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If Excel has taught me anything, it's that you can carry on well past "Z"
Don't forget the Greek letters! Mathematicians and physicists use it all the time.
This is such a good point. I totally believe it as I quantum jump across the multi-verse.
hhh lol! yeah, me totally agree :)
Also, don't forget numbers. "A1" allows for more variation than just "A".
Hell, if you still fail at Plan Z, there's always algebra!

Plan A(n * 10 ^ -4)
...and if you use a combination of 6 letters, you can reach "Plan Norris" which will surely be successful...
You have from Ao-...............Zn. Now that's a lot of options lolol
And if the 26th effort is up, you can start from letter AA ^^
Huh... I see only 7 more letters...
And if you speak Russian, you got whopping 35 more letters in Cyrillic alphabet after A :)
Learn foreign languages, folks ! Lol
thats a nice way to look at it....i guess
some people not bright enough to know what a plan means!!!lol
or if your not gay "plan a" works every time....
this means, there is either long or shorter ways to success. thanks
if all have gone..... I'll move on to plan "あ", there's 50+ more to go! :)
My plan is always "Z", that's it!
I'm getting close to "plan Z"....then I'll just start from the top again....
I'm good with 25 numbers i don't know "Y"...
i may be a blonde but i always get it right
+Eugene Fridkin I speak Russian a little. I even remember the alphabet. But I thought there were only 33 letters there. Or am I wrong?
best thing ive heard all day
how is that the best thing u have heard all day
hahahahahaha harharhar moment right there!!
i am on plan G i am running out of letters
If you get to Z and that plan doesn't work start with Plan One. . . .meaning there is an infinit number of plans possible.
who really has the time to go through the alphabet, how about rethink your approach?
Just because you chose the path most traveled doesn't mean it's not ok to now take the path less traveled - there's nothing wrong with a plan b, c, d, e, etc.
after that try another language
If plan's A and B don't work I may take a chance on C... After that it's not worth the effort :-)
If Plan A didn’t work. Get BeeeeZeeee
if one is not work
make new yaar
if your first couple plans didn't work why would the others because wouldn't you use ur best ones first trololololololololo
cool point and nevertheless the combinations thereof
If Plan A doesn't work, you can try only 25 more plans.
But change the order and seee
if Plan 1 doesn't work, the number has no limitation...Keep planning...
Plan 2, 3,4,5,.............................(n-2),(n-1)..n :)
Or 28 more letters if you're Swedish... ;)
and if you're Chinese then you are pretty much sorted:D
And if you run out of letters, learn a different language...
MS Excel taught me to move to AA, AB and so on...I guess naming plans with words / sentences / phrases / essays are inevitable, in my approach.
Whta about wingding characters? or greek alphabets? =)
VERY TRUE DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris A
Yes indeed - if we utilize at least up to 5, one will just have to work. Nice quote, and very inspiring.
everybody knows deep in mind but only a few can use it if needed
Heck if you not press for time, use the 2000+ letters of the chinese alphabet.
oh yeah fav saying now! lol :)
...someting about patience and the wisdom of knowing the difference about things you can change and things you can't...
I like this. This sounds very simple but is very profound.
I'm currently on Plan Z, but it's not looking too good.. do I go back to plan A?
Start using numbers - Plan A1... there's always another plan.
If plan A didn't work, at least you lived through plans 0-9.
plan A1 may work...odds are against you though.
Im allergic to the, other 25 please help..
i always hop plan 1 work with me ,make fill like im mans tear
if plan Z fails.. go for "PLAN-1"..:)
very true keep trying till it works thomas edison did that
And if plan z failed, you have bigger problems than naming conventions.
δεν βγαζει νοιμα επειδη δεν καταλαβενω και μηλαω Greece
By the way if one starts inserting A1 or A2 for that matter it becomes an infinite set of possibilities instead of just the other 25 possibilities. Somehow, I feel exhausted already ;)
That's why I use hexadecimal.
I'm just concerned that we keep trying plan A AFTER it doesn't work :(
Note that if we actually finish the positive numbers there's nothing to stop us from using the negative number combinations.
LOL!!! I can't stop laughing. Have a nice day or night everyone. See ya'll.
I hate to bring politics and/or religion into this, but given the news coverage of late... I figured the reason to be concerned about Plan A not working was because someone (whomever you like to blame) was going to try to force Plan B to be either covered or not covered by my insurance.
Haha, the luckyest are the Japaneses with 48 letters on their alphabet :D
Hi there again. Still going at it? Can I ask a question - do we ever stop or keep going for different plans to achieve objective? In my view sometimes we need to acknowledge the absurdity and vanity and just STOP. We change our goals and do something more productive and worthwhile.

Does this sound like giving up to you and not being Thomas Eddison-like?
If Plan A fails....... Destroy All The Evidence That You Have Tried... and again start as Plan A ... no need of alphanumericals.... ;)
if "Plan Z" failed switch to norwegian for 3 more attempts. If "Plan Å" failed open spotify and search for "3 little birds", then make sure you have your Peril Sensitive Sunglasses
always use (a-z) % 26.. Never fails
it is a great idea ! ! ! !
hehehehehehehehe nice
Reminds me of Gundam 00. When plan A failed, instead of saying "Switch to Plan B" the command was to "Switch to Plan E-3"
oka cmp
to many... =))
I always heard taht , not to fret the small stuff, and it's all small stuff, so don't fret...!:*)
Ha, this is so very true. Never give up on your dreams.(:
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