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NOW it makes sense!
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Kenny G
Makes total sense. XD
wrong! the elevation is always on the top then exactly under that is top view on the sides is the section view! then it becomes oo_B|b
somebody needs a class on engineering drawing
lol! thats lot of creativity goin on there
hehe... mona I'd love to see all of the things you reject from sharing... I bet there are some real gems on your cutting room floor...
Bo Wong
what about the 's'?
Brilliant observation! Absolutely titillating!
Scantily clad research indicate that the word starts out as BooP, but deteriorates to Boob with age.
If I may be so bold, +firoz salim:
The 3D view looks like: B (o )( o) b
The lateral view with shadow effect can get a nice clean 's'
Its mirror effect ... nice research MONA .
ok then you are very creative.
boo Jay
I'm missing a top view.
nice....... u r very sexy....
Paul V
ha ha ha, made my day. Thanks Mona :)
Engineering Drawing is very Powerful
OF COURSE! it all makes sense now! lol
Nice typography sist, oh wait isn't it? :D
really? must take a closer look
you have many friends, I don't have that many friends
so boobs are down to knees..shouldn't that be.."P"??or something else??too analytical me.
The philosophy of boobs have been discovered. now we need to find out vag..
superbbbbbbbbbb......oh my god kabhi soch bhi ni skte the
A great imagination of "Boob" make sense too !!!!!!!!!!!
ya ths is tottly sense but what of meaning ths is?????????????
What is this every female has this god gift so v cannt see this in bad way it is gift of god
seems to be like first angle & third angle projection with different views a good analysis
It's not first angle projection, it's not third angle projection, but yeah it does make sense.
HAHA, too funny !! And ironic... (from a "breast man" !!)
They stand up so straight ^^
that is so true but really funn tht dup ^_^
This is really nice observation by artist
You've just unraveled one of Etymology's greatest mysteries!!! That is AWESOME!
an (almost) accurate engineering drawing :) only thing missing is the perspective view and 3d rendering ...
lmao i have to use to this...
wah mona ji kya mind paya hai????????????????//
kitna sochti hai aap,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wahhhhhhhhhhh
totallyyyyyyyyyyy :-D
how will you explain if there are many boobies??
Just remember boob is just bob with one more O. Nice image!
The front view is wrong the circles should touch at least if the top view is correct :)
Is it strange that I also see those as feet???
Funny--well done!
Im sure if this was used as a method of teaching a lot more people would have gotten better grades. :)
As a little person I find top view to be more like bottom view!
maybe for some people but for the others it always make sense even in different languages :)
someone fails at CAD..
I love this no nonsense post/approach to one of my favorite top_ics!

Cap'n Chris
the word that makes sense. every thing else nah
Ian Lee
Yup you mean it.LOL+OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
noor h
sure makes sense now
eew you shouldnt do that think of likds like me! gross
I have observed the same thing.
Wow, who knew that a picture of a Boob can get so much attention. Only on G+? ;)
I say which is the best view?
lol... always wondered what the derivation of that word was.
You have created quite a stur
hi r u??? what do u do and where u from ??? ur looks are pretty much impressive ??
type 58008 on a calculator and turn it upside down...
Going to look at boob alot differently now
Where are the dimensions and the hidden lines? This is not proper engineering practices.
but my breast also just like the picture
Just like in real life... you have to fantasize about them because they're usually on a hidden layer.
Make sense !!! I abit worried about the side view actually
good gracious, I cracked!
They always make sense... Beautiful things have a language of their own!!
hmmmm k wt abt down look??????????
I'm a Biology teacher and have been teaching basic human anatomy for a number of years and my... it took me quite some time to get it... its amazing... the creativity with strategically placed lines and circles... minimalistic art at its provocative best... kudos to the artist!
>:D thats one view i would like to view any day.
boobs i like most muoh ....................................
Now Its the Great Explanation of _______ :) :) :)
your graphic view knowlege is very good.
This call creative BOOB !!
wow! that makes it a meaning for the word
it means all to child.....lover....hubby...but in differ sense.....making of love .............
If that's how we got BOOB, I'm sad to think how we got BUTT...hahahaha poor girl/guy LOL
I guess the person behind that is an engineer :P
abe kea vichar he tere?

what"s in ur mind?
How can u imagine this way ?? ooooh
side view is a bit confusing
yes I can get my head around this one
you have good hand over isometric drawings
So which angle am I looking at it now
its really make sense .........good one
nice yarrrrrrr aapp tho ek innovator haii such men..............
H Sudn
An interesting architecture has just been made more interesting.. ;) lol
good but u mis one important thing
Heyyy...thats engg drawing concept 2 explain B***s
u know what is this ..... boo..... haaaaaaaa
tats how education should be lol fun and interesting :P
AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh........ Thats really make a sense...... :-D
one doubt it is singular or plural is it second one what about "S"
Sof K
LMAO. who come up with these stuffs. i mean its funny and u r right but lol i guess the word match the look as well!!
Very Creative who ever invented this word.
yaaaaaa i know u have got very big........
its same as ur's lol... nt able to see clear ...!!! be more close..!!!
great intelligent mona i like ur thinking
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