage here, I'm a song writer. Producer. On my way to be an MC, anyone wanna circle around me . Looking to just make some good music u know?
Hi all. I'm a London based amateur music producer looking for collaborators. Please circle me.
Heia! Italian musician here, in love with sperimentation (thanks, Thom Yorke), and i recently switched from playing bass to computer sampling :) I'm a real beginner, but i think i could fit your list!
+Monika MHz - I'd love to be added to this list. I'm a live music recordist & archivist who captures hundreds of shows/year. I'm always up for talking shop.
+Monika MHz Please add me to the musician list. I was actually wondering if you might do something like this when I came across this post. While doing a search on "Music Production" to find such people. =)
Musician, singer, producer, engineer, etc. here! :D
Acoustic guitar : Modern fingerstyle, jazz, swing and bluegrass styles.
Mandolin: Bluegrass and swing.
Electric guitar :primarily jazz
Luthier: I build electric and acoustic guitars as well as mountain dulcimers.

I am a former Chapman Stick player who use to play so much that I was a guest of Emmett Chapman at the 1999 NAMM show where I demoed The Stick at his booth.

And I am a recovering banjo player. (One day at a time)
Bassplayer & Audio engineer from Sweden says hi to all fellow musicians on G+.
Piano/keyboard primarily, bass guitar secondary genres are mostly sub genres of metal incuding thrash, prog, death, crossover, punk, hardcore punk, classic rock, NWOBHM, classic metal and groove
I'm most efficient at bass, but have played guitar longer. I do production stuff too, and have some electronic drums. pretty experimental, but into metal and prog rock and desert rock kinda stuff too.
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