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Owww! Poor little Pluto. (◕_◕)'
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I want Pluto to be a planet, no good reason, just I like it as a planet.
Pluto was never a planet. Pluto was mickey's dog.
My irrational side, I want Pluto to be a planet, just because.
Pluto is considered a Dwarf Planet, but they've decided to honor that class by calling them Plutoids, +Onehan d'Ontool
It's not so much the distance or size, but rather the orbit. Because of its elongated orbit (that puts Neptune as the furthest planet twice during its revolution), and that the orbit isn't on the same plane as all the other planets, it was decided Pluto didn't form from the same accretion disk process as the other planets.

Pluto just needs to learn how to drive, and stop making all those Cadillac turns.
They are free to try to oust it from its orbit if they don't like it. But they will be restricted to use levers to do the job...
how do u knw tht planet orbits?
+Asif Kazi, Because people called Astronomers have been watching it do just that since the 1920:s. They use someting called telescopes to do that...
+Stig Carlsson since 1920s? are you sure about the year pls? or maybe u r rite coz it shall discover only when people watch it with something called telescopes?
All human knowledge begins life as a theory based on intuition and some observations. Theories are invention. When they are checked against reality and for internal consistency we sometimes find that the theory holds tight. Once we become convinced that this theory is correct , we say that we have discovered something real, not that we've invented it.

Instead of saying that God is an invention you should investigate the theory.
+Stig Carlsson I agree! it exists coz our ancestors came to know this more than 1400 year ago and not 1930s. And here is the proof !

"He is the One Who has created the night and the day and the sun and the moon: all (the celestial bodies) move swiftly in an orbit of their own" AL-ANBIYA [21:30-33]

We do not require any telescope, satellite or radio to know all this as the creator himself inform about his CreationThere is a lot to explore than why not Qur'an, give it a try friends
its no where written in the Koran, u read it n hopefully u wud understand
British scholar Colin Turner suggests that such marriages were not seen as improper in historical context, and that individuals in such societies matured at an earlier age than in the modern West.

However the info is incomplete here and as I said its no where written in Koran.
Aisha stayed in her parents' home for several years until she joined Muhammad when she was somewhere around 17 years of age
T. Von
Akin to 100 consecutive roulette rolls resulting with outcome=black, don't bet while (falsely thinking that the odds are that the next result should be white), the ball doesn't know any previous result
+D.A. Bailey Genocide, funny huh. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion by number of conversions each year.

I am wondering which Mohammad is roaming around the world with a bloody sword???

Your own brethren knows what Peace it has got to offer and out of all those who revert, there are 2/3 of womens.

@ +Jason Horton Good one bro .... LOL
Nah man! OK get me the figures, how many would have killed that day? The answer is ZERO
No one killed anyone unnecessarily dude.
i dont know which Mohammad are you talking about, but u r indeed d one for sure, anyways carry on with ur inventions rather than knowing your Creator.....
+Onehan d'Ontool Oh so thats what you feel fun is, then ur perspective of fun would be much more wierd isnt it.

It belongs to a class of smaller-than-a-planet objects that orbit the sun, I will not have you besmirch Pluto, Eris, or any other rocks in space! They are noble and majestic, not silly. Good Day.
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