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Pardon the profanity but thought I'd share something for the non-Apple fans. Happy Hump Day, G+ers ^__^
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It's like everything you post, +Mona Nomura, is for the soul purpose of making me love you ;)

iHate iShit as much as iYou seem to ;)
nobody took a bite from THIS apple .. wonder why :-)
This has officially made my day!
(I'm actually a hardcore Apple fan -- switched in 2006 and haven't looked back ;))
It would be an honor to take a dump in that.
I remember in 1984 when I saw mac the first time. Beside the size, I see no difference to an iphone...
+Simon Stuart sorry to disappoint -- I grew up on Windows and Unix. OS X changed my life!
I get those every morning...eye shits
+Mona Nomura I guess it isn't meant to be ;) We're from two different worlds, you and I. You living in a world of limitations and exorbitant pricetags, and me living in reality ;)

(I'm joking of course... I still "luvs ya")
An apple a day gives you stomache ulcers ;)
Looks like you need to have a wide butt to use that, or you might get iDunked
At least after you Apple fanboys/fangals spend three days queuing up and camping outside the Apple stores to get your hands (or buttocks) on one of these, you'll be able to take the wicked dump you've held onto all that time!
LOL, love it. They should set these up on the street and let people throw their iPhones in there. Tell them if they do it will bring out a new feature. I am sure the queue will be going around the block in no time.
+David Hooper Even better: Throw in your iProduct, and it'll throw out a superior corresponding Android product!
i hate apple. i prefer pair. no but i actually prefer pc
Great lol
Apple phone is for dummies that can't use a real phone
gotta luv the humor in it!
Cem Nar
apple firması bunu görse " beni ne duruma sokmuş,hakaret " diye seni mutlaka dava eder
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