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Oww! I can relate to that! (◕‿~)✿

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I carried on evolving in reason , you stayed unreasonably normal.
"It's tough to handle this fortune and fame / Everybody's so different -- I haven't changed." Joe Walsh, "Life's Been Good to Me"
"We can talk about normality until the cows come home."
Some people just don't want to evolve. They try their best to stick the tribal instincts of irrational worship to a supernatural. And what's even more annoying, try call us abnormal!
I suppose I will continue to be abnormal also
I can completely relate to this comic (I live in the South). I have noticed this is the general practice among the religious. As soon as you say you don't believe, they ask, "Why not?" as if something is wrong with you. I answer with a question, "Why should I?"

As Christopher Hitchens (who was quoting Fulke Greville himself) would often say, "Created sick --- Commanded to be well."

That is the mindset they function with and also why they fail to see why you don't have the same view.

Oddly enough, those of the Christian faiths usually respond with an example from their Personal God experience and offer it to me as if that's reason enough for me to believe. I find that rather ironic.
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