changed her profile photo.

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It's sideways. Oops.
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very pretty! how's your day going?
Nice picture, but it hurts my neck trying to look at it.
Guys, she wants to to invest some effort to see her right! :-)
stunning, even though I have whiplash
She's turning the world upside down!
great eyes.............
luking very pretty.............
You guys sure know how to make a girl feel special. Thanks for the love ^^
There's just a little spot down there... no, cancel that, it was just dirt on my screen. ;-)
Girl, that's fantastic!
eyes are beautiful. always says something.
Gonna sound cheesy, but reminds me of my gf. Can't wait to get to Singapore to be with her.
+Mona Nomura You looked alluring in your previous picture. Now you have brought that up a few levels. I will have to wear rain boots, to avoid stepping in the numerous puddles of drool from the gaping maws of the hoards of other guys, hanging around looking at the new picture!
Hey guys -- please be respectful and courteous to each other. At least on my feed. Otherwise you will be blocked. Thank you!
Someone asked you for a picture from the side? haha
This one makes you look very pretty.
Agreed, +Mona Nomura! Mona is a beautiful person, +Sifiso Mgobhozi... so in this case her looks merely reflect the beauty of Mona herself, and not just a "pretty wrapper on an ugly soul".
+Mona Nomura I call 'em as I see 'em. True that I don't know you as a close friend would, but I have picked up the essence of you through discussion and observation of your posts etc.
Never once have you exhibited so much as a trace of "ugly", even when people have been cruel and unkind toward you. People may claim you're simply hiding that part of yourself, but I argue that it's impossible to entirely hide the negative aspects of yourself... they will always show through whether you yourself notice or not.

Externally, you are a staggeringly beautiful woman (and any man would be indescribably lucky to spend his life with you </jealousy>)
From what I do know of you beyond your extraordinary body, you strike me as a wonderous soul, full of love and good humour... the kind of woman every mother desperately hopes her son is lucky enough to find.

Still, haters gonna hate!
+Simon Stuart +Ben Yates you two are doing wonders for my ego -- stop! furiously blushing I am putting your descriptions on my profile; no one has ever described me in those ways. I am floored. And flattered. So thank you.
+Mona Nomura The temptation for me has always been to describe you as a poet, however doing so would be a bit... weird... so I hold back (and shall continue to do so).
Also... there's no way you need a profile, Mona! You could have any man you wanted, without contest. Besides, those who spend their lives search for love will never find it. Love finds you!
Still Beautiful... I Met A Girl Once That DiD These To Pretend She Was Under A Man LoL
eyes .......................................... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
این روزها به جای" شرافت" از انسان فقط" شر" و " آفت" می بینی !
Simply beautiful..................Muuuah!!!
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