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Super handy hotel WiFi guide [infographic and report]

Did you know the cost of WiFi for a 250-room hotel, the cost is about $2.50-$4.50 per room, per month? We're getting robbed.
The 2012 HotelChatter Hotel WiFi Report || HotelChatter
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Well, there is definitely a lot of margin in providing Internet access in general... but if you want to think about being robbed in a hotel you just need to look at the hotel room rates.

Lets say the average room costs $150 per night. That's $4,500 per month! You could own a $500,000 house for that kind of mortgage! :-) Then consider "luxury" hotels like the Ritz who charge $500 per night. That's $15k per month - $180k per year!

There is big money in the hospitality business IF you can keep your hotel full... Which is why I'm opening a hotel that is staffed by bikini clad hotties year round.
+John Pozadzides You have to take account for not all rooms being rented at all times. Plus things like corporation or business taxes, wages, maintenance, food etc that you wouldn't need to pay for a personal residence. Still, I agree it is pretty extortionate :oP
A $35 breakfast seems perfectly normal now...
I completely agree with you, hotels charging for wifi is completely nuts in this day and age. It's like charging extra for water or electricity; it's all a utility at this point.

I was really excited when my company, +Delta Hotels and Resorts , finally launched their #InternetXL program which gives away a baseline wifi service for free.
"[Hotel WiFi] is like electricity and water now. We don't charge our guests for that. It's expected." - Bryant Park Hotel
Gus K
Most hotels I've ever been have free WiFi. They always have it on their signs.. FREE WiFi!!!!!
Don't forget that some of the big brands, like Sofitel, Sheraton, Hilton, ... can charge for Wifi because they either have very rich people or business people staying there. Business people can generally expense such costs back to their company, so they're less bothered than tourists.
I guess it shows what kind of hotels I stay in - never had to pay for #Wi-Fi...
Once upon a time hotels made a lot of money charging for phone calls and pay TV. Compared to that, I imagine they see the Wi-Fi money as a disappointing replacement, not a windfall. Having said that, I agree the charges are pretty bad. And eventually people may just use mobile broadband, and the hotels won't even be able to charge for Wi-Fi anymore.
+paul burns there is certainly an argument to be made for having that Internet infrastructure bought and maintained by tax dollars.
I don't know how is the status in the US but in the few hotels I being in UK and germany the main problem I found was the actual quality of the internet connection provided being really rubbish and nearly unusable.
wait, what? all i understood was WiFi
Hmmm..... I'm not so sure but unless the WIFI speeds are ridiculously fast, I don't think were getting robbed.
Well look at it this way, 250 rooms requires quite a bit of bandwidth. The infrastructure costs anywhere from 1000-2500 a month for 24/7 support for such a system depending on pricing model (per endpoint or per room). The up front costs can be anywhere from 15k to 100k depending on equipment used and its generally leased. So there are more monthly costs involved than just the bandwidth. Its generally a loss or a wash for most hotels in the end, IMHO
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