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David Muench Book Review | New on my Blog

My full review of David Muench's new book, Timeless Moments Grand Canyon National Park is now up on my blog. It's a gorgeous book by +Farcountry Press that will look perfect on any photographers coffee table.

Be sure to hop over to my blog to read my complete review here:

Note: Timeless Moments Grand Canyon National Park is available now at here:

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Sony Announces the DSC-RX10 MK IV | New on my Blog

I'm loving all the new camera announcements (and the big announcements from Apple). The iPhone 8 and iPhone X will certainly steal all the headlines but Sony also had a September 12 event.

Yesterday Sony talked about the new RX0 (I already wrote about that camera) and then unveiled the Cybershop DSC-RX10 MK IV. It's a superzoom camera that looks really incredible. 20mp, 24fps and a 600mm lens for under $2,000 may not be as exciting as a new Apple product, but for the photography world it's pretty cool.

Check out my full article about the new camera over on my blog:

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Photographing Pandora at Night | New on my Blog

Today I added a new article to my blog about photographing the Floating Mountains of Pandora at night.

Extensive use of black lighting and special paint meant visitors could experience an other-world land when the sun sets. Unfortunately the digital sensors in cameras can't see through the excessive UV light the way our eyes do so a little work needed to happen in Photoshop to get things back to normal.

I wrote up a quick article and it includes a before and after for comparison.

You can check out the article here:

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Resort Loop Podcast episode 470: "Perfect Pictures"

Today I'm the special guest on the Resort Loop Podcast!

I've been writing for their website for some time and this is my very first appearance on their podcast. You can find the episode on iTunes (or by searching for "Resort Loop" in you podcast app). Another place you can find the show is on their website here:

I wrote a quick article about the show for my blog here:

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New Camera from Fujifilm, the X-E3, announced

I love new camera announcements and today's from Fujifilm really caught my attention. At a glance it's meant to compete with Sony's a6500 and that could signal something seriously cool coming from Sony - or me making the move from Sony to Fuji for my still photography work.

I wrote up a quick article about the new X_E3 on my blog and you can check it out here:

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I'm Going to be a Special Guest on a Podcast!

Yesterday I was a special guest on the Resort Loop podcast! Because it's a Disney podcast we talked a lot about taking better pictures when visiting my favorite theme parks and, if I remember correctly, I did a whole lot of rambling about photography in general. Hopefully, through the magic of editing, I sound OK and listeners will be inspired to try some new tricks when taking pictures of their own (and not get stressed out when they can't take perfect pictures).

I'm a longtime fan of their show (and I write articles for their blog) so it was awesome to get to talk to them for about an hour. According to host, +ResortLoop Bob, the editing is done and it will be available to listen to tomorrow.

Here's a behind the scenes shot of me in my office with everything reconfigured for podcasting:

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Westminster Abbey (portrait orientation) | New on my blog

Tomorrow will be the 20th anniversary of the funeral service for Diana, Princess of Wales, at Westminster Abbey. Over the Labor Day weekend I watched a great documentary about the events between her death and her funeral (on Netflix). Watching the documentary inspired me to find an image of the first European cathedral I saw on my trip to London and Paris.

I wrote up an article on my blog about the image - along with a little behind-the-scenes info about how I got the shot. Be sure to check it out here:

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Sony Announces the RX0 | New on my Blog

Yesterday Sony introduced a new camera, the RX0, and it looks pretty cool. It's obviously not aimed at the traditional still or video camera customers - but it looks like it will do some seriously cool stuff (especially if you get a lot of them).

I wrote up a new blog article about the RX0 and it's up on my blog now:

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New Book from David Muench's has Arrived

My friends at Far Country Press sent me a copy of David Muench's newest Book, "Timeless Moments: Grand Canyon National Park" for a review and yesterday it arrived on my doorstep.

Most people know that I'm a huge fan of books and if there's one thing I love more than reading (and I really love reading) - it's writing and sharing my reviews of the books I've read. If everything goes to plan I should have my review of this book done and posted on my blog next week...

My first impression was extremely positive and if you're already a fan of David's work then you may not want to wait for my review. If that's the case it's available now at here:


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Olympus announces the OM-D E-M10 Mark III | New on my Blog

It's been a great couple of weeks for new camera announcements with a new Nikon, a new Canon, a new Sony (miniature cam) and a new micro 4/3 camera from Olympus.

All these announcements have kept me busy over at my blog and today I have my newest article about the OM-D E-M10 Mark III up now. We'll see if I can keep this pace up with an article about the Sony RX0 tomorrow...

If you're interested in learning more about the Mark III version of Olympus's popular OM-D E-M10 camera you can read about it here:
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