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Compare batman, and be happy to live in the 21st century.
Yup! First came the generation of closet-safe homoerotic heroes, and now it's a generation of fairies... one extreme to the other!
very well on the point…..the skin color says it all :-)
I'm going to go ahead and said that Aladdin is a better hero then that vampire.
+Sonny Sheen Well, if the trend from overly-macho-guy to overly-poofy-douche sets the curve, then the next generation will be enjoying woman-beating rapists as their heroes.
The generation after that... Hitler will be their hero!
The generation after that.... George W. Bush, Dick, and Donald will be their heroes! (It just gets worse)
+Mona Nomura I'm so glad that you're comfortable admitting that you still read from the young adult section. I do too sometimes. Read The Hunger Games before the movie comes out in the spring.
RAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the gay ass sparkly vampire
No wonder the youg generation is so soft and weak and always depend on there parents into there adulthood.
fuck off your worse than justin bieber matthw and fernando
Time will be change in any time and all time its so different between past and future but never forget heroes made by hands of time and society and the environment ..
That was "fuck yeah," not "fuck you," Adam :-).
no because that pic is gay and yes cause your helpingme
+Adam Campbell I think u might like the the Twilight actors a little to much...its okay man chill out..

Now go back to Ur cave and watch Ur vamp wolf drama marathon...

U forsure team twilight 
....but they both lived off the blood of others.

That's a movie badass. Clint is the schit
My daughter says, " Edward is not actually a hero...he's.....a protagonist"
Actually, since it was a pic of Dr. Zhivago and his female lover Lara, that pic was pretty darn straight, Adam. On the other hand, since Edward Cullen's involved with the decidedly female Bella Swan, he's just as straight. Whether Rambo's straight, I have no idea, since I didn't see any of his movies :-)
Actually, when I was growing up the heroes were John Wayne, Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. That sort of guy. Simpler, rougher-edged and totally uncaring about your angst.
Even now
Laurz G
Both always look dirty, but Rambo wears it well.
Meh. Not every male hero needs to be this ridiculous pile of machismo. I like when heroes who break heteronormative gender roles, which neither Rambo nor Edward seem to do very much.
yea hero's were better back than!!
Yeah but did we swap brawn for brains :)
Look son, if you want to insult me meaningfully, learn the words. "ya definetly a nerd" just won't cut it. Sorry, but one must have standards. If you had come forth with some meaningful refutation of my cultural memes, I would be happy to engage you in discussion of same. This seems not to be the case.
but now a day hero's are so much cuter now a day's then they were back then.
in vampire boys defence least you can understand what he's saying grins
Sorry, not equipped to judge male "cuteness."
If you delete both of these images and post a pic of Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan in "Patriot Games"...I will give you a +one
+MirriBears C If you want a clever male hero (antihero?), there's always Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke.
That guy on the left looks like a barbie doll...
boo Jay
Pattinson sure isn't getting enough sun in that closet.
I don't really think either of them are heroes to be honest, main characters, sure, but hardly heroic. Now Batman, there is a freaking hero, and, surprise surprise, he has had films with both generations.
this is how people change , this is call hero evolution.
i mean..robert pattison is not so bad:-(
My movie hero is Spiderman!
well....jacob is also cool.. he is more manly..
I don't know, that guy on the right looks pretty scary; it's the brooding eyes I think. He looks like he could one day head up a Wall Street bank and outsmart the Fed. and the SEC. That terrifies me more than anything the guy on the left can do.
right!! but since i read the book before the movie..i luv the character a soft corner for a person who did tat character:-)
ed?? that guy looks scary thats why he was made a vampire:-)
yea rlly cussin is bad for thee soul but yes this was pretty great
The muscular guy looks like the muscles are a weird shirt but it is just skill.
eww....they look lik the flesh..its gross n scary!!
In the past I always thought that this phenomena just happened in Asia, but now I realized this is becoming a global phenomena.
maybe the white face guy looks more handsome than the "real man" XD
wooo...exactly wat my fren says!!! but don u think his character in harry potter was better??
wow. just, wow. is that a doll in the first picture?
he looked less anaemic in harry potter:-)
twilight series has been terrible roll models for teens nowdays. i wonder how they'd become when they grow up lollhahahahahahah
Rambo is a action movie,it's hard to belive a love subject in it. But in Twilight saga it's fully based on love subject. I think you should watch the all parts of twilight saga.
i did watch it! but the movie doesn even match the books!! the twilight saga books wre amazin!!
The Twilight books are WWAAAYYYY better then the movies!! The Edward in the books, put any and all men i've met to shame. Rob sorry but your just not the right edward! Real men ,what is that ? Its ,the guys in the armed forces,fire fighters, police ,Those are real men,not a bunch of fakers ,with baggy pants down round the knees,geesh, do they know how stupid they look? i mean really if you find that sexy theres something messed up in your head!
That’s because we are shifting to peace – hah, instead of violence – hah.
People got sick of war movies as it was a small world, now they are watching war movies live! So they need to change our mode!
there is no any matter to weep every one has the right to choose their own heroes whatever he is Rambo or that cute Vampire who can do anything to save his love....
I wonder if there will ever be a movie in which the Nobel Prize winner is the hero. Sorry Rambo and Terminator, that's kinda old now.
it's the feminization of our culture. Is that what woman really want? Paleface blood suckers? lol. I don't think so!
Old Days and old movies is the best Rambo was my fav

i remmeber everyone tying his head like him and the big knife lol
And that is why this generation sucks... Plus I hate it.
You drew first blood, not me! lol
+Esteban Alvarez Well, I can't think of a movie with a Nobel Prize winner hero, but arguably it's really the engineers who are the heros in Apollo 13.
Rambo was the semblance of what many veterans felt and could not express. He was the hope of members of the elite forces and the American people that someone actually gave a Damn about our military men and women enough to take a stand for them. I wish the sparkly vampire movie would have ended with Blade standing over his dead carcass.
i like but not for me i romba the old ones on tv movies they were awsome nd still is
that's why new generation likes Justin Bieber ..........
Another hero was Gunnery Sergeant Highway played by Clint Eastwood then you have another true hero Ben Randall Portrayed by Kevin Costner these two were portrayals of real heroes. How about Mayo from the Movie an officer and a Gentleman played by Richard Gere ?
Is that suggestion that "heroes" were on steroids then and now "heroes" do not look like "macho"...Please be clear I am referring only "Hollywood/Bollywood any other ..wood heroes and not the men and women of armed service nor fire fighters nor law and enforcement officers nor unsung heroes.
omg!!! edward
Saddly Thats like comparing a toy gun to an M60. Honestly its the best vs the worst imo. Twilight is a love story, and rambo is an action flick. Although our young generation is subjected to Edward and Bieber, they do get Expendables, Red, The Dark Knight, Gamer, and many more bad ass movies. I for one loved Gamer and The Dark Knight. Its not all bad, imo
It actually depends on our definition of heroism.
No. It depends on our definition of MOVIE heroism. This is just too funny to dissect any further! Thank you +Mona Nomura
I know the guy at the left but don't know the guy at the right. Who is he?
The right one is a hero ? or heroin ?
I only know the left guy is Stallone. I truly have no idea who the right guy/girl is. -.-
hi...........mona he lokk so powerfull man
hahahaha....heroes these day seem close to some metrosexual guys and tough and muscular chicks!
BOTH ARE REAL MEN. And I'm pretty sure women like both.

As for movies, most films today suck because of the producers (and various directors even).

Eg. Ridley Scott made some amazing films before. Now he's pretty bland and average.
The Sci-Fi channel confuses me. Why are guys constantly crying, whining, and complaining on the sci-fi channel? What happened to unnecessarily long and grotesque pan-shots of over-sized spaceships? Oh where have all the bearded nerds gone?
+Lynn Gazis There are a few DVDs made in Hollywood in my list of favourite movies. None from Bollywood. I visit a movie theater only sometimes because of stupid movies competing how many special effects they are able to put into one motion picture. They denies laws of physics and health mind in general. +Bob Libra We can be Heroes
Just for one day…
A sad truth, it seems like women will become the world's new reference for masculinity
what did happin to the world .. everything is twisting into new SUCKS world of human been
Stallone and Schwarzi were able to fill the screen with their muscles. Wasn't crazy about that, but nowadays' heroes are sissies.
Now, I'm no fan of either of these movies, definitely, but I'd still rather have the guy without the gun. As we notice, it is mostly men who whine about Edward on the comments. Does this mean that you guys really have such a terribly hard time combining looking civilised and taking care of a woman with keeping your back straight and your spirit brave? Now THERE'S something sad.

Also, I'd like to see how many of you think of Bridget Jones as your favourite female character as opposed to, say, Lara Croft. If it's all boobies and legs on your end, it can just as well be all sparkles and hair gel on ours, thank you very much.
+Mona Nomura looking through your profile, where did you get all these awesome quotes, pic, and ..stuff?!
I like that! :-)
So very true.
And we had Bruce Willis running across broken glass and pulling the shards out of his feet without a tear shed.
+Simon Stuart have you ever seen or read any part of the Twilight series?
i hv no commentttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
he is absurd i mean (twilight son)
My real man does indeed cry. He's not pale and brooding and he's not musclebound and macho. He's genuinely sweet and thoughtful and creative and dependable, which neither of these movie characters are (and I certainly wouldn't call them heroes, and I would never let them count as examples for anything either). And he's mine. =>

…Also, man, you guys. I'm seeing a bunch of comments saying Edward is gay or feminine, and then mocking it or putting it down. Because it's 'not a heroic trait to be too girly'. Jeez, I wonder why Hollywood is still so biased against gay characters /and/ women. I mean it can't /possibly/ be that the /audience/ still holds bias, oh /no/...
2,000,000 12 year olds are wondering who the guy in the first picture is... Sad
i hate that boy doesnot mean that i love macho!
i rather love edward's father!!
he produced a good actor.
re-post diarrhoea (try an original thought)
really? I'd cry for the dork with the machine gun and steroid addiction, actually I'd also cry for it's opposite, mr glowing white guy, where's Tyler Durden when you need him.. he'd punch that glowing white guy in the face and spike rambos steroids so he's turn into a girl.
I wonder if anyone here has even seen or remembers the first Rambo movie. If I recall correctly, there was some gunfire, but it was definitely NOT an action flick. Everyone only seems to remember Rambo 3... I just wanted to point that out.

Besides, action heroes are poor heroes to have. They only encourage violence.
Rambo rocks forever but i dont think there can be another rambo in future!
Be honest, I really do not like Twilight! Maybe this point only means I am old!
oh there must b "Rango" in place of Edward...:)
This is awesome, gotta share this. :)
Rudy E.
Team Edward!!
z attitude difference between generations ...
the Rambo generation - wants to be fighter, physically stronger, hero, more 'manly'
the vampire Generation - wants to look sexy, cosmetic, glamorous , easy going ---
... hahahahaa
No, real men don't cry! Real men sparkle, like Edward Cullen!! Go Team Edward!!!
Only now-adays movies my kid is gonna watch would be Expendables...
Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard Series...That's my kinda heroes....
yes i'll save the world by clicking +1 :P
twilite SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One quick note I was stationed at Fort Benning with a guy we called Georgia Boy who was actually gotten off of steroids by Sylvester Stallone which actually saved his life. So don't dis Sly about steroids he works out so intensely that he over-stresses his body and during a fight scene in Rocky 4 had a heart attack because of it which changed the way he takes care of his body ever since. Instead of dropping mass and then attempting to regain it for a movie he maintains an even structure.
From Rambo to Rambutt...Sad..very, very sad...
Movies =! Reality. The 80's were not some sort of "glory days" in America unless you were actually Bruce Springsteen. Oh, and OP is a moron for being smug about something she never witnessed. If you're looking for an 80's movie icon try Harrison Ford, y'know.... Star Wars, Indiana Jones.
neither is what I think of when I think of a movie hero. Perhaps Batman...
wait.. scratch that! I agree with Greg! DOCTOR WHO!!!
I guess nobody remembers First Blood, where Rambo broke down and cried after delivering a very powerful monologue. Real men do cry.
sums up the generation gap
This thread is sad. Has G+ already peaked as a more enlightened social network? The Neanderthals seem to be multiplying like rabbits.
I would pay to see Bruce Willis kick Edward's ** :)
+Scott Hatch that is not a very becoming thing to say. Frankly, it's quite rude. If you don't have anything nice to say simply block or hide me, instead of leaving turd-ish comments. Thank you.
Yeah - heteronormative sucks. Also spell-check doesn't like it.
In the book, Rambo - First Blood, Rambo is actually killed in the end after his sob. Col. Troutman puts his .45 colt to Johns head and blow his brains out. And also, there was plenty of gunfire in the first movie. Remember when they called out the National Guard and they were shooting at the cave entrance? Remember Rambo shooting up the Gas Station and the Police Station?
On the side, very rarely hear about vampire heroes, usually they like to kill people, drink blood, turn other people into vampires, etc.
thats really true.. now a days thigs changed a lot
Funny. I seriously hear kids talk about vampires all day
the first guy doesn't even look like a hero
i am not a homophobe i have a bunch of friends who are gay but i am not but i think the new genourasion is weak
i like it very much............
Thank you, that is great, I needed a good laugh today.
@Natalia Espindola no1 cares. whos ur hero the guy from titanic
Why do so many people slam Robert Pattinson for his role in the Twilight series? Since when do personal appearances dictate who's a "hero"?
I suppose we have to get more in touch with our feminine side?
Few brazen ones are no longer seen in the screens... gosh.. stallone & arnold are great.
Yep,but it depents on different kinds of movies,Edward is not a hero I think just a role of vampire in the movie.
marc??? wher re u?? the discussion is extending big time n u re missin;-)??
I used to love Rambo as a boy. He was my hero, always sweaty, always righteously angry and shooting down helicopters with a bow and arrow.
Superman! George Reeves (if memory serves me) was the first Superman actor I can recall!
That's going back a few years! :-)
Wtf dude. You sound like a grown up uncle ji posting to his kids. 
Dear Goodness, I think there is something right in this picture....
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