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My pre selected workout tunes! :)
This mix of motivational pop and rock songs has choruses big enough to get you off the couch, and beats fast enough to help you push past your plateau.
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will this work on other parts of the body? For example, Armpits, darkness under the arms caused by shaving and harsh deodorants.... can this be used in the arm pit area? (Under arms)

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Any idea where I can download the Firmware for the hipstreet flare, 9" tablet,. 

I cant find ANYTHING. and the tablet keeps shutting everything out, saying the programs are not responding. I want to wip and clean the entire thing completely and make a new recovery? is this possible?

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It's ironic I do the same thing ! I also use it for thinning out my mascara when i apply it too thick. I use the eye lash curler to hold the eye lashes, and I take a clean mascara wand, after I run it through warm water then give it a tap and brush the lashes from the eyelash curler to the end, and Ill repeat until i get it the way I want it. ( Usually  one or two times. )  if you don't tap it enough it gets runny, but a great fixer if you are having a bad eyelash day lol  I've only tried this on the pencil liners, ( i have bad luck with liquid) Speaking of which do you have an EASY way to apply liquid liner?

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A wonderful tip. each week replace a bad habit with something good. 
Drink more water., 
stand longer, try avoid sitting for long periods of time you. 
Find a walking buddy. 
Or a workout buddy, 
or both 

Try changing up the routines. .. if you find your weight stops losing, don't give up just change the scenery. your body gets used to a certain routine and it says pfffttt. i got this. so ya gotta trick it into thinking you are doing something new. Good luck on your weight-loss! 

P.S. I used to hop the treadmill for 25 minutes, including the 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. hopped on the stairs for about 3 minutes. plus a 1 min cool down and warm up. 
I ran, ( Well not ran, i walked super fast) , to the elliptical. The fun thing about the elliptical is you can go backwards, forwards, and do the dead man standing ( literally just waving your feet back and forth at the top of the wheel instead of going the whole circle. lol I used the elliptical for an entire 20 - 35 minutes. 

muscles, you should work every two days. 

alot of arm excercizes will tone up your arms but if you work them too much theyll swell..
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