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Welcome to Mona's Picturesque ♡ {Digital Art, Photography & Editing}
Welcome to Mona's Picturesque ♡ {Digital Art, Photography & Editing}

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A month in photos {December 2016}
This is it! The last "a month in photos" -post. This year and forever. I have no words to describe how happy and thankful I am to have had you here each month sharing your beautiful photos and making this a great linky party. But all things eventually come ...

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White Christmas pretty please?
Last weekend
we got a little bit of snow... and now we’re losing it which saddens me greatly
because I’ve longed for it so much. I mean what’s the point living up north if
you don’t even get snow for Christmas. I’m sure will get plenty in February or
so - a...

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A month in photos {November 2016}
Better late than never, right? I'm sorry to put up this post so late. I've been so busy! But here it is. My November in photos. This was not an easy month... girls being sick all the time, me being overload with work. And it's been so dark... But even so th...

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Time and silence
I so need Sundays. Need and love. Last week was quite hard. We lost all our snow and soaked into unbelievable darkness. I had completely forgot what it is like and it was really shocking.... the girls were sick and I had more work than I could have handled....

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This was a beautiful and love-filled weekend with the family and then there was Father's Day Sunday on the top of it. My both little ones are having a flu but even so we've had plenty of smiles and good laughs. Priceless times. My heart is filled with joy a...

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Gray scale with roses
So we have snow...! And it's been so cold it stays. Somewhat beautiful but not just enough to beat the ugly gray scale of everything nowadays. I have a soar throat and a little headache which annoys me a lot since I would have needed this weekend to enjoy. ...

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A month in photos {October 2016}
October gone with a blink of an eye! Seriously. This month we got to see the transformation of nature from reds and yellows to total gray. I'm surprised to realize it happened so fast - yet right in front of our eyes. The season seemed so short and I'm sad ...

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Halloween wasn't celebrated in Finland until just recently when we found a good foreign excuse for a new celebration. At first I was all against it. It just didn't seem right to adapt another commercial happening to our culture. But seeing kids enjoy it so ...

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Brown all around
I've been shooting and posting a lot hydrangeas over the last few months. White, green, pink and now brown. One of those flowers that just gets more and more beautiful as time goes by... may favorites of all the flowers. The colors are slowly disappearing e...

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Rise and shine
Good morning, it's Sunday! Sitting here by the coffee editing yesterdays' pics. No need to hurry. Blessed and grateful. Happy Sunday.
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