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(image via Instagram) Back in 2008 I told myself I wouldn't invest in an e-reader. Fast forward three years and I am eating my words. But I can't help it. The Kindle was a gift. ...ok. F...
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i though e-readers were kinda lame myself, but who could pass up free books and being able to read any book you want in a book store? lol i hijacked my mothers nook. i loved every second of it.
I've been wanting to get a kindle, but simply can't afford one just yet. Maybe sometime next year.
eReader = new way to read. Biggest thing in books since the invention of the printing press. The Kindle Fire is a new step in presentation, but I really think the color eInk screens are going to be the way to go - coming in 2012!
Won a kindle at the company party, traded it in toward a fire. Its not just my first e-reader, its my first wireless capable piece of electronics. I've actually retired my 2nd desktop pc since I got it. Just about does it all.
Well, it's not like you walked out and bought it. It's a gift. You are only testing it.
"Falling in love with things I never knew I loved" - I saw you pic, and had the exact same thought.
LOL +Ridwan Gosal thanks for the words but I'm ok with my hypocrite self. It is the zen way ;)
I bought my Kindle 3 last year, just after the price dropped. I haven't put it down since, for more then a few hours. I have no use for a tablet like an Ipad - none, I work for an ISP, have 2 computers on my desk in my home office alone...a laptop that's usually on when I'm not at my desk...and there's 2 more desktops and 2 more laptops in the household. The kindle did the one thing none of those did - felt like reading a book. And I can read in bed like I'm used to.
same goes for me when the ipad came out and 2 mos ago I got myself a android tablet
+Tau-Mu Yi I started off doing the same - using the Kindle app on my computer, or on my smartphone. It was "okay" compared to the actual Kindle itself. The reading experience is just so much better with the actual Kindle device. Heh, I got handed about $100 worth of amazon gift cards for my birthday, most of that went to Kindle books, and many of those were the 2 or 3 dollar (or less) self published books, most of which were part of a series. It's SO nice to find a 2 dollar book, enjoy it, finish it...and have the next one in one or two clicks...
It actually strains my eyes to read from my phone. The Nook changed my life and the Kindle even more so.
I found that, too - and the screen is so small that you spend more time flipping pages then reading. :-p
+Mona Nomura my wife will be furious with me if I mention how cute you make hypocrisy look. Though it's not my first offense and since she's partial to the holiday season maybe she'll think of it as my unspoken gift.
+Charlie aka Labman I'm excited for you!
+Geoffrey Lee You are a gentleman and your wife is a lucky woman. She will look the other way - especially since I look like a Cabbage Patch Kid ;)
+Mona Nomura same here. i've been constantly complaining about eBook readers in the last years and 3 months ago i got myself a Nook Touch. At the beginning of this months i've been to Bali and read the whole Jobs biography on it...
So basically i wanted to say that i've been pretty ignorant to not get this concept.
Ok, this is gonna get a bit creepy be forewarned. I owned a buch of CPK's as a kid so that doesn't really put me off +Mona Nomura.

Oh and thanks for reminding her, she tries not to take me for granted but it's such a popular thing to do it's often hard for her to resist.
On another note there's a program called Calibre you should check out +Mona Nomura. That things one of my geeky pastimes.
Oh yeah, I should have mentioned Calibre - it's AWESOME! I have a TON of books from places like Project Gutenburg (before they supported Kindle format...) that I just whipped through Calibre and converted. Mona - this program will take almost any format eBook, convert it to .mobi which then mail it to your kindles free email address (which converts it to Kindle format). Tony the Tiger would say...It's Greeeeat!
I love being able to borrow eBooks from the library. I've been doing this for a while with the Nook, but the Kindle has this capability now as well.

Just finished Vonnegut's "Hocus Pocus" and just borrowed "Cat's Cradle".
Yes! Calibre .. a must for any ebook reader. I use my iPad pretty much all of my reading now.
Brillaint, thanks +Marc Cacciola it seems that NYPL does some ebooks too. On another note it sucks that Google Health is shutting down. I was looking forward to my gmail account having a the practical identity that my social security card doesn't. Anyone have any insights as to why they chose to discontinue it?
Damn. I wanted to add a comment but +Durgesh Pandey did it for me.
; - D

Oh well - anyway Mona - I'm delighted you've discovered the Kindle.

I was once a denier but now, living as I do in two countries, I am a believer; transporting hundreds of books in ya baggage is probably illegal, along with nearly everything else!

Enjoy. BTW, not sure of your taste in books but I'm currently reading my Kindle version of 'The Crimson Petal and the White'. IMHO it's worth a sample at the very least; now that's something you can't do with a paperback!
I have the Kindle too and it's the same as reading a book. It doesn't hurt my eyes at all and the anti glare is perfect when I'm out doors. I would get the Kindle fire or Nook color, but only for entertainment, not for reading. Those things hurt my eyes.
when kindle fire supports e-ink, i'm buying. i figure it's got to be in the works
Thats one e reader nobody can blame you for wanting!
Congrats on a great e-reader, and ur smile :) super great
I have the Kindle app for the iPhone, and that's all the e-reader I'll ever need. My 10yo daughter has requested an e-reader though.
The Kindle Fire isn't in the same market as eReader. It's a tablet. eReaders shouldn't be confused with them. The brilliance in the reader is the eInk and ePaper. It doesn't hurt the eyes like a glare of the computer. It is also, impervious to "monitor glare" from outside light sources. In fact, you need a light to read with eReaders in the dark. Main point here....K Fire and Nook Color are not eReaders, no matter how ambiguously they market them.
+Geoffrey Lee "On June 24, 2011 Google announced it is retiring Google Health in January 1, 2012; data will be available for download through January 1, 2013. The reason of abandoning the project is the lack of widespread adoption."
I got a kindle fire I hope it lives up to my expectation
kindles are awesome just for the ability to transport so much reading material. The Kindle is the perfect example of a device that does one thing only, but it does it extremely well.
hiiiiiiiiiiii friend u onylin
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