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My New Favorite LED Light, the Aputure AL-H198, Full Review on my Blog

Lately I've been doing a lot more video work so I've been investing in some new gear to help me improve the quality. One area I needed to seriously improve was my lighting so I picked up the +Aputure AL-H198.

After several weeks of using it in my productions I'm happy to say that it's one awesome LED light for the money. I wrote up a full review and today it's up on my blog.

Be sure to give it a look here:

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the Epcot Monorail shot | New on my Blog

Today I added a new article to my blog about one of my favorite shots I've captured on a Disney vacation. I've photographed the Epcot monorail hundreds of times but on this day I captured an image that looks like I'm in a completely empty theme park.

Be sure to check out the article to see how I got the shot:

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The Louvre Pyramid and Chevaliers de Sangreal

Today is an intersection of two events which bring a massive smile to my face.

It was one year ago (almost to the day) that I was in Paris, France. Everything about my world view changed in that moment I arrived and I quickly fell in love with the City of Lights. At times I couldn't put my camera down and at others I had to just put it away and see the city with all of my senses and enjoy the moment.

At night Paris changed into something incredible and my memories of the photo walks will stay with me forever. My visit to the Louvre, for example, was brief but overwhelming - and I didn't even go inside! The picture I took of the Louvre pyramid will always be one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken.

Earlier this year I traveled to Philadelphia to see a concert. There aren't too many shows I'd drive several hours (and across numerous state lines) to see - but Hans Zimmer is at the top of my list.

From the opening piano notes of "Driving" (Miss Daisy) to the massive final notes of "Inception" I was swept away by being in the presence of amazing musicians performing the music that has become the soundtrack of my life.

Among my favorite songs played at the Hans Zimmer concert was "Chevaliers de Sangreal". Before performing the song Hans talked about his collaboration with Ron Howard on the Da Vinci Code and what it was like for him to visit the Louvre. From that moment on I associate the Da Vinci Code soundtrack with my time in Paris - especially my visit to the Louvre. I truly can't think of one without the other...

Today the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray of the concert was released and at 6:00 am I bought the CD and began listening. What an amazing experience - especially the performance of Chavaliers de Sangreal. I remember it being the perfect combination of the featured musicians, the orchestra and the choir and the track proved my memory correct. What a song and what a performance!

To mark this special day I'm re-sharing a picture that always comes to mind whenever I hear +Hans Zimmer's music from the Da Vinci Code.

(note: you can get the new Hans Zimmer CD/DVD/Blu Ray at Amazon here:

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Sony Announces the A7R III | New on my Blog

Today Sony unveiled the latest update to their highest resolution E-Mount camera, the A7R III. It looks like one heck of an upgrade to an already awesome camera.

I wrote up a full article about the A7R III (including all the headline specs and my thoughts on the latest Sony announcement) and it's on my blog now.

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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial | a new article on my blog

Recently I watched an amazing documentary about the Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick (on PBS) and it had me thinking about the many times I've visited the memorial in Washington, DC. It also had me thinking about all the times I've captured pictures while I was there.

Today I wrote up a quick blog post about the memorial with some tips for taking pictures when visiting DC and, specifically, the Memorial Wall.

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Family Portrait Shoot | New on my Blog

Today I added a new Featured Image article to my blog and it's all about a recent family photo shoot.

I went with a single off-camera light source (two hot-shoe flashes and a shoot-through umbrella) and really had a great time getting out on location with an awesome family. I don't do this kind of photography as often as I'd like (and I rarely share the results) but after this shoot I think I need to get out and do more of this photography.

Be sure to check out the article which has a behind the scenes shot of my light setup and goes into detail about the camera settings. It's posted on my blog here:

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New Gear Reviews | Coming Soon to my Blog

Today I added a new article to my blog that gives a preview of some new gear I've been using for my video production work (along with some older gear I've been using for years). I'm working on full reviews of all of my equipment (with more coming in all the time) and I hope to get them up as quickly as I can.

You can check out my preview article here:

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the London Eye in Motion | New on my Blog

Today I added a new article to my blog about long exposure photography and travel photography. Sometimes they're one in the same, but often you just don't have the time you'd like to get serious about long exposures. This is especially true when you're on vacation and don't have a lot of time.

In the article I talk about one of my favorite long exposure shots from my trip to London and it includes a rundown of my gear and the settings I used.

You can check out the article here:

Note: I also have the London Eye shot on my +500px gallery here:

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The Flaska Reclinata | New on my Blog

Last week I shared a shot of an awesome plant in Disney's Animal Kingdom's newest land. The Flaska Reclinata shot received a lot of love on social media so I wrote up a quick bog about the image (including the camera settings I used to get the shot).

You can check out the blog post here:

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the Flaska Reclinata | Disney's Animal Kingdom

Here's a shot from the opening weekend of Pandora - the World of Avatar (in Disney World). This is the Flaska Reclinata and it interacts with guests who are exploring the new land in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Note: you can also see this image over on my 500px page here:

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