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Homeschoolers, add your name/profile here. Let's help each other connect.
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Everyone, if we link to this page on our profile pages, we'll help other homeschoolers find fun folks to follow. :) Click the timestamp by Monica's name at the top to get the permalink.
Hi everyone! Great to connect with you!
I think there will be a way to have public sub-circles soon.
I think Phoebe's right--some public/shared circle options will probably come along at some point.

For now, my workaround is these master lists where we can find each other, and announcing my "opt-in circles" for people who actively want to see my posts on certain topics that might be of less interest to the mainstream, or that I don't want to show on my public profile.
I am LOVING this!! Melissa's idea is an excellent one - add the permalink to your profile so it's not tough to find the list. the more the merrier.
we're a homeschooling family also. 1 highschooler, a middleschooler and elementary
This is great! I just joined google+ so I'm really excited to see other homeschoolers on here!
Thanks for adding me Lissa. Homeschooling my two boys (11 and 14) here in Virginia...this list could get EXTREMELY long. :o) My blog: - love talking about right-brained learners, tend towards the relaxed side of the spectrum.
Hi, I'm homeschooling 7. I'd love to google connect with other homeschoolers. My oldest starts homeschooling high school in the fall--Yikes, how does that work? :)
Thanks! Homeschooling 2 and always eager to share links to new resources, ideas and leads.
Hi, I'm co-admin of a forum for Australian and NZ homeschoolers, and on the side I homeschool 3 kids (yeah, I do realise it really should be the other way round!!!).
Homeschooler here! Currently a 9yo girl and 16yo boy.
I added everyone to my "homeschooling" circle and +1 your comment so I could keep track of who I added.
hs family in VA for another month and then off the CA
Long time homeschooler here - graduated 18yo, almost 16yo.
Homeschooling high school to preschool here! Love the master list idea!
Still figuring this out ... but I'm adding myself. Homeschooling three kiddos in Austin, TX.
just by adding a comment here to the list is doing it right, don't worry. if you want to add folks to your personal circle of homeschoolers (if you have such a circle), then hover over the profile pic. it's so good to find you all!
I homeschool my son through a charter school in Southern Ca. He'll be a--gasp--fifth grader this fall.
So glad to find this list... NOW Google+ makes sense to me!!
Homeschooling mom of my 11 year old son in Arizona. Have a blog at I was originally going to turn it into a community, but with all of the social media/communities out there, I think I'll stick with people it a straight blog, now I just need to get better at posting on it!
Relaxed to panic scheduler to radical unschooler homeschooling family. Graduated first child this year. Remaining two are 12 and 3.@KellyBecko at Twitter (but I rarely post homeschool worthy stuff there...Twitter is my playground). Despite what others have found, Google+ confounds me still.
I'm a homeschooling mom in CA with two kids, 8 and 12.
I'm a homeschool mom to 3 in the Twin Cities metro. I can't believe my youngest would go to kindergarten this year! My kids are 5, 9 and 10. I am "@homeschool" on twitter, and run, a free website that helps homeschoolers handle sign ups for field trips and other events.
Stephanie Pina, homeschooling mom of 3 (15,13,and 8)
Hi! Allison Girone, homeschooling 2 teens and 2 "littles" in September, our 6th year at it.
I'm Linda! We homeschool : ) I will have a 7th grader, 3rd grader and 1st grader this coming school year.
Karl Bunday, author of the Learn in Freedom website, online since 1995. We have one son grown up and launched, two more ages 14 and 11, and a daughter age 8.

(My oldest son may help me bring my website into the twenty-first century in a while. He is a big fan of online communication.)
Richmond, VA, 2 boys 7 and 15, both 2E, very eclectic and relaxed but scheduled. Secular.
Homeschooling a gifted son, age 11. Trying to differentiate enough to support a highly asynchronous learner.
Dell T
Homeschool mom to 5+ in Wyoming. We are eclectic homeschoolers with a Classical tendency.
Wow, Mary that sounds like me "eclectic and relaxed, but try to stay somewhat scheduled" :-)
I am a very eclectic/unschooly, military spouse in the midwest. We have three kids 10 (g) 6 (g) and 16 months (b). We have been doing the hs thang for going on 8 years now.
We homeschool/unschool. We have 3 boys in NE.
Unschooling my three children in suburbs of Chicago. We just left government schools in December.
Homeschool mama of 5 here. Of the non-conservative, non-religiously-motivated variety! Nice to meet you!
Homeschool mama of 2--waldorf-y; nature connection, in Indiana. Nice to meet you all!
Homeschool mama to two, ages 14 & 10-- looking forward to joining the conversations!
My kids, 10 and 12, have always homeschooled.

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I'm interested in any group that discusses ONLY homeschooling issues, not religion or politics.
Good idea! Thanks for putting this up! I'm a homeschool mom of four, Catholic, co-schooling two days a week with two other families (total number of kids = 11, age range 1-13). I write about coschooling among other things at . Classical, Charlotte-Mason-inspired.
My husband is on google+ (+Shamusyoung) but he seldom talks about the kids since he has a rather large following of geeks due to his website.
Mmmm, chopped liver. W eggs and fried onions. On little crackers.
Cindy Rollins homeschooling 4, graduated 5.
I have 9 kids. 2 graduated from ps. I will be schooling 6, maybe 7, this coming year. They are Pre-K through 4th grade. We lean towards Charlotte Mason methods.
I don't really get how these lists work yet, but I'll catch on. :) I am a homeschooled (oldest of 7) homeschooler (mother of 4, 8yo-1yo). We are classical/CM.
Ok glad to see this list. I'll be adding most of you. Nice to see this many people who share the same ideas.
Just FYI no need to tag yourself or even post your profile links; as your name will be a link that if someone hovers over it will let them add to your circles. +Erin Cannon I think most of us have created Homeschool Circles and added most of these people to those circles.
Amy G
Homeschooling 4 with a 3yo tagging along...eclectic.
Me here... Christian, cardmaking, web2.0, books, teens yada yada yada
Homeschooling my 8-year old daughter with books and dangerous chemicals. :-)
Guess I didn't get on this list! -- Homeschooling my almost 8 yr old son. We do a classical/CM/relaxed sorta thing. :)
I understand homeschooling but am just figuring out google +! My son is 13 so we are moving into the high school phase.
Thanks for helping seed my homeschool circle! Homeschool for 2 at my house ages 10 and 7.
Pretty new to homeschooling, having just started in March. Yep, we abandoned public school mid-year. I'm about to start fifth grade with my oldest and super relaxed pre-pre-pre-k with my youngest.
Love seeing a homeschool circle here! I'm education one teen at home using whatever works.
Hi! Homeschooling one 2E DD8 and possibly DS2 in the future.
I'm homeschooling two (8 & 9) this year in a rather classical/eclectic/whatever way. :)
Down to my last - he is 12 . This is our 20th year homeschooling.
Starting our 3rd year next month, (12, 6, & 5) Let the good times roll!
In our 10th year of hsing ... 3 blessings (11, 12, 14) ... Christian ... chocolate lover ... maker of cherry ripe mudcakes! Living, loving, learning in our eclectic way.
Homeschool Mom of six (b16, g13 ,g6, g4, g3, g1.5mo) starting our 8th year (wow, that sounds so weird). Also getting ready to move from N. Utah to N. AL.
Homeschooling 6 boys and 1 girl in sort of a relaxed, unschoolish way.
Ticia M
Homeschooling twin boys and 1 girl, first, first, kinder. Now I've got a long list to glance through of people to find.
woo hoo! This is exactly what I was hoping for. :) I am a CM homeschooler of just one kiddo - ds8. Any others homeschooling only kids out there. There don't seem to be very many of us. I'll go through the list above me later. Must get off this thing and get some work done. ;)
Homeschooling my two, ages 7 & 5. My style is a blend of classical unschooling in a draconian, but relaxed way. ;)
Hey everyone, Secular Classical Homeschooling mom with a 13 year old daughter and a 16 year old son, both homeschooled since birth. I'm adding every homeschooler I come across, but I must warn you all that I'm a pagan, I'm incurably goofy, and I have opinions. Lots of opinions. And when I say, "whatever works for you", I mean that in a nice and sincere way, not a snarky way. ;)
This a list for everyone homeschooling, no matter your beliefs or educational philosophy. And I've never met a homeschooler without an opinion. :) 
What a list! Hi, everyone! I've got a homeschooling blog and a notebooking blog.
Homeschooling my youngest. Still a newbie as we just started in January. He is PDD-NOS and we use a charter school for help to. Nice to meet everyone!
Hello, homeschooling 2 in the Twin Cities, MN.
I have 3 boys, starting to homeschool K/1st this Sept! :)
This is a great idea! This is my second year homeschooling. My daughter will be in 1st grade this year and I also have a 19 month old.
Hello from Atlanta, GA here. Daughter is 12, son is 10. Secular, unschooling. We're into Star Trek, fungi, rats, music, computing and more.
Homeschooler in Montana here. 8 year old DS, eclectic. Glad to "meet" everyone!

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Homeschooling mom of 4 :)
Toronto-area, Canada, 2.5 year old and a second on the way, joyfully learning since birth in a very eclectic unschooly/unschooling way. Have some big ideas I want to explore with other people as I connect to more in the community. Excited to be here!
Hello! Bilingual + secular homeschooler from Quebec, Canada. Homescoogling my 8 9YO DS. So glad to find this group!
Just went through and added everyone to this point. I am homeschooling a gifted 6 year old and his 3 year old sister is begging for school. So this year we are doing who knows what grade and prek!
Going into our 2nd full year of home schooling three of my four. Doing classical approach, loosely following The Well-Trained Mind.
I'm homeschooling for the third year (I can't believe I only just realized that!)
Another Aussie homeschooler here [waving madly] . Homeschooling 11, 8 & 6 year olds in Perth.
3rd year HS'er. Eclectic, Student driven, Secular (the rarity in South Louisiana)
Homeschooling mom to 3 kiddos in Warner Robins, GA.
I homeschool our two daughters in Arkansas!
Homeschooling a tween and two teens - life is overwhelmingly abundant!
Homeschooling a 7th grader in North Dakota! Trying to figure out a way to connect to homeschooling moms on here!
Sarah Jackson - homeschooling a 9 year old with a 13 year old back in a progressive middle/high school. Also have a toddler who jumps right in with the rest of us.
I have two still homeschooling - 17 & 13 yo girls - and one graduate. Starting our 12th year!
We homeschool one 11 yr old boy in Oklahoma.
We're homeschooling a 14 yr old and after-schooling a 12 yr in Japan.
Just started Unschooling my very creative 13 year old son.. add me to circle
Homeschooling 3 boys ages 12yrs, 11yrs, and 7yrs in CT
Homeschooling two boys, 12 and 9, to be curious creative contrarian athletic wingnuts =)
Homeschooling our son, 15, and our daughter, 12, after successfully homeschooling our four older children.
I'm a wanna be homeschool dad, can I join?
Our family has just started homeschooling this fall. It has been a blessing so far.
New York Charlotte Mason-esque homeschooler of an 8 year old daughter. Hi everyone!
Tennessee. Homeschool mom for 19 yrs. Two kids are grown, plus 16, 14, and 11 year olds. My eleven year old has Crohn's/UC
Hiya!!! I'm a homeschool mom of 2 girls! I think I've added all of you (up to this point) to my Homeschool Friends Circle! Check out my pages here for Homeschoolin Mama and Blessings Unlimited With Meg!!! Can't wait to connect with you all!

Awesome idea to start this list by the way - THANK YOU!!!
Hello, new to homeschooling, recently de-registered my 14 year old daughter. Thanks for this resource!
Wow! Look at this list! :-) Homeschool momma to 2 boys! Would love to be added to your homeschooling circles. You can also find me at +Ami Brainerd :)
Wow. This could get me back to Google+ more often! We'll start officially homeschooling our 5yo (and 2.5yo) this summer.
Just starting the homeschool journey with my daughter who will be 3 in April. I also have a 2 month old daughter.
We have been homeschooling for 2 years now and still on a learning curve. We are an eclectic, christian unschooling family - ok basically we are still figuring it out but take it one day at a time. This year we decided to try out TOG and some online courses through different sites and we also attend a co-op once a week. I have a 15 DS and 8 DD plus a foreign exchange student this year from Germany.
Just starting out with my oldest in preschool :)
Homeschooling my 4, 7, and 8 year olds.
Wanting to homeschool, but not sure how to go about it. I have a 3 1/2 (will be 4 in April) little boy and a one year old daughter. I also have a 19 year old daughter who went to public school and is now in her first year at The University Of Washington.
Our naturopath is getting a number for her friend, who runs a homeschooling community here. I think it is for Waldorf education. This is all foreign to me, and I've just recently been entertaining the thought of homeschool.
Any tips appreciated and would love to meet other homeschooling parents.
homeschooling our kiddos ~ currently 6yr, 3yr, and soon to begin 3mon old
Homeschooling mom of six in Georgia...
Homeschooling mom of one 9 year old daughter in a Charlotte Mason-ish style.
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