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"We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." - Carl Sagan
We have a duty to fulfill.
This is the right message. It's a beautiful thing to be free of superstition.  
This is the philosophy we should all be teaching our children. For what it's worth, it is what I have tried to teach mine since they were born.
+Andrew Hall You go, man. Teach them and they will learn it. Mine are. Policy # 1: No question goes unanswered. (Which is how I ended up explaining the "birds and the bees" to my daughter when she was 5 [eh heh heh... that was awkward]; and explaining to her where all the heavy elements in the solar system came from when she was 4.)
You're better offf getting those tough questions over and done with early. I told my kids that there wasn't a heaven  when they were 5 and 8.
Yup. My kids never believed in heaven, hell or even Santa, etc.
Whether you want to believe it or not, you and every other individual on Earth is being affected by a process of unique change.
Indeed, this is a Generation of Uniqueness, a generation of massive change; a generation of fragmentation of many things, a time of sorting out, a time of finality. You, like everyone else, are going to have to rethink the paradigms of normality which you have accepted since the Age of Reason, and which you have modified, knowingly or unknowingly, in order to make sense of a world which seemed to accommodate you as the years passed in your life.

But suddenly, especially with events unfolding since the time of the bombing of the World Trade Towers, nothing seems the same in our minds. Suddenly there are forced upon many minds, very aware ones and less aware ones, many issues and fears which shatter the laboriously molded paradigms of normality we hoped would see us to the end of our lives.
One of the fears encroaching on minds is the fear that whatever paradigms of normality we had, they are now not sufficient. Suddenly the world makes less sense; suddenly the guard rails we used to set our minds at ease in times of crises are no longer there. Suddenly we feel vulnerable as never before. It is as if a massive mental earthquake has shattered our inner being and we are on shifting mental ground, trying to make sense of that which is no longer familiar.

Our vulnerability is not just physical, as with the threats of attacks from known and unknown quarters, nor just financial with threats of loss of jobs, loss of financial stability and independence.
It is not even the thought of war alone, for many of us have lived with the reality of multiple wars ever since the 1940s. Our vulnerability lurks in the mind as we see the fragmentation of the life we thought was stable and would remain so. Our vulnerability comes from seeing the fragmentation of other nations, institutions, traditions, foundations and organizations we thought would never fail us.

What we are witnessing, and what is causing the fears in minds which do not fully understand the shift in reality is the inevitable breakdown of the false reality in which we have lived ever so illusionally. The Virtual Reality of this dimension is fracturing.

Why I call this a Virtual Reality, why it is fracturing, and what is to replace it are the very realizations individuals have to make in order to maintain mental health in this time of unprecedented change.

The Process of Realization of the Falsehood of this dimension is painful. However, the process is the only process which will give hope to the desperate.
It is the only process which will allow an understanding of what is happening and an understanding of why the true Gnostics called this dimension the Plane of Hypocrisy, the Plane of Dishonesty, of Illusion, and, as I have described, as the Plane of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination.

To be more specific, it is painful to realize that the Media upon which many of us have relied on for facts of what is going on in the world is but a tool for programming the masses; a tool to convey any untruth which those in charge, whom elsewhere I have called the Archons, want to convey to the masses who are indeed used as milking cows to do the Archons bidding.
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