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My wife and I argue over that exact statement all the time. Somehow, I never win.
This sounds like Dr Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory
Add ^Always^ in there and you have my position!
...and if I agree with you then we'll both be wrong.
I had this talk the other evening.
And yes, there is a FINE line between the two!
This was written by a woman, if it were a man it would just say "Yes Dear"
Isn't that you giving an argument why you're right, therefore arguing that you're right?

Welcome to the Departement of Redundency Departement...
Maybe the person believes that "I'm simply explaining why I'm right." is a statement in fact and therefore not an argument.
I wish I could say that to our customers
LOL. "It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it"
Roger C
Yep, how most people converse...
Check out my google plus
& who on earth believes that,lol?
Can I arguing against this and be right ? :D
Dev Sen
So, why are you right ??
Garin G
its a common daily scene
I so agree with that statement!!
Correction: you are explaining why you THINK you are right, even during those times you are clearly wrong.
Or, I could explain why you are wrong, but neither of us have that much time. ;-)
I showed this to my wife. She didn't laugh. :(
lol i could use this one allot but yeah not too many people think the way i do
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