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Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. - Samuel Beckett
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or stay down and sleep :D
It's the little reminders, that keeps me pushing forward :)
Get thrown from a horse, kick the horse and ride another!
I really needed to see this! Not going to give up any time soon.
A process I'm going through right now! :)
A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. Never give up. Sign hangs in our Dojo. Nice!
something to live by, love the phrase
"Nana korobi ya oki" I used to put this quote in my cubicle to get inspiration, until I realize if you fall down seven times, you get up just seven times to standing again.
chan b
i still remember the story of Robert Bruce and The Spider, I read it in 3rd std. it was in my English text book. Outstanding piece to teach you, not to GIVE UP
Punch life in the face, and make lemonade with its tears.
Great sentiment, terrible counting... Fall down seven times, get up seven times, surely?
well we started crawling..
that is such a good life lesson... :D
You touch my heart by writing these sentence.may i add you,Please Reply.
its one of the best sayings I've heard lolz :)
you know when ur drunk when the groud comes up to you and punches you in the face lolz :)!
Yeah, if you gonna screw up, then screw up the way that no one can understand how the heck you did that! Ohyeah!
Failure doesn't exist. There are only educational opportunities. Sometimes things don't work out like you plan to but you keep on trying until you succeed.
i have failed at everything and people think im ugly cuz of my acne:(
The act of failure leads to insight and new directions. Take what you have learned and use it on your next try - it's the nature of any great inventor or innovator - it's seldom right on the first try, and never done.
If you're falling down that much, you might want to check your meds dosages.

or tie your shoes.

or maybe as long as you're down there, make love
The most important thing you can do is laugh at yourself
Someone get this tattooed as a tramp stamp. Years later find out it reads "China #1!"
Agreed. We in the USA have much to learn on this front. Although our history is full of success stories that could not have happened without the failure that preceeded them, we still have to fight against the "Failure is not an option!" mentality. That mentality makes some do everything possible to succeed and they apparently do. Most either hide their failures by cheating or lying or even worse don't even try due to fear of failure. Failure is a natural part of the process of learning. If you never fail, what have you really learned?
+Drew Thomson No, if you fall down seven times, you get up eight times, unless you just don't get up the seventh time you fall down.
the fourth letter from the left seems like a NOSE....
My good friend next door (Who is Chinese) has written for me the Chinese characters for "Fall down seven times, stand up eight. The characters shown above are Japanese. Blessings upon all living things. from theartistpgkimble
fall down 100000000000000000000000000000000000... stand up 100000000000000000000000000000000001... FAIL
That character is pronounced 'bi' in Japanese, which, with the right tone could mean 'nose' in spoken standard Chinese. Syncronicity?
The first character is the same character for 7 in Chinese "ji". The fourth character is the same character for 8 in Chinese "ba".
We have a duty to try. Effort is the strategy is often successful.
A Wise man of God once said that we might fail in this life,but your never a failure until you giveup.When you allow the setbacks of this life dictate your future and let them guide your course your doomed for failure.Brother Freddie!
Would be the Chinese way of writing it. :)
Uhhh, I think the general normal human rule is: Fall downs <<= stand ups unless you consider it normal to fall down every time you stand up from a chair, get out of bed, etc. If you are in a Fall downs >= or >>= Stand ups then you really should be thinking about the use of a wheel chair, walker, crutches or some other means of not falling down so much.
Although it's meaning is positive, the statement makes no rational sense. How can I stand up more times than given the opportunity? Hypothetically, one would lie down more times than [he] rises because when death occurs, few stand to meet it.
Try reading Samuel Beckett and revisit that lol. He is beyond logic.
Thanks Mona,
If we are mindful, we can learn a great deal when we fall down. It gives one perspective.
Are you single? just wondering?
tht is very cute! :)
no its a copy of Chinese with some few characters changed by the creative Japan
how do you stand the eighth time if you're already standing?
Fall down seven times, spit the gum out!
maybe this is where Rocky got his inspiration for his epic speech to his son in Rocky V - love it!
No matter what never quit doing what you believe in
Thanks so much... It's emerge our spirit
Love the Quantum Leap reference!
Mona Nomura are u japanese?
if u are do u like anime?
how can u stand up eight times when u only fall seven times?
What if you fall off a cliff?
Great words to live by, thank you for posting.
Fall down sven times stand up eight?
Love the metaphor but if you fell down 7 times wouldn't you stand up seven times? Or am I mathematically incorrect 
Push me up then! Terima Kasih :p

That is really cool and inspirational thanx
Meaningful... :) Japanese mind... :)
Yes, all other races are fools.

Thanx for the words. Those words will become my actions someday and i will follow it to rise up again.
Nice quote. Good to be reminded that there is a "fail better".
Inspiring.. Japanese words?
I should remember that phrase next time i'm doing things. Thanks Mona
anybody can tell me how to list or search all the +1 done by me every here ??? i mean sites, comments... everything. This is because of none of my friends could answer me.
yes no matter you fail,you can try again,the bad point is when you never try just because of pessimism!
There is no try, only do!
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